Who Is Father Ashcraft?

mystery ManAccording to his website The Bare Fisted Cleric, “Fr. Ashcraft is a sedevacantist Byzantine Catholic priest and an independent author addressing topics in the realm of the Paranormal, Historical and Religious Mysteries, Cults, The Occult, Exorcism, Demonology, and Eschatology. He has been called ‘the Malachi Martin of the 21st century.'” That is a pretty tall claim. Malachi Martin held three PhDs  (in Semitic languages, archeology, and Oriental history), was an officially ordained exorcist and an adviser the three popes. Is Father Ashcraft really qualified as an expert in such matters? It seems dubious at best.

On his LinkedIn page, Ashcraft claims an earned Doctorate of Divinity from St. Sergius seminary where he allegedly attended from 1999 until 2009. Interestingly, an internet search  lists only one legitimate Christian theological institution going by that name: Institut de théologie orthodoxe Saint-Serge (St. Sergius Orthodox Theological Institute) in Paris, France.  Impressive credentials indeed… Giving Ashcraft the benefit of a doubt, I wrote them and they responded:

Dear Mr. Putnam,

Here at St. Sergius Theological Institut we have never heard of Father —- Ashcraft.


Secrétariat de l’Institut de Théologie Orthodoxe Saint-Serge

(email to author dated June 25, 2014)

So now we have a mystery that no one but Ashcraft can solve. Yet, he refuses to identify the school. In the interest of fairness, I emailed to ask but he refused to give me a straight answer.

Your opinion of my credentials or lack thereof means absolutely nothing to either myself or the other clergy with whom I am associated. You see, we don’t seek your approval. We’re trying to serve Christ, not man. For someone who eschews sacerdotal titles, seeing them as some attempt to elevate oneself above others, you certainly cling to a form of that very sin yourself in your appeal to your educational titles and/or achievements. (personal email 6/28/204)

But Ashcraft’s claimed Doctorate is the same sin he is accusing me of, especially if it is not a legitimate degree. It might even be illegal. According to About.com, “In some states, using a diploma mill degree is actually illegal. In many cases, using such a degree to get a job, promote your business, or enhance your resume is punishable with a fine or even jail time.” Since I am still paying off my student loans, I take exception to phony credentials. 

Ashcraft sure seems to be hiding something because he even threatened to file criminal harassment charges when I pressed him to identify the school.  If he really held a Doctorate of Divinity it seems like it would be much easier to just to identify the school. I can’t conclude for certain if his credentials are valid, from a diploma mill, or made up out of whole cloth… but if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck then it’s probably a duck.

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  1. Julie Latham says:

    Never heard of this show down here”, Australia’s “Sunday Night Safari”,

  2. Daniel Janvrin says:

    I want to state that Fr jack Ashcroft is not a legitimate Roman Catholic Priest..he is not in communion with the Holy See of Rome at all. I happen to be a Roman Catholic and attend mass a Saint Theresa of Lisuex Catholic church In Cleveland Tennessee,I am an active member of the Knights of Columbus. as Mr. Putnam stated in the blog the the Divinity school that Fr, Jack Ashcroft claims to have attended has absolutely no record written or otherwise of Father Jack Ashcroft ever getting a degree from them. Mr. Putnam is fully correct about the Supposed Fr. Ashcroft never attending St Sergius seminary in France at all it is the only seminary that has the name St Sergius. be advised that Fr Jack Ashcroft has been performing heretical Exorcisms for the TV show called Ghost Adventures hosted by Zak Bagans.Since Fr Jack Ashcroft is clearly a fake priest he cannot just perform a full Rite of Exorcism without getting full permission with the Bishop in the Diocese in which he resides and since he is not a real catholic priest no catholic Bishop would ever give him the right to perform an exorcism, according to Roman Catholic canon law……..Code of Canon Law number -1172 Title 1: (acts of divine worship)….sacramental’s, clearly states:No one can perform exorcisms legitimately upon the possessed unless he has obtained special and express permission from the local ordinary.
    §2. The local ordinary is to give this permission only to a presbyter who has piety, knowledge, prudence, and integrity of life.

    If Fr. Jack Ashcroft is a real legitimate Roman Catholic Priest than he should know full well what the church rule’s are. All Priests take an oath of fidelity on the day of there ordination to the priesthood to follow church teaching and doctrine and to obey the the authority of the Bishop of there respective Diocese.and the fact that Fr Ashcroft was not truthful and lied about going to a catholic divinity school proves that he has no authority to perform any of the sacraments or to perform an exorcism…Fr. Ashcroft is living in heresy.and he is impersonating the priesthood and making a mockery of Christ.also the fact that Fr Jack Ashcroft is attempting to sue Mr. Putnam proves without any doubt that this fake priest known as Fr Ashcroft is a heretic after all would Christ or even the disciples/apostles sue to get money out of people the answer is absolutely not.the 12 apostles where told by Jesus to turn the other cheek and love there enemies. Fr Ashcroft is doing the exact opposite of what Christ teaches. Fr Ashcroft is being vindictive and there is no room for vindictive people in the priesthood.

    • annonymous says:

      Hey Daniel you just do not like that he follows the traditional doctrine teachings. You are not a real Cathelic. You just want the global revelist to change and alter what GOD has said. You want your liberal thoughts to change. Well even if it is changed and you want to worship it. You are not worshipping GOD you are worshipping LUCIFER.

    • Winston says:

      No matter what you say about the Vatican/RCC, it is an apostate harlot system. Regardless of Ashcroft’s credentials, it doesn’t improve the status of this pagan religious sham.

    • I find it insulting for so-called followers of Christ would spew out such venom against Pope Francis . I never heard of Fr. Jack Ashcraft before reading his article of defamation. He reminds me of a bully preacher preaching from a bully pulpit. He do much better as a wrestler on W.W.E. Jesus said many would come in my namd buf do not be deceived. They’re wolves in disguise dressed as sheep.

    • Janice says:

      Not the holy see but the unholy facade. This may come as a surprise to you but the RCC/Vatican/Jesuit hounds from hell is the Endtimes beast. The second beast is USA. DC is image of first beast. Listen to Rev 18:4. Otherwise you will suffer 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12.

      • Janice, since when did you become an authority on this subject ? So many people like you take the Bible out of context to support your claims.

        • Janice says:

          I have not taken it out of context. You can’t see the context as you may be subject to 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12. Open your eyes and get away from the Jesuit lies perpetuated through Darby, Scofield and the Jesuit infiltrated seminaries of today.

    • Years ago when Ashcraft and his buddies tried to trash me, he listed some 13 lines of apostolic succession. If I remember correctly, some of his “ordaining” bishops were Orthodox, schismatic and excommunicated Catholic bishops and who knows what else. I use to call him the Heinz 57 priest. He and his followers have cause turmoil and division all over the Internet.

      • Bill says:

        Bro. “Ignatius Mary”. His real name is Richard Lee Collette and was convicted in 2005 of two counts of child pornography. Yeah, he’s a trustworthy source. lol

        • Wilson Grieg says:

          I saw this post by the so called brother and emailed the priest in question. He sent back a 2 page list of ONE succession. Seems to me this entire thread is nothing but nasty lies about someone the blog owner doesn’t like.

  3. annonymous says:

    As soon as Father Ashcraft beliefs do not agree with the public. It is stated int he bible be aware of the false prohpets. Do the research and look at the documentations. I did. He is right. If you want liberalism and acceptance to false teachings go to another religion. It is apparent the SATANISM has entered the VATICAN and the pope is altering the bible to confuse people their actual beliefs. Look at he documentaries and you will see how other popes in the past have spoken about one world religion. This one world religion is the NOVUS ORDO. It is linked to SATANISM he is not the only father that talked about it. He is correct. WAKE UP PEOPLE its n the revelations there will be a FALSE PROPHET LEADER

  4. TruthSeeker says:

    Fr. Ashcraft doesn’t claim to be Roman Catholic. In fact he has clearly told everyone he is a Byzantine. They’re Orthodox who accept the authority of the papacy. He’s also a sedevacantist so of course he doesn’t buy into the liberal popes.

    Also since reading this I looked into some of the claims. Fr. Ashcraft never claimed to attend that seminary so of course your gonna get a negative answer. Way to go on legitimate research. His LinkedIn profile is there and as far as I can tell has never been deleted. Maybe he just blocked the liar who posted this trash from seeing it.

    I think its funny the conspiracy claims of this blog entirely, so the fact that you even claim he’s not a real person is a laugh. This website is just a bunch of wacko conspiracy mumbo jumbo, anti-catholic stuff like in Jack Chick comics so is it any surprise that when a good priest shows up that these kinds of fruitcakes post lies. On the other website where this same lies was posted I saw like 5 posts from people who were at his ordination ceremony and they got deleted. Funny how truth is the last thing these liars ever want out. Good comments Anonymous.

    • Marcus Murphy says:

      Fr Ashcroft states he is Byzantine Catholic NOT Orthodox. In other words he is identifying himself with Eastern Catholicism. The Roman Catholic Church may be the largest Church that is commonly viewed as Catholic but it’s by no means the only one. You are confusing Byzantine Catholicism with the Eastern Orthodox which is a common mistake because they use the same rites and traditions to a large extent. There are over 20 partciular Churches that make up the Catholic communion. If Fr Ashcroft was not a sedevacantist he would belong to one of them given he is self identified Byzantine Catholic clergyman.

  5. R. Soni says:

    I happen to know Father Ashcraft from my time attending university in the states. First I want to say that he is a man of integrity. That I know from an almost 10 years knowing him.

    Next, he is not suing anyone. I know this because I have current contact with him. And finally, he always made it clear he attended a sedevacantist seminary program (and it is explained in two articles on his website), and that the program was solely for the training of priests for the sedevacantist community. As he has explained to me he is currently working toward his Masters degree. I think that is hardly an indication of someone who is telling lies about his educational background. And having read his articles on his website and speaking with him via email I can assure anyone interested that he has never claimed to attend the seminary listed in the blog post above.

    Father Ashcraft has since his ordination changed his theological position and tells me he is in the process of conversion to Orthodoxy, so even the sedevacantism is irrelevant now.

    I was fortunate to be present at his ordination. I know him and he is a priest and his name is real. As the post above mine says, the obvious insane conspiracy theories on this website, coupled with the insane conspiracy theory woven around Father Ashcraft say far more about this website and its author than it does Father Ashcraft. I was one of those who posted at the other website and had my comments deleted.

    No doubt the same will be done here. The truth of the matter is this sort of rhetoric isn’t designed to inform or spread truth, but to malign Father Ashcraft’s character in a very transparent effort at self promotion and self legitimization. Anyone who reads the rest of this blog will see that. This website promotes hatred of Catholics disguised as “Biblical” truth. Fundamentalism always attacks its critics (and Father Ashcraft is a vocal critic of fundamentalism and of Cris Putnam’s bizarre conspiracy hate message), and fundamentalism can only survive by doing so.

    Bottom line: If someone sane wants answers of Father Ashcraft just email him from his website. I’ve always found him willing to answer questions openly. Of course, I didn’t have the conspiratorial fundamentalist preoccupation with hate that the author of this blog apparently does.

    • Heather says:

      Even a sede should know how dangerous it is to perform an exorcism w/o valid bishop approval that comes down from the Seat of Peter. Since sede have not recognized a valid Pope in (well, that depends upon the group), there is no Church authority, thus no Church protection (old dogma, long before vat2). Add in doing it for show, for money, and recording it… OYE!!! He is dangerously messing w/ fire, and likely exposing anyone who unwittingly watches..

      Reason why the Catholic Church NEVER videotapes.. Never takes money. And never does an exorcism w/o full authority.. Prayers for this Ashcroft fellow. He and his followers really need them 🙁

    • Mike says:

      I appreciate you taking the time to give a very good over view of what you know of Father Ashcroft. I don’t know anything about the branch of the Catholic Church is was involved in or is getting involved in now. I happened to see his book on exorcisms, and it was highly rated, and some said he did a class. My best friend is a well known exorcist, but he is retired, I will ask him for his opinion, as he is Roman Catholic myself, and I know if he knows him he will give me an honest answer, even if he doesn’t like certain things he might do, he will be honest and not write him off, but say, that he disagress with such and such, but seems to be doing good for the most part.
      My honest concern out of all this, is that someone claimed he was on TV, with some ghost hunter show. If that is true, that is a big cause for concern.
      A priest in my opinion should not be a part of these side shows of people playing ghost busters. It leads people to get interested into the occult. Nor if an exorcism was taped and shown on TV, that is never acceptable in my book. You are extorting a human being who may be mentally ill, and after the fact people, may be afraid to interact with her, or cause great harm to her spiritual, mentally or physically. I do not know if the Catholic Church video tapes Exorcisms, I never really thought to ask that question. Honestly, I think it is possibly a very good idea, for the safety and to show correctly what happened during this time, what was said, etc. Those these video’s should be locked away, and no lay person should ever have access to them, and even a priest should not have access unless it is a dire need, to help another person. The face should be blurred, or partially distorted if possible to ensure if the video was ever stolen, that the person could not be identified, and the name should be changed, with the video kept in one place, and the real name and case number kept in another place far from where it was conducted, so that if they need to ask questions, review, interview they can, but it is of greatest importance that the individual identity be kept safe at all times. I kind of view it as confession. If a priest reveals someones confession, they are excommunicated. It is a very serious matter in my opinion. We also want real documentation and no some ghost hunter show, playing games and parlor tricks.

      • Jason says:

        All he did on that show was bless the property. Don’t buy into the stupidity these rabid anti-Catholic fundies are spewing.

  6. Robert Lane says:

    Honestly, let me clarify something here all you heritics and scismatics in the godless Novus Ordo “Church”. A little history lesson. The Eastern Catholics ARE a part of the True church of Christ ( outside of which there is no Salvation) Unless they are apart of the Novus Ordo that is The True Eastern Catholics embrace every dogma of the catholic faith. They belive in the Papacy, Incarnation, as well as the Immaculate conception as will. Look it up , or are you just going to ignore it like the heritics you novus ordites are ? Long live the TRUE CHURCH OF CHRIST.

    Outside of the church there is NO salvation
    Outside of Christ there is NO CHANCE of Salvation.

    • Cris Putnam says:

      Outside of the church there is NO salvation

      If by church you mean Rome then you have to be joking. Roman Catholic theology opposes the Gospel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xLg2QlEpH8

    • Marcus Murphy says:

      You misspelt heretic, it rather undermines the quality (such as it was) of that rather predictable little diatribe. Which of course was within a New York second followed by the ‘Roman Catholicism is not Christianity’ line.

  7. James Clarke Simpson says:

    Your ordinations from man and their institutes are meaningless. They only serve themselves not the True Body of CHRIST. Your divisions and doctrines are an abomination to The One True GOD. You have ALL gone astray and have abandoned JESUS THE CHRIST for self gain, self promotion, self edification. The HOLY SPIRIT of GOD IS THE ONLY TEACHER of GODS WORD, yet you continue to boast of your doctorates. GODS WORD is of no private interpretation. BLESSED are they who come in the Name of The LORD and not some school of man. Since the 1940,s the church leadership has left GOD for the ways of this world and it is the preachers, priests, ministers, ALL CLERGY WHO NEED TO REPENT. In 1993 The Holy Spirit of GOD led me to Holy Angels Church of the Deaf in Vernon California and there GOD showed me The beast of Revelations 13. It’s Image assumed the position of CHRIST in that pulpit. REPENT Christian Churches in The United State of America lest GOD removes your Candlestick

  8. William J. Kirzner says:

    I know Fr. Ashcraft too and he is very much a real priest. This sort of yellow journalism is designed to slander, not to inform. As others noted above, he never claimed to attend that seminary, his linked in page is still there, he’s never claimed to be Roman Catholic, etc.

    Pretty lame what passes for insight nowadays.

  9. Truth says:

    Jake Ashcraft is a joke. Knew him well in the past, and he lies so much he believes his own hype. You can’t verify his credentials because they don’t exist. I kinda feel sorry for him, but he caused enough chaos in my life that I am just glad he is far far away from me forever. He belongs in a mental hospital (again). Yeah….

  10. Tim says:

    I doubted that Jack Ashcraft was a real priest from the first time I saw him. I an not sure why the TV shows use him as an “expert” on excorism, etc. From the Logos investigation it is obvious he is a fake. He refuses to provide proof of his credentials. There seems to be a concern that he obtained a earned doctorate degree. I think there should be more concern if he was validly ordained a priest in the Roman Catholic Church or even the scismatic sects. Then again another question on this nut case- how can he a ‘Roman Catholic priest” if he is graduated from a sedevacantist sect seminary. He is not a Roman Catholic priest if he is not in union with the Holy See. Then there is this self identification as a Byzantine Catholic priest. I think this just adds the confusion of the TV viewer who attempts to verify his ordination. A Byzantine Catholic priest is an Eastern Rite priest in union with Rome. One can not be a Roman Catholic priest and a Byzantine Catholic priest, although a priest can be bi-ritual.

    • Samuel Farad says:

      1. Byzantine priests aren’t ordained by Rome. Fr. Ashcraft is a Byzantine priest, as he has made clear many times on both his website and literally every interview he’s been in.

      2. He’s answered the question about sedevacantist education many, many times in interviews and in his website. He’s simply never claimed to attend the school this website claims. Its just flat out disinformation.

      Many of us know him (I’m a priest myself), have worked with him and despite the very slanderous ( I personally think some of the remarks here leave the owner of the blog open to legal problems, as the laws do state now that blog owners can be held liable for the comments they allow on their websites.), crude remarks designed to malign him and cast aspersions are indicative of a spiritual disease that clearly exposes the non-Christian character of those involved.

      • Mary says:

        Dear Fr. Farad,

        I just happened to stumble upon this thread while researching “interesting” views of Pope Francis. You see, I am Roman Catholic, at least working on practicing my religion by attending mass regularly and receiving the sacraments. I have a friend who is Protestant and I re-found the Holy Spirit through her journey. I am a cradle Catholic who believes we are ALL friends in Christ so I believe ALL who accept Christ as Lord and Savior are saved.

        Anyway, my point being that I came across a youtube video featuring Fr Jack Ashcraft that I found a bit ‘off’. As a Catholic who is struggling, I see a lot of mis-information out there, confusing not only the Catholics, but the masses. I’ve looked at videos claiming to expose the Catholic church’s satanic agenda, the New World Order agenda and have seen Pope Francis being misquoted and taken out of context over and over again. Now, if I didn’t do research, let me tell you, I’d have been running from Catholicism pretty fast. I’m still confused over Freemasonry among other things in the Vatican, so you see, I am still researching.

        Anyway, I found it a bit disheartening to see this youtube video, featuring Fr Jack Ashcraft titled “Catholic Exorcist Warns: Pope Francis is NOT the legitimate Pope and Satan has taken over the throne”.

        You see, things like this only add to the confusion, add to the hatred, add to spiritual conflict. It is not good. Its no wonder there are death threats on Pope Francis with things like this being circulated openly from a “reputable priest”. His speculation (because it IS speculation) should not be made public for every conspiracy theorist who thinks the pope is the false prophet of Revelations. Kooky people eat this crap up and spew fear and hatred. Part of me wonders if Fr Jack Ashcraft has not swallowed a demon himself?

        • Cris Putnam says:

          He is not the only one… Please read my book Petrus Romanus.

          • Mary says:

            Thanks, I looked at it on Amazon and it looks like a good read. I will be ordering it soon.

            With the Vatican calling for a new wold government/central world bank (which I tried to discredit, to no avail), things are going to get interesting pretty quickly. Scary times ahead, I fear.

          • Cris Putnam says:


        • Steve says:

          Dear Mary,

          Run from this man made religion as fast as you can, satan has been running this great whore. Read the bible and you will see this false gospel only serves evil and has nothing to do with the teachings of Yeshua, Jesus the Christ. Pray for your eyes to be open, like I did thirty years ago, I was close to becoming a priest.

          May God Bless you,


          • Mary says:

            Hi Steve,

            Thank you for your blessings, and God bless you, too! I have done a lot of soul searching, asking the Holy Spirit for His guidance. It’s easy to become confused in this era of technology, where what sounds right is wrong and what sounds wrong is right. I truly believe that Jesus is present in the Eucharist of the Catholic Church and I believe in the Catholic creed. That is what is keeping me there.

            There will always be bad priests, bishops, cardinals and of course, there have been bad popes. After all, Satan is after all of us, and what better victory for Satan than to corrupt one of these, so that people can call them hypocrites and liars and draw people away.

            Francis? I pray for him. He asks for prayers, which to me, humanizes him. Is he the false prophet? We shall see, but I personally don’t think so.

            May God be with you today and every day. I think that if all Christians pray collectively, without prejudice towards differences, that would make the Lord happy and Satan angry. After all, we all believe in the same, Lord, Jesus Christ.

            Peace to you, and prayers, and pray for me too!

  11. Joanne says:

    I am concerned about this individual as well. I am a listener of Art Bell, who had Father Ashcraft as a guest a few nights ago. I am also very fond of the late Father Malachi Mrtin. I tried to find out more information in terms of pertinent details…. As anyone should do in the field of deliverance. He was very evasive and defensive with me. He deleted his web sight the day after his radio interview with Art and started reworking things. He blocked me on Facebook, of whom we were friended.

    I did nothing to harass. I have saved my correspondances for reference. He makes very bold claims that warrant further review. Very bold claims about not only himself, but the church.

    He is not the “Malachi Martin of the 21st Century” as he claims on his biography.

  12. Samuel Farad says:

    I looked int your claims “Joanne”, and it appears they’re bogus. Several of his Facebook friends agreed that you were rude and abrasive despite him answering your questions clearly and concisely on his Facebook wall. From what I gathered you were just ticked off he missed one of your questions when it was first posted in a thread, even tho when you RUDELY mentioned it he apologized and answered openly on his wall again. The posts are still there.

    As far as the website- that was in the works for months since he and several other priests are starting a radio network to carry Orthodox Christian programs, and their focus is on that network and the journal they publish as part of it. No big conspiracy there. What a sick bunch of people you are to slander a priest just because you don’t like his position.

    I know several Orthodox priests who all know him and know he’s legit. In fact, one Orthodox jurisdiction is even trying to get him to join them. So much for all the fiction writing you poor souls engage in here.

    • Joanne says:

      What a load of lies. Please provide backup for my inappropriate comments, including all responses. You are untruthful at best. Something is very wrong here.

    • Joanne says:

      I stand behind my statements. Please provide backup for what you say are my inappropriate comments, including all responses. You are untruthful at best. Something is very wrong here.

  13. Truth says:

    Everyone realized all these “supporters” of Father Fale here ate Jack himself. Because this is his life, this is what he does. Create support in his own head for this facade. He’s a fake, a liar and a sad media hungry addict, still looking for his 15 minutes. Which were long ago, over.

  14. Joanne says:

    I figured that much because the poster is using the same verbage Mr. Ashcraft used in a private message with me. I didn’t come here to fight with this man. I am here to present my concerns.

    You can fool this realm that we walk on, but in the spiritual realm you better have authority and be speaking the truth when you start dealing with deliverance and the darkness.

  15. Truth says:

    He really fools nobody. Anyone who does any actual research can see he is a fake. I wonder if the Ghost Adventures people finally figured out he was bogus. Either way, everything that goes around comes around. The light of the TRUTH (i.e. reality) has already shown his true character. If he really had any college or seminary degree at all, he would have plenty of easily confirmed proof. Alas, he has none. Because he is a joke. Don’t even worry about arguing with him. It’s like arguing with three year old child who wants candy. You won’t win because you can’t fight “crazy”. Crazy has no logic.

  16. Betsy says:

    I just heard about him the other day. Went to research more. His website and Facebook page are not longer available.

    • Wilson says:

      He’s on Facebook. I just messaged him today. I dont know why it was so hard for others to get info on him. I asked him and he told me everything. I even found a website that tells who his ordaining bishop is. I also asked a traditional Catholic priest I know (Father Heppell) and he told me Fr. Ashcraft is legit too. Father Heppell is on Facebook too. And Father Ashcraft works with Father John Claypool too. Father Claypool is a priest from the Jerusalem Patriarchate. Soooo…Father Ashcraft obviously legit. I think it could just be the way some people approach him. I dunno. I just know I asked and got the info with no probs.

      • vladimir998 says:

        Wilson, you wrote: “Father Claypool is a priest from the Jerusalem Patriarchate. Soooo…Father Ashcraft obviously legit.”

        Nope. I see no evidence that Fr. Claypool is a “priest from the Jerusalem Patriarchate”. He just seems to have appointed himself to positions he has no authority to hold. No matter how you slice it Ashcraft is a fraud on some level: He was not licitly ordained. He may have been validly ordained but he’s no very forthcoming about that. He has repeatedly said he was a “Roman Catholic” priest, but also says he is a “Byzantine Catholic” priest. He claims to be a sedevacantist and naturally cannot have any faculties to licitly practice any ministry. According to one of his followers here he is not heading toward Eastern Orthodoxy. Fraud. Fraud. Fraud.

        • Jim says:

          Fr. Ashcraft has NEVER said he is Roman Catholic. The burden of proof is on you to demonstrate otherwise since you’re lying.

  17. Samuel Farad says:

    I can assure the poster above that I am not Fr. Ashcraft. The silliness and false accusations that permeate this website are amazing to me. Fr. Ashcraft is currently transferring to the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR), and is very much a valid and legitimate priest. If he weren’t he wouldn’t even be considered for incardination.

    This entire issue is quite clearly an attempt to besmirch his character by a very sad personality (Mr. Cris Putnam), who is little more than a slanderer.

    Those who wish to know the truth about Fr. Jack Ashcraft need only ask him. Contact him yourself.



  18. Ron D says:

    I noticed that his older talk shows and websites are down, however I have found something new,
    would this be the same man ?

    Rev. Fr. Jack Ashcraft, OSB
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
    Exorcist and Chaplain, Cincinnati, Ohio
    Born: 1967
    Faith of Origin: Roman Catholic
    Entered Autocephalous Movement: 2003
    Presbyter/Priest, Date, by Bp.St.Peters

    the above is interesting, because it says Exorcist
    when that is rare, and the OSB is Order of Saint Benedict.

    more: Seems he also goes by Fr. John Davila-Ashcraft.

    all this stuff is newly updated as of June 30,2016, he is active,
    but apparently focusing on something new.

    • Cris Putnam says:

      I busted him red handed on LinkedIn claiming a phony doctorate, since I’m still paying for a REAL degree, I take it a bit personally.

      • C.J. says:

        Your self importance is amusing Putnam. You didnt catch Fr. Ashcraft at anything. He always made it clear that his degree was honorary and from a sedevacantist seminary program, but you made up some b.s. story about a seminary in France. lol

        And no he never goes by the name John. You people are sick.

  19. C.J. says:

    ah yeah..and u r degree from Liberty…about as prestigious as a degree from Universal Life Church.

    Liberty isnt even AACSB accreditated. lol

    Junk degree.

  20. pi2r2 says:

    The article takes issue with academic degrees, not Christianity and following Christ as our Lord and Savior. The author gives himself away as unconcerned about Christ, the author is an antichrist.

  21. Sean Glazier says:

    I am Russian Orthodox and I like the declared purpose of your site. I would be careful with comments calling someone as a fraud. He may very well be, but he seems knowledgeable to me. Also contacting the seminary using the name might not be effective since through a career of at least Orthodox priests they are given new names several times through their lives. There is a good reason for this. In any case just writing an institution out of the blue will not yield good results. You will need more information and he may well have the degrees. Even engineering schools will not confirm a person went there at first contact. You should ask to see the issued degree and that can be verified. Europe privacy laws too are an obstacle to just emailing and getting an answer. I would include a link to his linked in page perhaps. If it turns out to be true that he does have degrees, you can be sued for liable. I would take more care in your statements. Like saying you can not confirm his degrees yet. Just saying. from the interview he has knowledge, that is not easily found regarding the subject. Just my 0.02. There are exorcists who have permission to use their discretion. I know I saw a few of them in Europe in dealing with issues with someone close. Not every case goes through the huge formal process usually because the bishop does not want the hassle and is allowed to give a practitioner he trusts authority to act. Especially true when dealing with an urgent need that exhibits clear signs

  22. Sean Glazier says:

    FYI the profile on linked in and the website no longer exists. Not sure if it is because you outed him or if he is deceased or simply retired etc.

    • Jim says:

      It was there up until this summer so I doubt it had anything to do with this website.

  23. Truthbetold says:

    Please go to youtube and search for this:

    A true story about Jack Ashcraft

    You will know exactly who he is….if you’re still wanting to know.