Apologetics Presentations & Prophecy Conferences

Cris is currently ready to present an exciting and informative powerpoint lecture covering the best selling books Petrus Romanus, Exo-Vaticana or The Supernatural Worldview. These lectures cover a plethora of material from UFOs, Ghosts, ESP, Prophecy, the book of Revelation, to the views of the Protestant Reformers. He is also excited to present a series of talks on Defending the Faith and the Resurrection of Jesus. Cris is an experienced presenter and teaches on a regular basis at his local church. He is willing to travel as long as expenses are covered and the rest is negotiable depending on the circumstances. Please email logosapologia@gmail.com to arrange for a presentation.
Cris Putnam on Prophecy in the News:

Supernatural Worldview from Prophecy in the News on Vimeo.