Demythologizing Skeptics, Scholars, & Absolute Eschatological Systems

Papyri 115 one the most ancient examples of John's Apocalypse

Papyri 115 one the most ancient examples of John’s Apocalypse

“It seems like through out time, almost everyone has thought the end was near, what makes you think now is the time?” a famous radio host asked me.

First, I believe God has wanted every Christian in every era to believe it’s possible. In juxtaposition, I believe the devil has had a “man of lawlessness” ready in the wings, in every generation. It’s not a doctrine but I’m rather prone to it.  That said, there are unique things that characterize our current time that no other era could claim.

I was bit bewildered by the question because I had just explained that at no time in history-ever-could one man control the commerce of everyone, everywhere… But doesn’t the Bible imply as much?

“…and that no one was able to buy or to sell except the one who had the mark—the name of the beast or the number of his name. Here is wisdom: the one who has understanding, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man’s number, and his number is six hundred sixty-six.(Revelation 13:17-18,LEB)

Seriously, do preterists expect me to buy this applies to Nero? He had no hope of such control — sure he probably tried and it’s likely the convinced preterist has an example of a tax to present — but the text seems global -every nation and tongue- and it doesn’t seem to mention he is a miserable failure. I think it is forecasting this period we are now in… Moore’s law, the technological singularity, Noogenesis, Nirvana, Oneism, Coexist, perhaps even Together 2016? But such a control grid is about to be possible and my money is on OneWeb. I think they are a wise investment choice. I believe in them from a computer science technical perspective.

I’m not demonizing them, they want everyone to access ONE webeducation, OneWeb is amoral – it is a category error to demonize technology. People can study wicca or they can attend online seminary if they like. They have new options, including the Gospel. So does the international banking community. I’m saying it makes an idea that seemed absurd when John wrote it down around AD 90, quite plausible in a few short years. Yes, I argue it is a “technology statement” as Chuck Missler points out.

If you want to dig deeper in the biblical text, learn ancient languages. You need a minimum of a year in Hebrew and Greek to even understand the issues and questions being posed in academic journals of biblical studies. There’s a wealth of bible commentary and, my favorite, bible backgrounds  commentary, i.e. advanced historical research available to the average student. At no other time in history, could you have a seminary library at your fingertips like today.  I use Logos but there FREE versions  and online 1; online 2; online 3; too. Technology can be wonderful and God honoring!

…and it is also terrifying.

This imagery from Hiroshima framed my childhood and, thus,the apocalyptic is no mere pipe dream. Now when we get to biblical prophecies and the end times, it can get tense between saved believers. Great scholars disagree. RC Sproul is a preterist. I purchased his philosophy course. I purchased his church history course. I quote him often. I respect him deeply. He has good reasons for what he thinks. I don’t agree with him. I quote Dr. Peter Jones—a Presbyterian no less–and promote his ministry TruthXchange. Chris Rosebrough —- a dreaded Lutheran — helped me prepare to debate Russ Hocus Pocus on the Trinity. How can I partner with people who differ with my eschatology? Its not as important as false teachers, sin, relativism, same sex marriage and abortion but mainly ONE thing: we all believe the Bible, we just disagree on the exegesis. But those guys have at least done the work in Greek and Hebrew,, Even so, (I’m in trouble now) their view of the Bible is not really the final test. There are hills to stand and die on. One is the Gospel. I work wit hose fellows because they are experts, but mainly because of ONE reason:

We are still in lock step on the Gospel —all are sinful and justified by faith through grace alone – the gift of God, so no man should boast. — non negotiable.

No one has the absolute answer to the end times, I have never claimed so much.  If you want to understand the real issues — I recommend this:

It’s quite different when a naturalistic scholar demands Daniel was written “after the fact” – because the book internally claims to be by one Daniel. If they are correct, it is a farce. If they are incorrect, may God convict them, Dr Bruce Waltke has tried.

I am a premillennial dispensationalist because I feel like its basic premise is the closest to God’s intent, but I’m not married to it, nor inclined toward rapture date setting theories and debates. If you’re correct, we’ll talk in the sky, OK? I learn from people with various ideas about eschatology, especially those I disagree with.

Don’t tell me you are SURE about the end times scenario. No one is but God. I write in a genre I call speculative eschatology. I am NOT a prophet.

I believe the meaning of scripture is determined by the intent of the original author, the one God inspired, to his original readers (i.e. what was Paul telling the Thessalonians, not me in the 20th century). That said, Paul’s intent for them certainly informs how I view current events.

Even so, God used that author’s context (in this case Paul), worldview, language, and even more importantly vocabulary.  If you do not understand his perspective —a supernatural worldview informed by a divine council Deuteronomy 32:8 worldview— you often miss the point. I mean entirely. Understanding the vocabulary, means the first century meaning, the one the inspired author had in mind, because the Holy Spirit inspired the author and his words. Usually, scribes add to the text to “help” readers over time.

That’s how textual critics find the apostle’s words, they shave it down by comparing ancient papyri and determining the most likely original wording. It is established by facts that scribes tend to add, attempting to clarify—asserting their own meaning—and, as a result, the manuscripts tend to get wordier over time. With the best of intentions, monks changed the Bible.  Then, after the reformation began, it became the KJV when a Catholic Scribe Erasmus created a Greek New testament based on a handful of Greek manuscripts from the 8-9th century of the Eastern Byzantine tradition. It became Texts Receipts after the 1611 KJV Anglicans used it as their primary text along with the Latin Vulgate and Tyndale Bibles. It was great fro its time but pre- archeology.

Since then we have found 20,000 or so Greek papyri centuries older…. Archeology is now a discipline with peer review.

It means modern Bibles are very accurate and we have a great deal of certainty about the Gospel and many essential doctrines. The evidence Jesus rose from the dead is now MORE compelling—and that lends credence to the rest of biblical theology-—we stand at the first time in history when the supernatural events of Revelation have a high probability of coming to pass, WHY?

The “Chardinian Noosphere” or “AI Singularity” is about to make it possible for one man to control all who may buy and sell, I mean everyone.. even in rural India or subsaharan Africa. How can I say that — get ready (link to company website):


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  1. Ed says:

    With all due respect, it seems the utmost in arrogance to suggest that “no one” can know the specifics of Daniel’s 70th Week as the Holy Spirit reveals it to those living “at the time of the end.” While no one should profess that they know the day or the hour of the Rapture, much is available to know once one realizes that the pre-tribulation rapture position is an affront to the clear teaching of Scripture placing the Lord’s coming is “after the [great] tribulation of those days…”

    • Cris Putnam says:

      Do you know how many views exist among Evangelical scholars concerning the 70th week? The idea that it is the 7 year tribulation is not even considered the most likely. I favor the idea that the first 3.5 years were fulfilled by Jesus’s ministry and the last 3.5 are the future described in John’s Apocalypse. It’s speculation based on biblical theology and exegesis, but… IMHO, all views are speculation.

  2. Jay says:

    Since Luther and the Reformation Christianity has splintered into thousands of heretical sects. Even Catholicism which is true Christianity has been invaded by Free Masonry and Protestantism . But the true Church is still there and will always be there, Vatican II , the Reformation, or the great Schism will not destroy her and all who are outside the Body of Christ will not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Matthew 7:21 “Not everyone that saith to me, Lord , Lord ,shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven”. Protestantism has proven itself to be false , with thousands of sects and contrary dogma and beliefs it is truly a man made religion with Luther as it’s Messiah . Those of bad will refuse Christ and his Church they prefer a false Gospel and the teachings of men. They interpret the Holy Scriptures as they see fit, turning their muttering into blasphemes and pagan worship. They have turned to priestesses to head their groups, they have made homosexuality a sacrament , divorce , abortion, adultery and all matter of sin is excepted as lifestyle choices. They are given strong delusions that mimic faith i.e. ” The Rapture cult” and other even more absurd beliefs. Only by God’s mercy that one can hope that they will have the scales removed from their eyes before their last breath . I say these words without malice for many whom I love are lost in these sins and my prayers have always been for their salvation.

    • jaz says:

      There is a remnant that is neither Catholic nor protestant or any denomination for that matter.
      Pagan worship is saint veneration including the Blessed Mother of the Lord ‘Mary’.
      I agree that women have no place in the ordained Ministry of the Lord’s church. But you catholics have Mary and the so called Apparitions which contradicts the scriptures by the ecumenical messages.
      Feminism is Homosexuality’s Twin, therefore an abomination. But so is pedophilia within the Catholic clerical system. All hell bound..
      As to the teaching of men; I agree there is a Babel of confusion and the biggest Nimrod is presently the antichrist Francis.
      Reality is that salvation is not in a belief system controlled by clerics but it is in christ Jesus. ” For the firm foundation of God stands having this seal. The Lord knows those who are His and let everyone who names the Lord abstain from wicked ness” 2Tim2:19

    • Cris Putnam says:

      Have you actually read the Bible?

  3. Michael says:

    Great work Chris, keep looking to Jesus and finishing your race. Don’t let mockers or those who only want to debate get you down or still your joy. This reminded me of some things Maurice Skylar talked about on prophecy club many years ago. Pretty right on! Always appreciate your labor and praying for you and Tom! Much love my brother!