Petrus Romanus Arrives on 3/13/2013 at 20:13 Hours!

By Cris Putnam
3/13/2013 at 20:13 hrs

3/13/2013 at 20:13 hrs

According to the prophecy of St. Malachy,  Petrus Romanus has arrived.  Pope Francis I, formerly known as Jorge Mario Bergoglio, was the son of an Italian railroad worker from Turin, Italy. While those of shallow vision will be quick to point out “his name is not Peter,” prophecy is often fulfilled enigmatically in a manner not entirely clear until it is resolved. For example, who could have known that “labor of the sun” John Paul II would be buried during eclipse until his papacy had ended? We have stated from the beginning that the title “Peter the Roman” was likely symbolic. All popes claim apostolic succession from Peter and for this reason it is called the Petrine office. For instance, Tom Horn stated in a recent interview for World Net Daily:

Regardless, Horn said he’s always maintained that it doesn’t take someone whose Christian name is Peter to fulfill the prophecy. “In fact, if any Italian is elected, that would be a fairly transparent fulfillment,” he said. Moreover, he argued, “in a very general sense, every pope could be regarded as ‘Peter the Roman,’ and in that sense, this could be the last one.”[1]

Rome was an empire and a city so his Italian ancestry arguably meets the Roman aspect albeit in an oblique way. Interestingly, Rene Thibaut, the Jesuit who wrote in 1950 that the papacy would be abdicated in 2012, rejected the possibility of a pope named Peter and wrote that the name symbolized the totality of the papacy:

 There is only one Peter, the first of the Roman pontiffs, and he was seen in his many successors. He still to serve in the final as in the first persecution. We believe Petrus Romanus represents all the Roman Pontiffs from St. Peter to the recipient Gloria Olivae.[2]

In Thibaut’s reckoning all the ambitions and pretensions of the papal dynasty are now encompassed in one man. Paramount is the fact that he is the first ever Jesuit pope. This has great prophetic significance as the Jesuit order was formed to specifically to combat the protestant reformation and assert papal supremacy over the entire world. According to a historian, “The Jesuits were the soldiers of the pope: they knew no law but the will of their general, no mode of worship but the pope’s dictate no church but themselves.” [3] Because of this, the Jesuit order was suppressed and disbanded for its pernicious skullduggery by Pope Clement XIV in 1773 and by the mid-eighteenth century, the Jesuits had earned a bad reputation in Europe for political maneuvering and economic exploitation bar none. Interestingly, Pope Benedict XVI addressed the Jesuit order in 2008 encouraging them reinvigorate the fourth vow. He said,

For this very reason I have invited you and also invite you today to reflect in order to rediscover the fullest meaning of your characteristic “fourth vow” of obedience to the Successor of Peter, …[4]

The fourth vow of obedience to the pope is one of “absolute subservience to the pope; to do whatever he enjoined, and go on any service he wished, and into any quarter of the globe.”[5] A few ex-Jesuits have called this a blood oath involving pagan rites which were laid bare in the suppressed document “Jesuit Extreme Oath of Induction” which was recorded in records of the U.S. Congress. According to this document, they are indoctrinated into the principle of IUSTUM, NECAR, REGES, IMPIOUS:

When a Jesuit of the minor rank is to be elevated to command, he is conducted into the Chapel of the Convent of the Order, where there are only three others present, the principal or Superior standing in front of the altar. On either side stands a monk, one of whom holds a banner of yellow and white, which are the Papal colours, and the other a black banner with a dagger and red cross above a skull and crossbones, with the word INRI, and below them the words IUSTUM NECAR REGES IMPIUS. The meaning of which is: It is just to exterminate or annihilate impious or heretical Kings, Governments, or Rulers.[6]

While modernists surely prefer more subtle methods,  we address the Jesuit’s who make up the Vatican Observatory Research Group in some detail in our new book Exo-Vaticana and offer some surprising revelations as to what might entice the entire world to unite under the new pontiff.  Even so, other researchers document an ongoing militaristic campaign:

Today the Jesuit Order has about 19.000 members. Of the about 13.500 priest members, some have taken the 4th vow secret oath in which killing a ‘heretic’ is not considered a crime. The ranks of Jesuits are thinning; From 36,000 members at the order’s zenith in the mid-1960’s, to 26,000 in 1983, to 23,000 in 1995 [10]. The Jesuits are geographically organized by 91 provinces (61?), which each belong to one of 10 assistancies around the world.

The Military Order of Malta has about 12.500 members (excluding volunteers), and Opus Dei has about 26,000 celibate members (excluding volunteers).

The Vatican-Jesuit-Masonic crusades, up to our present time, show their criminal “full-spectrum dominance” doctrine is effectuated all over the world by:

War, genocide and depopulation (recent examples: Canadian natives genocide between 1880-1984, the “Vatican managed Serbian genocide during WWII” with an ongoing US court case, and the ongoing Shia Muslim genocide in Iraq with over 1.217.892 deaths)

Political subversions

Economic slavery

Poor quality nutrition, healthcare and housing

Government propaganda (via education, media, science, and religion)

Suppression of sovereignty, consciousness and spirituality. [7]

In Petrus Romanus we stated our belief that the name “Peter the Roman” implies this pope “will reaffirm the authority of the Roman Pontiff over the Church” and “will emphasize the supremacy of the Roman Catholic Faith and the Roman Catholic Church above all other religions and denominations, and its authority over all Christians and all peoples of the world.”[8] This seems in line with the Jesuit agenda. Still more, Catholic mystic Ronald L. Conte Jr., who predicted in 2002 that the successor to John Paul II would choose the name Benedict XVI, commented on 3-13-13:

I never expected Peter the Roman to be Italian or Roman or to have the first name Peter, or to take the papal name “Peter”. So these points do not imply that Pope Francis is not Peter the Roman. The prophetic phrases of St. Malachy describe the Pontificate of each Pope, not his name.[9]

According to Conte, “During the reign of Pope Peter the Roman, the great apostasy begins” and this pope will mark “the first part of the tribulation, during our generation.”[10]

The media and Catholic faithful have been celebrating his choice of the papal name Francis, which is a first, and most folks assume it is inspired by St. Francis of Assisi. Interestingly, in Petrus Romanus we wrote of an apocalyptic prophecy given by the alleged namesake:

Even Saint Francis of Assisi—one of the most venerated religious figures in history—gathered his devotees shortly before his death and prophesied that:  “At the time of this tribulation a man, not canonically elected, will be raised to the Pontificate, who, by his cunning, will endeavor to draw many into error and death… Some preachers will keep silence about the truth, and others will trample it under foot and deny it…for in those days Jesus Christ will send them not a true Pastor, but a destroyer.”[11]

Was there something uncannonical about the election of Pope Francis I?  It seems arguable.  For starters, Pope Benedict XVI simply retiring makes for an unprecedented situation. Next, the fifteen day rule between the vacancy of the office and the start of the conclave was circumvented in order to speed up the process.  The two living popes situation alone supports a charge of one “not canonically elected” but more mysteriously, there seems to be something fishy going on with his heraldry. According to one expert, “As can be seen on the coat of arms, he was not a bishop, despite being cardinal.”[12] This was Cardinal Bergoglio’s coat of arms as of 2010:

As displayed in 2010

As displayed in 2010


It uses the Jesuit Solar deity symbol, The Jesuits maintian that IHS stands for first three letters of the Greek name of Jesus, iota-eta-sigma but if so the name is Ἰησοῦς so why not use the Greek letters Ι Η Σ ? Alternately, while it seems fanciful, some occult researchers claim it really means: Isis, Horace, Set:

Jesuit sun symbol

Yet by Roman Catholic heraldic standards all bishops are required to include the archiepiscopal cross as well.

archiepiscopal cross

However, even though his coat of arms (dated 2001) lacked the required cross, we know that he was in fact a bishop prior to 2001. Bergoglio was named Auxiliary Bishop of Buenos Aires in 1992 and was ordained on 27 June 1992 as Titular Bishop of Auca.[13] This is extremely odd and has prompted heraldic specialists to assert ineptitude on the part of its designer.[14] It suggests something is amiss. Could the strange rule bending circumstances surrounding Pope Benedict XVI’s retirement suggest he is the uncannonical pope that St. Francis prophesied?  (it looks the this malformed coat of arms has been quickly revised, so copy those images for safekeeping).

Wikipedia now has a corrected version:

Corrected Coat of Arms 2013

Corrected Coat of Arms 2013

Apocalyptic Franciscan prophecies and heraldic guffaws aside, many have overlooked another Catholic Saint he could have drawn the papal name from: St. Francis Xavier, a fellow Jesuit infamous for inspiring the Goa inquisition. This extended the European inquisition to the Indian state of Goa and the Portuguese empire in Asia, a repugnant affair in which some 16,202 persons were brought to trial resulting in untold numbers of executions by burning at the stake amongst lesser tortures.[15]

While we don’t normally put a lot of stock in numerology, the great biblical scholar and Anglican theologian E.W. Bullinger wrote an exhaustive treatise in the 19th century which has yielded some interesting connections to the new Pontiff. The numbers surrounding Pope Francis’ election keep coming up thirteen. White smoke at 7:06 PM which in numerology 7 + 6 = 13 and he is 76 years old 7 + 6 = 13 and then he was elected on the calendar date 3/13/13  which sports two 13s of its own but in numerology 3/13/2013 also yields 3+1+3+2+0+1+3=13 and he was announced at precisely 8:13 PM Vatican time or in military and European time 20:13 making for 3/13/2013 at 20:13. According to Bullinger:

As to the significance of thirteen, all are aware that it has come down to us as a number of ill-omen. Many superstitions cluster around it, and various explanations are current concerning them.

Unfortunately, those who go backwards to find a reason seldom go back far enough. The popular explanations do not, so far as we are aware, go further back than the Apostles. But we must go back to the first occurrence of the number thirteen in order to discover the key to its significance. It occurs first in Genesis 14:4, where we read “Twelve years they served Chedorlaomer, and the thirteenth year they REBELLED.”

Hence every occurrence of the number thirteen, and likewise of every multiple of it, stamps that with which it stands in connection with rebellion, apostasy, defection, corruption, disintegration, revolution, or some kindred idea.[16]

This ill omen suggests the “many tribulations” of the Malachy prophecy could coincide with the apostasy of 2 Thes. 2:3 but Bullinger goes on to cite an exhaustive list of thirteens and factors of thirteen including examples like:

Satan, in Hebrew = 364 (13 x 28)   שָׂטָן

Satan, in Greek = 2197 (133) “That old serpent, even Satan” (ὁ ὄφις ὁ ἀρχαῖος… καὶ ὁ Σατανᾶς)  2756 (13 x 212)

“According to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air” = 9178181 (13 x 706)

“The power of the air” = 2600 (13 x 200) [17]

While we could go on and on (Bullinger does) with a long list of similar demonic thirteens, one verse in particular is pertinent:

Revelation 13:11, The whole verse = 6318 (13x486)

θηρίον (theerion), beast = 247 (13x19)

ἅλλο θηρίον (hallo theerion), another beast = 378 (9×42)

“He had two horns” = 1521 (132x9)

“And he had two horns like a lamb” = 2704 (132x16) [18]

“And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.” (Revelation 13:11, AV)

Do all of these thirteens add up to a coincidence? That’s up to you decide. But the biblical prophecy alone points toward the papacy. Indeed this second beast is predicted to be viewed “like a lamb” and the accolades expressed on 3/13/2013 at 20:13 support that perception. This probably seems mean spirited to some but as protestants we feel well within our rights to assert that all claimants to Vicar “instead ”of Christ as false prophets.[19]  However, if the predictions of St. Francis of Assisi and St. Malachy are truly at their culmination, then the second beast, the one from the earth, who is called the “false prophet” (Rev. 16:13; 19:20; 20:10) or Petrus Romanus who will lead the world to worship the dragon, has arrived in Pope Francis but I am not a prophet… only time will tell.


[2] [2] René Thibaut, La Mystérieuse Prophétie des Papes (Paris: J. Vrin, 1951),25.

[3] W.C. Brownlee, Secret instructions of the Jesuits (1857) 7.

[5]W.C. Brownlee, Secret instructions of the Jesuits (1857), 6

[6] Journals of the 62nd Congress, 3rd Session, of the United States Congressional Record (House Calendar No. 397, Report No. 1523, 15 February, 1913, pp. 3215-3216) text available


[8] Petrus Romanus, 437-438.

[10] Ibid.

[15] Salomon, H. P. and Sassoon, I. S. D., in Saraiva, Antonio Jose. The Marrano Factory. The Portuguese Inquisition and Its New Christians, 1536–1765 (Brill, 2001), pp. 345–7. Also see:

[16]Ethelbert W. Bullinger, Number in Scripture (Pleasant Places Press, 2004; 2004), 208.

[17] Bullinger, Number in Scripture, 219.

[18] Bullinger, Number in Scripture, 225.

[19] This authoritatively explains why all Popes are false prophets: John MacArthur, “The Pope and the Papacy,”


About Cris Putnam
Logos Apologia is the ministry of Cris D. Putnam. The mission of Logos Apologia is to show that logic, science, history and faith are complementary, not contradictory and to bring that life-changing truth to everybody who wants to know.


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  4. Jeffrey Erwin says:

    Sorry to rain on your parades, but Pope Francis is definitely NOT the “Petrus Romanus” of the (so-called) St. Malachy prophecy. The simple reason, apparently overlooked by everyone, is that there are actually 113 paragraphs in this list and Francis is only no. 112

    110. De labore solis. John Paul II.
    111. Gloria Olivae. Benedict XVI.
    112. In psecutione. extrema S.R.E. sedebit. Francis..
    113. Petrus Romanus qui pscet oves in multistribulationibus: quibus transactis civitas septicollis diruetur, & Judex tremedus judicabit populum suum. Finis.

    If you don’t believe me, just go to Liber Secundus, pg. 311 of Wion’s “Lignum Vitae” (on Wikipedia) and see for yourself.
    No.112 stands on its own as: “He will reign in the final persecution. of the Holy Roman Church. Paragraphs 112 and 113 were conflated by Fr. M.J. O’Brien in his 1880 critique. With all due respect, Fr. O’Brien had no authority to alter Wion’s list in this manner.

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  7. Anonymous says:

    Age bij uitverkiezing 76= 7+6=13
    Aantal dagen Sede vacante van 28022013 tot 13032013=13
    Datum uitverkiezing=13032013=tweemaal 13
    Datum uitverkiezing=13032013=Add the numbers=13
    Petrus Romanus=number letters=nomen et omen=13 (icm 112e motto Malachy Prophecy)
    White smoke Pauskeuze op plaatselijke tijd 7:06=6.66
    Witte rook Pauskeuze op plaatselijke tijd 7:06=7+6=13
    Verband met Revelations 13.
    Ordained 13121969= 1×13 en 1×12 en ‘666’
    Born 17121936=1×12, 17+19=36 di 2×13 36=2×13. Totaal 1×12 en 4×13.

    • anonymous says:

      believers of st.malachy prophecy looking for connections of pope francis to the name petrus romanus as the the last catholic pope …i dont think st. malachi was referring to petrus or peter the apostles…st malachi is irish man born in united kingkom where the legend of king arthur and holy grail originated,,,in the legend the name petrus was mentioned as the disciples of joseph…..the meaning of the name petrus is disciples of joseph..pope francis fathers name is jose in english joseph…….jose is an italian immigrant lived in argentina….there it is peter roman..its hiding in his dads name

  8. abey says:

    To the Prophecy of St. Francis to the destroyer from Jesus Christ corresponds to the Strong Delusion from God to believe THE LIE. Now to the Prophecy of Daniel to the ‘strange god”, Obama carries lucky charms of a certain Monkey warrior god” a Mythical Hindu Ancestral god is but denoting an Evolutionary belief to saying “man came from the monkeys’ , believing in Evolution through the stretching of the Intellect become unto the leaven of science to the Error” called “Modernism’ when applied to faith is the danger that earlier popes warned about to falling into the Leaven of Evolution which belief denies the existence of god in the spirit is but to make man as god to remember THE LIE @ Eden. So the destroyer pasture who by cunning cause many to ERROR & DEATH by “MODERNISM’ into EVOLUTION” resp. The Prophecy of St. Francis corresponds to the Falling Away & the Strong Delusion from God ,, cause they love not the truth, so as to believe in THE LIE. The pastor Francis is set to address the US congress representing AMERICA – for who can war with the BEAST ridden upon by PROTESTANTISM, & the UN by the principles of Theosophy wound its way into the theosophical prayer hall in,. In the combinations denotes the Biblical FALSE PROPHET even the second Beast of revelation- “Freemasonry by Theosophy”(Zech 5). And then the Pastor is scheduled to address family matters in Philadelphia is anybody’s guess.
    However the Prophecy of St. Francis is not to be confused with the St. Malachi’s “PETRUS ROMANUS” which is but another chapter—-.

  9. abey says:

    Who can make war with the BEAST- AMERICA born from England whose Sodomic character recently revealed by its courts – The very marker unto the “mark of the beast’ denoted by the ‘Economic sanctions’ (Buy & Sell)imposed on Russia even though stating Ukraine but spiritually cause Russia stand against the Sodomic onslaught of the west, being made into a ‘holy cow”, to extend unto the whole earth even individually in fulfillment of the Prophecy & that which has been riding the beast from its inception is its religion PROTESTANTISM again established out of a Royal harlotry through rebelling against the parent church mingled with the Hersey of “Faith only” speaks much , both these(rebellions) joined together to form its religion , today being trampled upon by the Beast as prophesied.
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