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Supernatural_Worldview BOOKMy new book The Supernatural Worldview to be released in May has a website  I will be posting excerpts from the book as well as blogging on subjects and news articles relevant to the topics in the book. The book focuses on worldview apologetics for what I call the paranormal paradigm shift, an idea I explained here.  Within you will find unconventional apologetics for the Christian faith by the way of defeaters for naturalism.  These include: 1) the evidence for extrasensory perception, also called psi—a controversial area for Christian apologetics; 2) the near-death experience, which implies that consciousness survives bodily death; and 3) the evidence for spirits and apparitions, whether of human or nonhuman origin. While any one of these serves as a defeater for naturalism, the biblical worldview can account for all of the above.

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Logos Apologia is the ministry of Cris D. Putnam. The mission of Logos Apologia is to show that logic, science, history and faith are complementary, not contradictory and to bring that life-changing truth to everybody who wants to know.


  1. Paul says:

    …Just checked out the site: loved the video! The book looks a good and timely one. Over the past few weeks I’ve been reading the extracts on Raiders News Network, and have found them interesting. …Indeed, somewhat autobiographical in places. My own journey to faith began as a deep, ineradicable fascination with things supernatural, which my time in academe — physics in my case — only reinforced. In those days my views were pretty similar to those of Teilhard de Chardin, though I’d arrived at them independently. Thinking back, even the bands I used to listen to at the time would whisper the same ideas into my ear — the music industry has certainly been a great tool for deception.

    I read part four of your serialisation just after watching Chris White’s video about the identity of Mystery Babylon, and while I agree completely with you that

    This world religion is symbolized in Scripture by “the great prostitute who is seated on many waters” (Revelation 17:1) and by the “woman sitting on a scarlet beast that was full of blasphemous names” (Revelation 17:3). It appeals to everyone because it provides a broad, redemptive road.

    …John also says that the woman is a city and I think that on balance of probability it is likely to be Jerusalem — although a Jerusalem of the future (probably after Pope Frank has had his wicked way with her). Although the initial signs are there for all to see, I think we may have a good few years yet before the appearance of the false messiah and his destruction by the True One.

    Similarly, although I see an incipient paradigm shift in science, it seems that the scientific establishment is still a good few years from accepting it (barring some massive, observable and irrefutable supernatural event), and continues to fight for materialism tooth and claw — amongst ‘heavyweight’ physicists, for example, despite all the wild speculations about parallel universes, extraterrestrial life and time-travel, there are very few paradigm-shifters when it comes to the mind-body problem. Even a man as brilliant and august as Brian Josephson — a Nobel Laureate’s Nobel Laureate, so to speak (having been awarded the prize for work he did as a PhD student) — finds his career in the tank when he begins entertaining the heresy of belief in the paranormal. Josephson has often written exposing the very deep-seated materialist bias in the scientific community (perhaps most influentially amongst the editorial staff of the leading scientific publications, who appear to see themselves as custodians of the orthodoxy more than anything). If you haven’t come across Josephson, Cris, take a look at his website (Cambridge still hosts it, although he retired his professorship there back in 2007).

    …And now I’d better get some sleep. Best wishes for the book!