Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis 1-31-2014

I talked to Clyde Friday night about the many astonishingly demonic stories appearing in the news lately.

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  1. Bill Giesbrecht says:

    Very interesting as evil expends and more bizarre acts are committed by evil people.
    Also Governments like Muslim nations commit atrocities against their own and other National peoples.

    • Tessie says:

      You do not believe in Biblical truth?
      You are in a position to completely change someone’s eternal destiny and I feel you have failed which makes me very sad.
      This is in reference to the man that called in about being gay and you told him to do what ‘feels right’.
      You completely lost me and I will speak against your show and concepts; not with hate but because I DO take a stand for Biblical truth; it is that simple.
      Please, be careful in how you direct people and their souls!!! It’s forever!!

  2. April Carter says:

    Jesus is the “cure-all” for all demon activities. That’s why we need to let him be in charge instead of trying to do things by ourselves. People fail to realize that Jesus’ name of itself isn’t the cure. “Jesus” was a common name in Israel back then. So, when Jesus says “in my name”, he is speaking of the spiritual authority, power, etc behind his entire being, including his name. You have to be a Christian and have much faith in God in order to succeed. You have to speak with authority and conviction. You also need to fast and pray to build that faith, especially when dealing with stronger demons. The seven sons of Sceva are prime examples of what happens when you treat the majesty, etc, of God lightly and don’t have authority from him. As for the highest demons on Satan’s hierarchy, the angels, especially Michael, deal with them. Of course, God himself sets them in their place.

  3. Mary Lou Brandt says:

    Thank you for writing Exo Vaticana with Mr. Horn. I learned much. Just finished listening to the interview with Clyde Lewis and agree with you about Pope Francis.
    Found this while researching his name:
    Jorge Mario Bergoglio
    Olio, Oglio a collection of miscellaneous pieces; a hotchpotch; a mixture; medley—Johnson, 1755.
    Examples: olio of affairs, 1700; of all ages, 1847; of musical pieces; of partisan opinions, 1880; of pictures; of various religions, 1648; of verse.

    I find it interesting that oglio can mean mixture as in mixing of religions as the false prophet will do, so that all religions are equal; one world religion to honor the beast.

  4. Michael Cham says:

    Interview starts at around 42 minutes and ends around 118 minutes.

    Great stuff!

  5. Paul says:

    Really interesting stuff: I’d been concluding something similar myself — I was reading only today a report from a ministry which has been working in Africa for decades, and they too believe that there is an uptick in demonic activity against them. (I’ve felt something similar on a personal level over the last year or so, too.)

    And the stuff you said about this weird and growing epidemic of ‘self-harm’ (i.e. ‘cutting’) resonated with me: when I first began seeing it taking off, it was something which baffled me (as did the epidemic of tattooing and piercing and marking the body — much of this looks really dark, and even women are plastered in this awful stuff). When I became a Christian, I noticed mention of cutting oneself in Scripture — God strictly forbade the practice in the Torah (Leviticus 19:28), the crazed pagan servants of Baal at Mount Carmel slashed themselves for their evil god (1 Kings 18:28), and the Gadarene demoniac (Mark 5:5) was prompted by evil spirits to rip off his clothes, haunt graveyards and cut himself (all three of which practices seem to have enjoyed a resurgence these days). I’m convinced that many many people in the West are demonised and their numbers are growing, yet the church fails to deal with this.

    • Cris Putnam says:

      I agree self harm seems overtly demonic to me; its hard to imagine a human coming to the idea it would provide relief on their own.

      • Paul says:

        Interesting to me is the fact that the ‘self-harm’ generally doesn’t involve punching, bruising or burning oneself or fracturing one’s bones and so on, but is usually focused on cutting the flesh — i.e. on the shedding of blood. This of course has very deep resonances in Scripture: I guess it’s a bit like a counterfeit of the sacrificial system established by God (Satan always seems simply to travesty what God does, and is never truly original). Presumably the ballooning obsession with vampires and vampirism over past decade and a half is connected with this too.

        I think we’re really close to the tribulation period. Just sitting here listening to the wind howl makes me wonder (the weather here in Britain over the last few months is like nothing I’ve seen, with images of fresh destruction filling the front pages of the national newspapers daily).


  6. Bernie says:

    Interesting show, I’d never heard of Clyde or his show before. Anyone that can’t see evil has ramped up at an excellerated rate is spiritualy blind. I saw this satanic murder story in the news today committed by a 16 and 17 year olds.;_ylt=AtN5Wp.jpHGX6CkcJOQEy4jQtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTBsb21manVyBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwM1BHNlYwNzcg–

  7. Scott says:

    Since Cris has been on Ground Zero, I have been listening to some of their past podcasts.

    Clyde only seems to be a nominal Christian. He certainly struggles with the narrow view held by orthodox Christianity that defines Jesus as the ONLY means of defeating evil. Just a little while before he had Cris on, he said that some demons cannot be cast out with the name of Jesus, and that there are other ways outside Christ to deliver a human from demonic oppression and possession.

    That is asinine.

    I am sorry, but if Demons are displaced any way other than through the name of Jesus, it is only to allow another demon to take its place. The Pharisees accused Jesus of casting out demons with demonic power, in which Jesus replied, “How can Satan cast out Satan?”

    If you listen to this, be not deceived… Any supernatural power other than the power of God is demonic, even if they seem to be doing benevolent work.

    When Clyde said this, I had hoped that Cris might have heard it (since it was just a few minutes before Cris came on) and would correct him. He may yet. I am only an hour into the podcast as I type this. I sincerely hope Cris corrects him on this pivotal point.

    The only way to be delivered from demonic oppression and demonic possession is through and by the name of Jesus, THE END.

    • gina says:

      Agree with you, Scott. I discovered his show only because Cris was a guest, and I also began listening to his shows for that reason. He seems like a sincere guy searching for truth, but yeah, searching. I’ve dropped his show from my listening list since that time. I’d rather spend my time listening to discussion of important issues from a Christian worldview. Pray that he finds truth!