Farewell FutureQuake

I listened to the Future Quake finale last night. It was a bittersweet extravaganza featuring many guests. Future Quake really was a cultural nexus for many Christians interested in topics a little off the beaten path. From UFOs, the paranormal, to 9/11 conspiracy analysis and bible prophecy, Dr. Future and Tom Bionic offered some prescient analysis and world class guest interviews through a Gospel centered worldview. Yet it wasn’t just that they were boldly trading in ideas that traditional ministries steer clear of, I was also challenged and grew spiritually as a result of their work. Tom Bionic’s testimony inspired me to delve deeply into the study of apologetics. Dr. Future boldly confronted many of the traditional notions of American exceptionalism under the pure light of the Gospel and many of us subsequently repented of our idolatry. They also had a winsome yet probing style that brought forth some illuminating responses from guests. The exposure to so many interesting Christian thinkers inspired me to study, write and research. I think the two them and their guests were instrumental in my pursuit and achieving my Master’s degree in theology. Both Mikes are friends of mine and I know our paths will continue to intertwine. Thanks guys for all the time and effort you put into the Future Quake show, your work inspired me greatly in my own ministry!

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  1. Chris Villa says:

    I have some info to share with you concerning the marian apparitions. I am an ex catholic saved by faith in Jesus Christ. Please give me a call at 602 573-1818. Great show with Steve and Tom!!!