Exo-Vaticana: Giordano Bruno’s Extraterrestrial Diabolicus

By Cris D. Putnam (continued from part 4)
Exo-VaticanaGiordano Bruno (1548–1600) is regarded among extraterrestrial apologists, secular and occult, as a free-thought martyr. Born in Naples, Bruno was a Catholic priest, Dominican monk, philosopher, hermetist, Kabbalist, mathematician, and astronomer. Influenced by Lucretius, his cosmology went well beyond the Copernican model by proposing that the sun was merely a garden variety star, and moreover, that the universe contained an infinite number of worlds populated by intelligent alien beings. Delving deeply into occult lore, Bruno preferred magical to mathematical reasoning. Bruno’s faith has been described as “an incoherent materialistic pantheism.”[1] Moreover, Bruno argued that his beliefs did not contradict Scripture or true religion. Yet, this begs the question: What did he regard as true religion?

Bruno defined magic as “the knowledge of the science of nature.”[2] Within the renaissance worldview, it was common to merge magic and science because both explore and seek to gain mastery over the structure of the universe. Similarly, religion and magic were conflated because both answered the ultimate questions and offered communion with the divine. Accordingly, for Bruno, magic was the tool for realizing the ends of science and religion. While it seems at odds with the cold, hard, materialist posturing we are accustomed to, naturalist scientists are the heirs apparent to many of the occult traditions. Scholars have traced two streams of occultism in Bruno’s work.

Giordano Bruno

Giordano Bruno

Frances Yates, a scholar of Renaissance occultism, traced Bruno’s thought to the fifteenth-century rediscovery of the Hermetic Corpus, a Gnostic work allegedly authored by Hermes Trismegistus (meaning “thrice-greatest Hermes”), who is a syncretism of the Greek god Hermes and the Egyptian god Thoth. In Hermetic lore, Trismegistus is credited with having delivered all science, medicine, and magic to mankind. Yates makes the case that during the Renaissance, hermeticism spread like wildfire across the intellectual West, inspiring a revival of Egyptian magic practice and alchemy. In the case of Giordano Bruno, she writes:

Bruno was an intense religious Hermetist, a believer in the magical religion of the Egyptians as described in the Asclepius, the imminent return of which he prophesied in England, taking the Copernican sun as a portent in the sky of this imminent return. He patronises Copernicus for having understood his theory only as a mathematician, whereas he (Bruno) has seen its more profound religious and magical meanings.[3]

Bruno cobbled the atomist extraterrestrial doctrine together with Egyptian magic, creating a system all his own. Yates writes,

Thus that wonderful bound of the imagination by which Bruno extended his Copernicanism to an infinite universe peopled with innumerable worlds, all moving and animated with the divine life, was seen by him—through his misunderstandings of Copernicus and Lucretius—as a vast extension of Hermetic gnosis, of the magician’s insight into the divine life of nature.[4]

Just so there is no ambiguity as to Bruno’s loyalties, Yates elaborates, “Giordano Bruno’s Egyptianism was demonic and revolutionary, demanding full restoration of the Egyptian-Hermetic religion.”[5] Popular among the Jesuit order, the hermetic writings combine Greek philosophy with Eastern religion. This is an interesting amalgamation paralleling Bruno’s life work in that he contributed both to modern science and to the development of Renaissance occultism.

On the other hand, Karen Silvia de León-Jones rejects the popular view of Bruno as hermetic magus and depicts him foremost as a Kabbalist. Kabbalah, meaning “tradition,” is the Jewish mysticism that arose in the twelfth century by interpreting the Torah according to secret or hidden knowledge. León-Jones concludes, “Bruno is implementing those ‘angelic superstructures’ through which demons are controlled, and this is precisely demonic magic.”[6] He operated in the transcendent realms, seeking to access the plurality of worlds and alien beings in which Lucretius had only dreamt. He seems knowledgeable of the extraterrestrial channelings in Nicholas of Cusa’s Of Learned Ignorance, because he outlined a method of obtaining god-like wisdom through “Kabbalistic Ignorance” associated with “certain mystic theologians” within his dialogue Cabala of Pegasus.[7] Bruno scholars explain, “To achieve this, individuals must resolve the paradox (by employing a Kabbalistic reading of the Cabala) of arriving at that most vile baseness by which they are made capable of more magnificent exaltation.”[8] This is a strange paradox indeed.

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  1. sandy says:

    From the way it sounds, satan has been working on this UFO/ET phenomenon for centuries. I don’t think any of us know how it will all play out but he, no doubt has something BIG in mind.

    More than ever before, it behooves all of us to press in to our relationship with God and to seek Him like we NEVER have.

    What I CANNOT understand is the churches’ deafening silence on the subject. WHY will they not address it? It frustrates me SO much. I’ve tried talking and sending info to different people but they treat you as a kook! I’ve just quit trying. God help them.

  2. sandy says:

    Just listened to Hagmann Report With S. Quayle, T. Horn, and yourself. The Hagmann’s have had MANY excellent shows, but I will have to say I believe this is the best one yet. The three of you make quite a tag-team!
    You made an excellent point about the Rome/Washington DC parallel. That is something that I have put much thought into myself. I’ve wondered about one being the seat of the AC; which is the government side of the beast (DC) and the other being the religious aspect of it. (Rome) If I’m not mistaken, DC is also known as a city with seven hills. I don’t know, but it’s a thought.
    Never-the-less; great show! Thanks to all of you for participating.


    • Cris Putnam says:

      Thanks Sandy.

      • Mr Putnam:
        Listened to your interview on Coast to Coast with George Norry and heard you comment on the possibility of a black pope. This morning on NPR (KPFK?) in the Los Angeles area there was a very short blurb on the fact that “two African Bishops were up for consideration” to fill the bill, as it were.

        Very good call there, thinks you were reverting back to a Nostrodamus concept there.

        I am very interested in interviewing pioneers in the area of Re-Constructing our world view from a mistaken premis of Greco-Western logic and “faith” based primarily on arbitrarily constructed dichotomies.

        Thank you for your presence.

        • john schneider says:

          In regard to the above comment I would like to be notified of a reply if any.

          Again thanks

  3. Henry says:

    I am surprised that people are so surprised by the advent this kind of information. It has been known for many years in various sections of what is loosely described as the ‘New Age Movement’ that ‘Official Disclosure” is an ensuing reality, whereby our ‘space brothers’ or “Creator Gods” will appear at the right moment to ‘save’ Humanity from itself. That moment is fast approaching and it is perhaps no surprise that the Catholic Church is being co-opted as handmaiden for this disclosure (I speak as an ex-Catholic).

    Unfortunately the cost of this ‘saving’ of Humanity will be total and unconditional obedience and abdication of all authority by sovereign individuals and governments to a supreme power. Make no mistake, these beings are fallen angelic forces and do not have Humanities best interests at heart. The period between 2012 and 2017 will see the culmination of an agenda orchestrated before the flood and this is the time to exercise maximum discernment and Krystic judgement.

    Please do not imagine that in the certainties of your Faith that you will be immune to the effects of ‘disclosure’. The Human race is a hybrid race and has been for over 900,000 years since the last incursion on this planet by what are best described as other-terrestial races. Our DNA template does still carry a portion of our original Angelic Human gene code but a large part has been reversed and harnessed to an anti Krystic agenda. Perhaps if you knew the true origins of ‘Jehovah’ (YHWH) and ‘Lucifer’ (not the same as ‘Satan’) you might be a little less ready to steer your understanding through simple faith alone and allow a little more knowledge to guide your judgements. Keep searching and the truth will become clear, and you will find the true God that you think you already know.

  4. I amm genuinely thankful to the holder of this web page who has shared this fantastic article at at this time.


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