Exo-Vaticana: Giordano Bruno’s Extraterrestrial Diabolicus II

By Cris D. Putnam (continued from part 5)
Exo-VaticanaBruno’s interactions with demons are evident in his writings. He wrote in his treatise Essays on Magic,

“One can prove that demons are material and that they are of several different kinds, by the fact that they have emotions, desires, angers, jealousies and similar feelings found in humans, and in animals composed of observable dense matter. That is why the slaughtering and sacrifice of animals was instituted, for these demons are pleased a very great deal by such ceremonies and fumes.”[1]

Indeed he seems to have interacted with demonic entities enough to provide details concerning their bodies: “Although they are spiritual substances, nature has given them a body which is very thin and is not endowed with senses. They belong to the genus of animal which, as was said, has more species than do living, composite and sensory animals.”[2] The thin body certainly brings to mind modern descriptions of wispy alien greys. Nevertheless, Bruno was no abductee. He sought to control and manipulate them by playing one against the other: “Strong invocations and supplications to make the power of the superior overcome the inferior, for example, to banish evil demons by good ones, and to banish lower evil demons by higher ones. These demons are enticed by sacrifices and holocausts; they are frightened by threats, and they are summoned by the powers of inflowing rays of light.”[3] Indeed, the siren song of the occult is the promise of influencing the powers and principalities of this world. Even so, modern atheists consider Bruno their hero.giordano bruno

In his introduction to a modern edition of Bruno’s Cause, Principle and Unity, Alfonso Ingegno writes, “This was a philosophy aimed at liberating man from the fear of death and the gods, pointing the way to an escape from the snares which demons use to catch us.”[4] Accordingly, modern secularists and ET true believers like to portray Bruno as some sort of scientific messiah. In fact, if you would like to read Bruno’s treatise, On the Infinite Universe and Worlds, you will find it hosted on the Positive Atheism website.[5] Another representative example comes from humanist Edward Howard Griggs who, while doting like a schoolgirl, calls him, “a world wandering scholar, a poet soul among philosophers, intense, passionate, disappearing in the dungeons of the Inquisition, emerging only to meet martyrdom, but in whom the intellectual spirit of our time appears three hundred years in advance.”[6] In his book, Great Leaders in Human Progress, Griggs titled the chapter on Bruno, “The Martyr of Science.” Au contraire, he should have been memorialized as a magus. The Inquisition did not doubt.

While visiting Venice, Bruno was betrayed to the Inquisition, jailed, and eventually sent to Rome. Historians are at a loss as to why he was kept in prison for six long years prior to his short tribunal by the Roman Inquisition in 1599. Bruno’s most representative work, The Expulsion of the Triumphant Beast, a satirical indictment of papal Romanism, published in 1584, was singled out during the inquisitor’s summation. According to Gaspar Schopp, Bruno made an ominous overture to the inquisitors, “Perchance, you pronounce this sentence against me with greater fear than I receive it.”[7] This quip earned him a wooden vice for his tongue, silencing any protest as Pope Clement VIII declared Bruno a heretic and issued a sentence of death. On February 17, 1600, in a central Roman square called the Campo de’ Fiori, he was burned at the stake. As an extension of the unholy union of Church and state, the Roman Church is forever besmirched by its capacity for murderous zeal.

Coming next Mount Graham Arizona the Vatican’s Assimilation of the Sky Island.

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  1. iknow 123 says:

    So from what i’ve gathered this is the infamous blue beam project? ok so basically those “aliens” are the antichrist false saviours and the new pope who is the 112th pope the evil dark black one will be in power hmm satanic illuminati scheme catholicism is a scam well we go’n be controlled so ye don’t believe this or you’ll suffer, as the device LUCIFER = satan and ehm aliens are demons(flallen angels, hells angels) so yes ehm this is the work of satan don’t believe it ok byee oh 1 other thing Michael jackson in 2013 said we only got 4 years to make it work and he turned ant illuminati and they killed him then as he knew of the blue beam project a.k.a the famous false rapture of the antichrist(next catholic pope)

    • sandy says:

      Project Bluebeam is holographic. (fake) Do you think they have this observatory so they can watch NASA play with their holograms? How do you explain the writings of some of these people who lived centuries ago before the hologram? Who needs holograms when you’re looking at the real thing? The lie is that they ARE NOT extra-terrestrial; they are extra-dimensional, which puts in the realm of ‘angelic’. If they can appear as an “angel of light”; what keeps them from appearing as an alien ‘grey’, or anything else to appeal to the culture of a people?
      It sounds to me like you have pre-conceived notions about this subject. If you want to get to truth, you have to “dump” ALL pre-conceived notions and try to start from ZERO. Make the Bible the filter you use to screen the knowledge you acquire. If it opposes scripture, TOSS IT.
      But you CAN find truth, I DID. But sarcasm will not get you anywhere! By the way, M. Jackson died in ’09, so how did he say ANYTHING in 2013? Maybe he is alive and touring with Elvis……………..ya think?