Evolution is Scientific Fact? Darwinism is Not!

This video argues that while there is certainly truth to the fact that organisms evolve (microevolution) the whole scale tree of life posited by Darwinism (macroevolution) is more akin to a mythological extrapolation than hard science. Evolution can be defined simply as change through time, and it can refer to anything that changes. Languages evolve; tastes evolve; cultures, art forms, and government bureaucracies evolve. Change over time — the present is different from the past – I think everyone will agree that in this sense evolution does indeed occur. The plethora of meanings of the word Evolution – are frequently exploited by Darwinists. Darwinists pretend to be selling students on “change over time” while they are really peddling Darwinism. While Darwinists have attempted to distance themselves from the term Darwinism, it will show that this fails as well. Darwinism is religious position and it always has been. I originally produced this in two parts a couple years ago that I have combined into one 20 minute presentation since Youtube has extended the maximum video length.

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  1. Carl says:

    Evolution does NOT happen what is observed is adaptation but never the evolutionary progression from one TYPE to another TYPE as defined by Genesis.

    Genetic potential is observed as various animals adapt to environmental conditions. The various ethnic groups within the Human Race is another classic example of adaptation and NO evolution.