Coast to Coast Debut with George Noory February 11, 2013

My Coast debut with George Noory February 11, 2013!

Lightning Strikes As Pope Steps Down!

Lightning Strikes As Pope Steps Down!



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  1. bks says:

    I thought that the Catholic church created Islam. I just happen to believe that the Universal church (Catholism), the Secret Socities, and Islam are all in this together…..and maybe the ppl who call themselves Jew’s that are not….the secular Jews…the Zionist ????

  2. R. Wiesinger says:


    You should read Rabbi David Dalin’s book ‘The Myth of Hitler’s Pope’. I’m surprised with your background that you haven’t heard of Pope Pius’ exploits. As a non-Catholic I can appreciate any individual, including the Bishop of Rome, who saves 860,000 Jewish lives.

    It would behoove any scholar to investigate the other side of the story.

    You did not.

    On page 48 you quote the discredited John Cornwell, and you write on page 49 “perhaps fallen angelic shepherd would have been more fitting”. I beg to differ.

    Perhaps you would like to discuss this in more detail with Dr. Phil Fernandes, also a Liberty University graduate.

    I like your works, but you have disappointed me.

    Pastor Angelicus indeed.

    • Cris Putnam says:

      You probably know more about it than me, I briefly mentioned Cornwell’s book because he is a Catholic who was given access to the private archive. I don’t doubt Pius may have assisted some escaping Jews but the Vatican also helped the Nazi’s escape. Do you know about the Vatican ratlines? The Jesuits are known for historical revisionism and manufacturing documents, after Cornwell -a Catholic himself- accessed the Vatican records and wrote his book, shortly after, amazing new contrary material surfaced… the timing seems dubious, it has the earmark of a Jesuitical white wash. It seems to me the concordants with Mussolini (who paid the Vatican millions) and Hitler are what authenticated both fascist regimes in the eyes of millions to begin with, so I’m not very sympathetic to your stance.

      You say he’s a Pastor Angelicus indeed… Do you think Rome’s system of sacraments, rituals and praying to dead humans has salvific efficacy? Can a false teacher be an angelic pastor?

      • R. Wiesinger says:

        I don’t subscribe to Catholic dogma. I’m a conservative Evangelical Christian, like you; but whatever his faults, Pius should be commended, as anyone who saves 860,000 lives ought to be. Perhaps, I should be more irenic in my approach as I certainly respect and enjoy your works, but I must defend Pius in light of his noble efforts to save Jewish lives.

        Some critics have even attempted to downplay his exploits by attributing his rescue of Jews, especially the children, by ascribing selfish motives via forced Catholic conversions. Do these critics really want to go there? As for Cornwell, he is known as a liberal Catholic with a visceral hatred of conservative Catholicism. He’s not the best or most objective researcher. There are other sources to investigate and other researchers’ works to exam.

        The indisputable fact of history is this: Pius saved Jewish lives.

        That, in and of itself, merits commendation and praise.

        Even from a non-Catholic like me.

        I just hope that Pius really came to know our Great God and Savior, the Lord Jesus, before he slipped away into eternity.

        Chris, I love you and respect you brother, and please forgive me if I came across too harshly. I certainly didn’t mean to convey any animosity. I just want the truth.
        As I said, I do love your work, and your work at this time is more crucial than ever in light of the advent of the final pope, Petrus Romanus (?).

        Please read Rabbi David Dalin’s book, ‘The Myth of Hitler’s Pope’, and then draw your own conclusions.

        Yours in Messiah Y’shua,
        Titus 2:13
        R. Wiesinger

        • Cris Putnam says:

          R. Wiesinger,

          Fair enough, I believe he helped Jews escape and I share your hope that he knew the Lord. Keep in mind that in writing Petrus Romanus I was covering the entire scope of church history in broad strokes so I’m sure to have missed some details. But what do you think about the Vatican helping the Nazi war criminals escape?

          • R. Wiesinger says:

            I would need to see primary and secondary source evidence of the Vatican’s collaboration under Pius’ papal reign with Nazi sympathizers aiding in the escape and protection of Nazi war criminals.

            Throughout the 1940s and 1950s, Jews praised Pius XII for saving Jewish lives. Only after 1963 did the campaign of vilification against Pius begin in earnest. Pius was not only strongly anti-fascist, he was also an equally committed anti-communist, and as such, he was targeted by leftists and various communist organizations. The starting point for the smear campaign against Pius began with the 1963 Berlin premiere of a play entitled ‘The Deputy’, written by a young leftist German writer and former member of the Hitler Youth named Rolf Hochhuth whose play vilified Pius (Eugenio Pacelli) by claiming the pontiff was silent as Jews were being murdered by the Nazi state.

            According to Rabbi Dalin, ” ‘The Deputy’ was fictional, highly polemical, and offered no historical evidence. It nevertheless became a sensation and ignited a firestorm of controversy in the media and among intellectuals.” It’s important for us as believers in Y’shua to understand the following admonition offered by Rabbi Dalin in that theism is constantly under attack by the dominant progressive culture and its control freak statists who strongly desire to “denigrate not only traditional Catholicism, but all of Christianity and even traditional Judaism.” One of the paramount reasons for this, of course, is our belief that G-d Himself is above everything….especially the state, which statist totalitarians despise. The loathe any Standard above themselves. Most secularists and pantheistic monists will succumb to worshipping the state – their Civil Religion – and easily yield to the totalitarian state and the plutocracy, oligarchy or cabal which controls it, but not theists, those committed and devout Christians and Jews who love G-d. We are their enemies, but the Messiah Jesus will prevail!

            Without digressing any further, here’s a sample of many – not all – prominent Jews who have praised Pius XII for saving Jewish lives:

            Albert Einstein
            Chaim Weizmann
            Rabbi Maurice Perlzweig
            Judge Joseph Proskauer
            Rabbi Louis Finkelstein
            Moshe Sharett
            Rabbi Isaac Herzog
            Dr. Alexander Safran
            Dr. Leon Kubowitzky
            Maurice Edelman
            Dr. Raffael Cantoni
            William Rosenwald
            Golda Meir
            Leonard Bernstein
            William Zuckerman
            Rabbi Daniel Lapin
            Jonathan Sarna
            David Novak

            Yours in Y’shua,
            R. Wiesinger

            P.S. Chris, I encourage you sir to continue your work. It seems as if the whole world has entered through some kind of preternatural portal. Ever since we flipped into 2013, something seems to occur every other day! We have truly entered the ‘end-times’!

            Your work in biblical eschatology is needed now more than ever! I look forward to devouring your newest book.

            Continue being ‘The Watchman’.

  3. john B says:

    One must look at both sides of the coin!…..

  4. R.Wiesinger says:

    I have some eschatological talking points to bring to your attention. It involves the passages of Daniel 7:23-25, Revelation 17:12-13, and, in another context , Hosea 6:1-2. If you have time, I’ll share the media source evidence that I’ve discovered and present them to you for your examination. No scholar or prophecy researcher I know has this media source documentation. I provided my research to Dr Phil Fernandes of IBD, and he concurs with my interpretation and conclusions. The source material is both domestic and foreign, and I believe It’s pretty amazing! I want you to hear my position which I promise I will lay out for you….soon. If you find it useful, I can email it so you’re able to make copies for yourself.

    Bro, thank you for your time.

    P.S. I’ve saved your Monday interview with Noory. I listened up to the 50 minute mark but had to close it as I ran out of time. I was almost late for work. LOL! I’ll continue to listen to the remaining broadcast tonight. So far, I love it! Great job! (Hope my wife won’t get on my case. I spend too much time on the computer, she says. LOL!)

    Yours in Him,