Appearing on View From the Bunker Friday

I will be talking with Derek Gilbert about my recent transhumanism research project and my essay on the unholy alliance of Ancient Astronaut theory and 2012 Friday night at 10 PM live on blogtalk radio. After Friday it will be posted here.

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  1. domus domini says:

    Great work, I listened to your most recent interview on PID Radio Network; Transhumanism, Ancient Aliens, and 2012. Of course you realize that your subjects are profoundly disturbing to the vast majority of Christendom. Most try to insulate their lives by neglecting involvement. I have become interested in the “aliens” recently due to some experiences in our family and with colleagues.

    How will we respond as the Church? This is the question we need to prepare for. Christians need to know how they fit in to these new perspectives. These subjects are almost daily shown in the news, on the Internet, TV, books, movies, and radio. We need coherent responses to this last-days movement and philosophy. Keep working and keep producing answers! The Church needs to wake up and hear this and know where to turn and on Whom we must rely. We need to be encouraged and reminded where to look for answers. Thanks for your good work, keep it up. May the Lord direct you with His wisdom to rightly navigate the labyrinths of deception – Domus

  2. D says:

    I listened to your interview with Derek Gilbert as well, and I really enjoyed the discussion… You guys touched on a number of interconnected subjects that I have been thinking about a great deal lately…

    Specifically I thought it was very interesting how you were discussing transhumanism in light of technological advancement, the internet, the “image” of the Beast, and so on… You also mentioned the 2012 issue and how Chris White demonstrated in one of his videos how virtually all of the proponents of the “enlightenment” versions of the 2012 phenomenon are all mediums or backed by mediums…

    The point I’m trying to work towards is this… If we think about how people who are engaged in what they would call “psychic” phenomena, are essentially interacting with the demonic realm, but are choosing to think of it all in “scientific” terms, then we can also see how this general concept can be applied on a number of levels…

    Remember that most of the 2012 new agers and proponents of a coming “enlightenment”, such as David Wilcock, describe a future event where basically everyone starts having all kinds of weird “psychic” experiences. They talk about it being this supposed expansion of “human consciousness” and so on… But what they are effectively describing is a massive, global outpouring of demonization, with a “backstory” that has already been put in place to serve as an explanation… So in the end, it really wouldn’t matter if people regarded it all as a “spiritual” event, or as a scientific or “metaphysical” one. In the end, people would be opening themselves up to and embracing these “energies” as something positive…

    Now if we take that same concept and go back to the discussion you were having about the development of microprocessor capability, the development of “AI” technology, and the attempt to reach that point of “singularity”, then again we can see that once technology crossed a threshold of seeming to be “more advanced” than we as humans could even really keep up with, that again opens another possible scenario of people being enable to interact with the demonic realm, even if they do not believe in the supernatural… As you already stated, the demons are perfectly willing to assume whatever “identity” is most helpful in convincing a person or population to accept their message. I believe this would be just as true if a demon(s) were to assume the identity of an “artificial intelligence”. In fact, I almost think that it wouldn’t really matter if we actually DID reach the technological capability of “AI” or not, so long as people believed that we had… In a sense could be as simple as designing the ultimate digital puppet for Satan to “breathe life into”…

    Just some random thoughts anyhow… Glad I found your site.

    • Cris Putnam says:

      Yes that’s interesting! I was thinking in that line with my speculations about the beast being AI -not that we actually created it – but the spirit of Satan as the proverbial “ghost in the machine” like what you said. Of course Kurzweil and crew would think they achieved the singularity.