Archbishop Georg Gänsewein Opens the Door for the Final Roman Emperor

Something unusual happened today… I ran into Tom Horn at the Post Office.  I moved to Crane, MO and it’s about as close to Mayberry as you’re going to find in 2016.

Cris in Crane

Tom was really excited about a new article posted by the Catholic News Agency. I went home and shared it on Facebook.

Roman Catholic Archbishop Georg Gänswein not only admits Malachy’s Prophecy of the Pope’s is taken seriously, it sends chills down his spine and the St. Peter’s lightning strike when Pope “Glory of the Olive” Benedict retired was viewed as a portent by Pope Benedict, a sign he had made the right choice by stepping down.

It’s a little more nuanced… he wanted to retire, even though we now know he was under pressure by the occult St. Gallen group, the cabal Malachi Martin exposed, self-styled “modernist” Cardinals who wanted him replaced by the marxist liberation theologian Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina. (if you doubt those facts – its all documented with original source documents in The Final Roman Emperor.)