Petrus Romanus Pope Francis Perpetuates the Petrine Ploy

Pope Francis NecropolisPope Francis became the first Pope to descend into the necropolis in order to visit the doubtful tomb claimed for Peter. In ancient Roman paganism, an aedicula is a small shrine. The term “aedicule” derives from the Latin “aedes,” a temple building or house. Many aediculae were household shrines that held small altars or statues of the Lares and Penates. The Lares were Roman deities protecting the house. The Penates were patron gods or household gods. It was proximate to a pagan shrine like this that the bones of Peter were allegedly discovered. But it is not at all clear that the bones originated from there. The tale is quite suspicious. Catholic archeologist, Padre Antonio Ferrua, excavated a vast Roman cemetery that underlies St. Peter’s Square and basilica. According to his 1951 report, the excavations that had begun there in 1939 had unearthed a necropolis and some twenty pagan mausoleums but no trace of Peter. According to investigative journalist Tom Mueller:

“Ferrua and his colleagues had in fact worked with remarkable objectivity: despite intense pressure from the Vatican community, they reported no trace of Peter—not one inscription that named him, not even amid all the graffiti on his supposed tomb. Strangest of all, they discovered that the earth directly beneath the aedicula was empty.”[1]

Frustrated, Pope Pius XII demanded further research by Vatican loyal epigraphist, Margherita Guarducci. She inverted the previous findings, discovering drawings and inscriptions that Ferrua’s team had bizarrely overlooked after over a decade of investigation, including an inscription near the aedicula that she rendered as “Peter is within.” It is dubious that the original investigation reported nothing of the sort and innuendo and accusation still continue.

The grave that is now claimed by the Church to be that of St. Peter lies at the foot of the aedicula beneath the floor. In 1953, long after the initial twelve-year archeological effort had come up empty, another set of bones were found that were said to have been removed without the archeologists’ knowledge from a niche in the north side of a wall on the right of the aedicula. Subsequent testing indicated that these were the bones of a sixty- to seventy-year-old man. Meuller reported:

In the snarl of graffiti on Peter’s tomb she discerned a “mystic cryptography,” with countless coded messages about the Apostle. At length she even produced Peter’s remains. A sampietrino had shown her a wooden box of bones, she explained, which were inside the masonry surrounding the aedicula when the archaeologists first discovered it. Somehow they had overlooked the precious relics, and Monsignor Kaas later tucked them away for safekeeping. Scientific tests arranged by Guarducci indicated that the bones had been wrapped in a cloth of royal purple stitched with gold, and were those of a man of sixty to seventy years and a robust physique—the bones, she argued, of the Apostle.[2]

In other words, these bones were not even discovered at the actual site; rather, they were found in a storeroom and alleged to petrus_STL Correctedhave been spirited away from the site. In addition to the human remains, the suspicious box contained sheep, ox, pig, and mouse bones. Most discrediting, there are no witnesses to place its origin at the site. This level of contamination makes the dubious discovery invalid by scientific standards. Who can say these bones were not simply planted by the demonstrably frustrated Vatican? This appears to be the case. Dr. Robert Beckford, a theology lecturer at Oxford Brookes University remarked, “We found that there is no scientific evidence to support the idea that Peter was buried in Rome, but yet the rival theory has not got out because it challenges the Church. If you undermine its basis for power you undermine the Church. It’s tragic that the faith gets reduced to manipulating the facts and to one Church trying to make itself superior to others.”[3]

Pope Pius XII stated in December 1950 that it could not be confirmed to be Saint Peter’s grave with absolute certainty. However, following the discovery of further bones and an inscription, much later in 1968, Pope Paul VI announced that the relics of St. Peter had been identified.

While there is no good reason to believe the Vatican’s evidence, scientifically rigorous archeological evidence suggests that Peter was not buried in the pagan capital. Over a century ago, a French Christian archaeologist, Charles Claremont-Gannueau, wrote a little-known report, dated November 13, 1873, from Jerusalem to the Palestine Exploration Fund. In this report he told of his monumental discovery. In a cave near Bethany in the Mount of Olives, a group of Jewish ossuaries (stone coffins) from the first century of the Christian era were found. To his great surprise, Claremont-Gannueau found that these ancient Jewish stone coffins contained the names of numerous individuals mentioned in the New Testament as members of the Jerusalem Church. Even more interesting were the signs of the cross etched on several of the ossuaries.

In John’s Gospel, we read, “Now a certain man was sick, named Lazarus, of Bethany, the town of Mary and her sister Martha” (John 11:1; emphasis added). The Mount of Olives was within walking distance of the ancient town of Bethany and the tomb discovered by Clermont-Ganneau contained names which correspond to the names in the New Testament. He discovered inscriptions including the names of “Eleazar” (“Lazarus”), “Martha,” and “Mary” on three different coffins. He also found inscriptions of the name “Yeshua” (“Jesus”) inscribed commemoratively on several the ossuaries. One coffin, also bearing cross marks on it, was inscribed with the name “Shlom-zion” followed by the designation “daughter of Simon the Priest.” Clermont-Ganneau wrote in his report:

This catacomb on the Mount of Olives belonged apparently to one of the earliest families which joined the new religion of Christianity. In this group of sarcophagi [coffins], some of which have the Christian symbol [cross marks] and some have not, we are, so to speak, [witnessing the] actual unfolding of Christianity. Personally, I think that many of the Hebrew-speaking people whose remains are contained in these ossuaries were among the first followers of Christ… The appearance of Christianity at the very gates of Jerusalem is, in my opinion, extraordinary and unprecedented. Somehow the new [Christian] doctrine must have made its way into the Jewish system… The association of the sign of the cross with written in Hebrew alone constitutes a valuable fact.[4]

The French archaeologist realized that there was a high degree of probability that these tombs belonged to the family of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus, the close friends of Jesus. Claremont-Gannueau wrote further, “By a singular coincidence, which from the first struck me forcibly, these inscriptions, found close to the Bethany road, and very near the site of the village, contain nearly all the names of the personages in the Gospel scenes which belonged to the place: Eleazar (Lazarus), Simon, Martha…a host of other coincidences occur at the sight of all these most evangelical names.”[5] Despite its monumental historical importance, this report was mysteriously never mentioned in the newspapers of the day. As a result, it was virtually lost to history.

Several years later very close by on the Mount of Olives, another by archaeologist, P. Bagatti, found and excavated another catacomb holding one hundred ossuaries. Based on inscribed crosses, the Chi Rho symbol, and the name “Yeshua,” Baggati concluded that these were also Jewish followers of Jesus Christ. Coins minted by Roman Governor Varius Gratus (AD 16) proved that these tombs were used for burial of Christians before the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70. The ossuaries contained the following names inscribed on their sides, together with Christian symbols or the name of Jesus: Jonathan, Joseph, Jarius, Judah, Matthias, Menahem, Salome, Simon, and Zechariah. While many of these names appear in the New Testament records of the Early Church at Jerusalem, the most fascinating ossuary was the one inscribed with crosses and the name “Sapphira.” This is a very unique name which has not been found in Jewish literature of the period outside the New Testament passage Acts 5: 1. Luke recorded the death of this woman and her husband when they lied to God and the Church (Acts 5:1, 5–10). “But a certain man named Ananias, with Sapphira his wife, sold a possession…” This very unique name eliminates reasonable doubt that this was indeed the tomb of early Christians.

SimonSimon 2[6]

Of course, the most controversial find of all was a coffin bearing the unusual inscription “Shimon bar Yonah” which is the full name Jesus used in the Matthew 16:17, ironically the favorite proof text of the papists. It seems improbable that a three-term name could refer to any other than the apostle Peter. Compounding a fully intact name with the fact it was found in a Christian burial ground amongst probable New Testament contemporaries from the very time in which Peter lived, the evidence is very convincing. The archeology was also conducted with scientific rigor sorely lacking in the Vatican’s Rome effort. One marvels at the Vatican’s feigned indifference at what is likely one of most important archeological finds in Christian history. This blatant neglect of evidence can only be explained by their vested interest in maintaining the mythology of the papacy.

Unfortunately, the Vatican seems all too willing to deceive its faithful. According to F. Paul Peterson, a Franciscan monk who knew the archaeologist Bagatti:

“Father Bagatti told me personally that three years ago he went to the Pope (Pius XII) in Rome and showed him the evidence and the Pope said to him, ‘Well, we will have to make some changes, but for the time being, keep this thing quiet’.” In awe I asked also in a subdued voice, “So the Pope really believes that those are the bones of St. Peter?”

“Yes,” was his answer. “The documentary evidence is there, he could not help but believe.”[7]

It truly seems that the Vatican has sought to suppress this important archaeological find simply to preserve their legend that Peter was the first pope. Yet right before our eyes lays the greatest proof that Peter was never a pope in Rome. If he had been, it would have certainly been written in the New Testament. The traditions of Peter in Rome can only be traced back to the second century, yet the archeological evidence at the Mount of Olives traces right back to the time of apostles. This is highly suggestive that Peter was never a pope in Rome and Pope Francis is perpetuating the lie of his predecessors.

(This is a brief excerpt from Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope is Here)

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  1. BT says:

    “This is highly suggestive that Peter was never a pope in Rome and Pope Francis is perpetuating the lie of his predecessors.”

    Does this also mean there is no actual “Petrus Romanus”?

    • Cris Putnam says:

      Not sure how that conclusion would follow… but the Catholic claim to apostolic succession from Peter is certainly false as I devoted an entire chapter to arguing in the book Petrus Romanus. That doesn’t change the fact that it is their central claim, just that it is illegitimate which does support our hypothesis that Pertus Romanus would be the *false prophet. In that way, it corroborates Petrus Romanus.

  2. BT says:

    Well, they are good at bringing their lies to life, aren’t they?
    I know that for sure.

  3. John Michael says:

    I was raised in the RCC until I left home at 17 and stayed away from all churches until I confessed Jesus at the age of 29. I’ve learned more about the RCC since I came to be saved than I ever knew as a catholic. The RCC is an abomination and that fact will be proven in the end.
    Chris, I read Petrus Romanus, great writing and research a good collaboration between you and Tom Horn.
    I just ordered Exo-Vaticana, looking forward to reading it. Thank you for your extremely important work to disclose the truth.

  4. Ursula Leo says:


    Thank you so much for shedding ligght on this as nobody else could. I seek the truth and pray it be revealed to those who know not the truth. The catholic religion is deceitful and for so many years I bought their doctrine because as a “believer” i was not to question. Only when i becasme saved did i start to see clearly the inner workings of this religion.

    I will share this with all I can in the hopes that eyes will be opened to the truth. I loved reading Petrus Romanus, it was insightful and honestly written. Of all the sources out there I completely trust you and Tom Horns works. Everything is backed up by the research. Thank you for what you do.

    Blessings in Christ,


  5. Mariel says:

    I believe this information about Peter’s grave near Jerusalem is probably correct. However, I do not believe the Petrus Romanus information connected to Malachy, the Irish Bishop. I don’t believe the prophecy is precise enough to be believed, and anyway, it describes the last pope as a person who nourishes his flock in times of destruction and the end of the Church–not as a bad person. This is probably the last pope (Francis) but he is not Petrus Romanus, as far as I can see. I consider Catholics to be my sisters and brothers in Christ, not pagans. Some of them are pagans but that’s true of any group.

    • Cris Putnam says:

      Mariel – I think you are uniformed on the deceptive nature of Catholicism, they do not preach / teach the biblical Gospel. I suggest you study this.

      • Mariel says:

        Chris, I already know about those detrimental beliefs of Catholics, but they don’t get preached in all Catholic parishes, and what’s more, I find a lot of faulty gospel in the various Protestant congregations I’ve attended over decades, in several different towns. I have found that individual congregations or parishes vary enormously.
        I have found Baptist churches (which should theoretically be pure) teaching Emergent doctrines, and other Protestant churches sponsoring syncretic teachings (even a whole Protestant diocese gone syncretic). The best gospel teaching I have heard has been from two different Catholic priests, and those congregations had the best Christian “fruit”. I cannot find a perfect denomination, can you? If you have, please let me know. I am 80 years old and I expect to die without having found a perfect venue of gospel teaching.

        • hopeful_watcher says:

          It’s not a matter of being anti catholic or pro protestant, but being for the gospel.

          The “perfect venue for gospel teaching” is the word, nothing more, nothing less and nothing else needed.

          Everything else is just fellowship, praise and worship.

          • Mariel says:

            Chris, I have not found a place which teaches the gospel with purity. The Calvary Chapel we went to years ago, in another place, was good on the gospel in most regards. But their emphasis on worldly economic success was astonishing. I have found this true in two Calvary Chapels (not here, they are a poor congregation here, but I can’t go in their building because it has chemicals I react to). Their “fruit” was thus not the best.
            I’ve known priests who taught AND followed the gospel on living modestly (“one cloak” etc. for themselves). They taught the gospel purely although I realize their “Mother organization” had some impure doctrines.
            There is no complete purity in the world? Maybe Calvary Chapel Kaneohe but we can’t all live there.


          • Cris Putnam says:

            There is no complete purity in the world?

            Of course not! Humanity is fallen and sinful. In the church we are all in various stages of sanctification. So complete purity “in the world” is not going to happen until the return of Christ.

          • BT says:

            But you know Hopeful, ” wolves in sheep’s clothing” and all that…they are the ones who put the clever spin on the truth and make it appear to be something it is not.

            With all the ecumenicism and 501C3’s and every other crazy thing affecting churches today, I think we are better off staying home and letting the Holy Spirit do it’s thing without getting side-tracked.

            “Where two or more are gathered in my name,…”

            (Works for me!)

          • hopeful_watcher says:

            Amen to that BT. I was trying to express to Mariel the gospel is found in the word and not in four walls, but you bring up a much more dire truth. And that is that those four walls not only lack the gospel, but they contain danger of wolves. “Come out of her my people” indeed!

          • louthesaint says:

            The problem as I see it with denominational institutions (four walls) is that they have their constitutions (body of beliefs) guarded by a ‘Clerical Authority’.
            When one challenges some doctrinal point of the constitution, the usual reaction by the authority is a ‘prideful stubbornness’ to even consider that there could be some error being pointed out. Oh the dare you question the authority!
            That kind of reaction reveals that the particular doctrine under consideration belongs to Men and not of the Spirit of Truth.
            “Love takes no offence” what is wrong with searching out a matter? Proverbs9:7,8,9

            We often criticise ‘Papal infallibility’ But the reality is that ‘clerical denominationalism’ is as guilty.
            To play God with People is a Sin, Lucifer’s Prideful Whorish spirit seated as the High Queen. The domineering Jezebel of intimidation that kills the humble inquisitor of her errors.

            “Come out of her my People” Wo are His people? Mystery Babylon the whore has marred that identity as well.
            Such is the power that His people face in these End-Days. Who are “My People” ?………

  6. hopeful_watcher says:

    Majorly creepy. The new pope certainly has a flair for the dramatic.

    === clip from Catholicculture (.) org
    Cardinal Comastri added:

    Climbing back up the stairs and having reached the Clementine Chapel, Pope Francis became absorbed in prayer and repeated with a loud voice the three professions of Peter: “Lord, You are the Christ, Son of the Living God”; “Lord, to whom do we go? You have the words of eternal life”; “Lord, You know all things! You know that I love you!” At that moment, we had the distinct impression that the life of Peter rose out of centuries past and became present and living in the current Successor of the Apostle Peter.

  7. Mariel says:

    I am so aware of pitfalls between “four walls” that I suppose I could be underestimating the dangers to be found in attendance at “mass”. Yes, I know there are misleading things there. My whole life, starting with agnostic parents, has been a stumbling-through experience of being misled, including being misled by the horrible New Age vendors whom the late Dave Hunt wrote about. To find the pure gospel is a privilege and I’m grateful to Him who sent it my way.

    • BT says:

      Wherever we find ourselves, Mariel, we who love the Lord can count on Him being with us.

      I don’t begrudge anyone going to a church, or even a Catholic mass. God sees the heart.
      It’s the false doctrines put forth deliberately to blind people that worries me, and I say God will deal with those teachers more severely than those who have been led astray through their own innocence and trust.

  8. Nick says:

    There’s no limit to which Putnam and Horn can trash the Catholic Church. It wouldn’t suprise me if the two of them were Catholic cronies in disguise trying to dupe people with their garbage theories of this or that pope. Just like the Mayan 2012 hoax these guys hang everything on one theory – that the current pope is the last one. I’ll laugh when the next pope is elected.

    This Peter Roman stuff they keep pushing on the radio and books is all designed to bring attention to the RCC which is why I believe these guys are catholics pulling the wool over duped protestants. Go for a walk and enjoy the day and don’t sweat over this. The RC priests I know in my community are hard working people who have a deep faith in Christ. All this pagan-talk from Horn and Putnam is laughable. And the alien saviour side-show – LMAO

    • Cyberpriest says:

      I do not know about MrHorn but Mr Putman is no Catholic. He is a Theologically educated dispensationalist in the lineage of Nelson Darby and Cyrus Scofield

      Dallas Theological Seminary is one of the largest evangelical seminaries in the world, located in Dallas, Texas.
      The seminary was founded by Lewis Sperry Chafer and W. H. Griffith Thomas in 1924. With past presidents including ‘John Walvoord’ and ‘Charles Swindoll’, it has been known for many years as the academic center of (((Dispensationalism))).

      John Walvoord teaches that Jesus is to be the ‘overseer of restored animal sacrifices’ in a rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem when He returns. That the jewish nation will be exalted above all others at that time, and that Gentiles will have a second chance to get saved during the 1000 years of world peace. Yes;That is what a former president of the Seminary taught.

      To avow and teach that there is to be a restoration of sacrificing ‘Bulls and goats’ that has been -abolished – at such cost by God’s dear Son is serious error. Heb9:26 Heb10:4-9 In the light of these scripture it is plain to se that the adherents of dispensationalism contradict the Word of God with their restoration theory.

      Let it also be known That the scriptures say nothing of a third order of Men, intermediate between the unregenerate children of Adam and the regenerated sons of God. The teachings of this doctrinetake no account of the truth that the Jews, like all other human beings, belong either to the First-Adam or to the Last-Adam. They are either in Adam (where all die) or in Christ (where all are made alive)

      “Now this I say brethren That -flesh and blood- cannot inherit the Kingdom of God; neither does corruption inherit incorruption” 1Cor15:50

      • Nick says:

        It doesn’t matter what theological seminary anyone attends but what allegiences they have. Many of the theology schools around the world are either run by or beholden to the Jesuit order. And many of the protestant movements are created and operated by the RCC in order to discredit them. This fellow that Putnam and Horn visit called Stearman – watch his hands for subtle signals of his allegiance. I’m surprised that Horn and Putnam haven;t commented on this or put some miles them. Makes me suspicious of these two. Did you know that the RCC holds the copyrights to ALL bible translations? Even the most cherished protestant versions.

        • Mariel says:

          I feel called to interject an observation here, that this discussion is going further off the rails. For instance,
          you say Nick that the RCC holds the copyrights to ALL bible translations….Even the most cherished protestant versions. You mean like King James Bible, Revised King James? When you say “holds the patents” what country are you referring to, which patent office? You are speaking as if we already have a world government. If anyone holds King James patents it probably is England, where this version was created. Are you implying, then, that England is under the control of the RCC? This is getting wild enough to require some elucidation. I am not a patent lawyer but I do not understand what you are saying. Also, about Stearman making hand signals? Help! Gary Stearman and his show are not one that I watch, as I am not on their particular wave length, but “hand signals”? Signifying what?

          It IS a hard time for everyone, mentally swimming in confusion. Try to be clear.

        • owl says:

          There are no copyrights on the kjv from 1611 nor the geneva from 1599 which in my opinion is more trustworthy than the king james monarchy spin at the hands of the cabalist francis bacon.

          As far as stearman yes i noticed that gesture a few posts back though it could have been accidental. Regardless he is a christian zionist and in that deceived by the masonic spin from 18th-19th century, a period where even the pre-trib rapture nonsense was seeded. On the other hand he is a media host and would lose a huge chunk of his audience if he was disseminating bad news realities of the tribulation we are all going to be forced to go through if we even survive through it.

          As far as tom and cris, they put out valuable pieces of the puzzle related to the RCC considering that the biblical false prophet will more than likely be the pope. Per my sources this has been known by the luciferians over 20 years ago. We shall see.

        • Cris Putnam says:

          This fellow that Putnam and Horn visit called Stearman – watch his hands for subtle signals of his allegiance.

          Paranoid much? No Gary is not a secret Freemason, he is a volunteer pastor of small church and works for free. You should be ashamed of yourself.

          Did you know that the RCC holds the copyrights to ALL bible translations? Even the most cherished protestant versions.

          Utter nonsense. You really need to stop reading conspiracy websites…

  9. Nick says:

    I guess the only people who get their posts pinned on your blog are those who say things you agree with. Selling books is what’s it all about, right? For you aliens, false messiahs and pagan popes is okay but criticism and challenge is just plain not allowed? $10 for your book – sounds appropriate.

    Looking forward to ET and his band of New Age apostles.

    • Cris Putnam says:

      Anyone can post comments to what I have written but links get filtered out. When you load your replies with links they flag for spam. I get too much spam and nonsense and don’t have tome to read all the links. We work hard to write books and graduate school cost me around $40K. “For the Scripture says, “You shall not muzzle an ox when it treads out the grain,” and, “The laborer deserves his wages.”(1 Ti 5:18)

  10. Nick says:

    Yeah but did you do any research into Project Blue Beam? You can google that. You wrote a book on aliens, the anti-christ and religion so you must know about Blue Beam – as part of your working papers for this book. Forget about the ‘links’ my comment is about being informed of the hoaxes, the conspiracies, the truth and presenting something worth buying and reading.

    • hopeful_watcher says:

      Put some pen to paper and write a book that will inform and inspire the world. You seem to have a lock on the truth so I say go for it.

      • Nick says:

        I’m only making comments and asking questions. Or is that something you have a special aversion to?

    • Cris Putnam says:

      We are interested in the supernatural angle not the naturalistic angle. The thing is now everyone knows about bluebeam… it is old news, so I doubt it is in play. What we see is actual unexplained UFOs and the government is sending up jets to chase them and failing, that’s not a hologram.

      • Nick says:

        Well, blubeam is tied to HAARP so I doubt it’s off the books. Usualyy these government projects morph into other things but certinly the spiral in Norway and other strange aerial phenomena are continuiing to happen in addition to Marian apparitions in Africa. So maybe these ‘supernatural’ events are really ‘natural’ or military events?

        • Cris Putnam says:

          Sounds like you need to write your book Nick. I wish you well in your research.

        • owl says:

          Nick, not everything is bluebeam, haarp or elf generated via earthly tech. There is also the occult side which does not need technology to bring about wonders but rather gets invoked via chants, rituals and other methods tied to blood and sacrifices. Expand your research to familiarize yourself with satan’s devices.

          • Nick says:

            No not everything is blue beam or HAARP – I agree. But looking at the supernatural or ‘spirit’ world for answers is attempting to explain one mystery with another mystery. Where does that land you but in a deeper mystery. Let’s look at the real world first then (maybe) look to something else. Although I;m inclined to view UFOs and ‘aliens’ as natural phenomena – we just haven;t discovered what it is yet.

            As Arthur Conan Doyle said: “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth”

          • owl says:

            Not really because if you look at it from the biblical perspective both ufos and so called “aliens” make sense. You are aware of first, second and third heavens right?

            Ufos can be supernatural, holographic and even material antigravity craft per tesla’s work of some 100 years ago. The same can be said of these “aliens” even down to the level of genetically engineered shells for the purpose of deception towards the end times.

            Remember that we in a fallen state limited in our perception cannot solve the mystery and purpose of God’s creation but we can reason with the help of the Holy Spirit to stay on the right track and diffuse the seductions of the devil. If we make it to heaven i am certain a greater mystery will still be present however on a much higher level. The point is to make it there with a clean soul as perversities and sinful nature are not allowed which would only infect high morality and goodness. That is all we really need to know at this point and is basically what the bible teaches.

  11. Nick says:


    If I decode what you’re trying to say it seems to me that UFOs and ‘aliens’ are exactly what Carl Jung said they were – the mind’s projection of fears.

    Your last paragrpah when it’s de-mythologised says:

    Keep in mind that we don’ know everything but we can reason things through and filter out the extraneous nonsense. When we exercise our reason, ignorance is gone. Not to say we’re perfect but reason helps us gain a better understanding of ourselves and our universe. This is what the ancient wisdom traditions are saying.

    • owl says:

      That’s not what i said on ufos and aliens, read it again. But In certain cases it can be argued that it is a projected fear especially amongst those individuals that are natural visionaries. However everything has a source or cause and just because we can conclude from one perspective that it is a projected fear does not mean that it was not induced by some occult tech or evil spirit that plays on our fears.

      • Nick says:


        I know that the belief in evil spirits and demonic entities is something that many people enjoy in their faith however for me, I simply cannot imagine that such beings exist. It would be a horrible world if there were such things as spiritual beings who invade the minds of people and make them do terrible things against their will. I just cannot imagine it . . sorry but it’s something straight out of ancient pagan myths and camp fire stories of the bronze and iron ages where people couldn’t explain bad events that brought bad things to people and the landscape – like floods, diseases, tornados, hurricanes and other natural phenomena. I think the belief in ‘aliens’ represents the new pantheon of devils and demons for people to enjoy in the world of science and astronomy. I think people want them to exist in order to validate their fears and feelings of helplessness in a world on the brink of total war and economic breakdown. It’s easy to blame others and other things rather than ourselves and our own failed societies.

        Today on the news I heard a whole community blame police for failing to intervene in a teenage suicide. No one seemed to blame the victim herself or the parents or the friends but focused solely on the police as if they were supposed to be everywhere at everytime. At the same time we blame police for too much intervention. People tend to project their own failings on others and in the world of organised religion and the modern world, these are demons, devils, aliens and anything – but ourselves.

        • owl says:

          The reality is that we do live in a horrible world masked by a facade of normalcy that is increasingly breaking down. But you remind me of my earthly father who believes in God through the catholic faith who does not want to hear about demons because in reality he is so fearful of the possibility that his mind is always searching for ways like you to rationalize them as figments of imagination. And that’s ok as long as you don’t play around with the occult or engage in heavier sins you will probably not experience more extreme forms of possession that can destroy your life and lives of your loved ones in a very short time. I’ve dealt with possessed people and its anything but an enjoyable camp fire story experience as you think.

          But a more common form of demonic influence is more subtle in nature and typically leads to a confused mind and inability to grasp higher understanding especially biblical as well as suggestive temptations towards sin. Most of us have a few of these demons working us until a pattern in the neural system has been established and our brain has been rewired towards a sinful habit or a destructive addiction. According to neurological research it takes about 35-40 days to rewire the brain. Think about the 40 days Jesus Christ spent in the desert fasting and overcoming the temptation of the devil. Interesting parallel to say the least. I’ve tested this but without fasting and the more time spent focusing towards Jesus Christ and praying these addictions and issues start to lose power and the clarity and peace of mind comes as an amazing side effect. Try it sometimes, it really does work. Perhaps with all the reading and research you have done thus far removing a few doubt blockages may crystalize a new understanding on what we are talking about.

          On a technological note you should be aware that since about the 50s luciferian scientists have developed methods to implant thoughts and voices into our heads remotely. By now they can even deliver visions especially during sleep. If you don’t believe it start by googling puharich and voice to skull technology and take it from there. Speaking of google they have recently announced that they will use this same technology in their upcoming versions of google glasses and eventually through android. But no reason to be paranoid yet because being aware of it puts the mind in the alert mode and is easier to recognize potential thought intrusions that are not your own if you are being targeted. If not it is still useful to know because the general populace is constantly being conditioned towards passivity, confusion and trivial nonsense via their digital devices and brain entrainment. Satan’s favorite devices making his job a whole lot easier since he is not omnipresent. An interesting factoid and some trivia; is it not interesting that the company that first popularized personal computing in early 80s, smartphones and tablets as of recent and to an extent the idea of digital tvs is apple with a logo of a bitten apple symbolizing eve’s satan-induced forbidden bite in the garden of eden, and a fact that it advertised the first ever personal computer for $666, a signature or just another coincidence you be the judge…

          • NIck says:


            Thanks for the information. Well said.

            The 40 days and 40 nights and the Israleite’s 40 years in the wilderness may have some connection to the planet Venus as well – which disappears from the perspective of a viewer on earth for 40 days as it transitions from the morning to the evening star – hence Jesus disappearance into the desert for 40 days?? I don’t know. There are many theories but Lucifer is described as the morning star and he did appear in the desert to tempt Jesus which is when Jesus made his transition to public ministry – after his baptism and sojourn in the wilderness.

            An any rate this caught my eye:

            ” . . . you remind me of my earthly father who believes in God through the catholic faith who does not want to hear about demons because in reality he is so fearful of the possibility that his mind is always searching for ways like you to rationalize them as figments of imagination.

            I’m no more fearful of ‘demons’ or the possibility of demons than I am of leprechuans or the possibility of fairies or pixies. To be fearful of possibilities is completely irrational. As to the Apple logo and the price of $666, it’s obvious to me that Steve Jobs was playing around. The Google Chrome logo is also another 666 symbol – so what?

            What scares me is rush hour traffic and tailgaters.

          • owl says:

            Nick, when society breaks down and it will and the rulers under power of the antichrist instill totalitarianism you will witness the worst of demonic influence gripping your every day reality that it really won’t matter if you believe in demons or not. It will be misery on steroids and a test of faith at the same time.

            Right now it is easy to discount that dreaded reality especially if you live in western society in a comfortable home and all the conveniences are still available but not for long. These conveniences are a trap and it won’t take much for systemic order to turn into total disorder and chaos overnight. Couple that with master deceiver satan convincing the world he does not exist and the infrastructure, laws and occult tech in place to own your body and soul then that rush hour traffic and tailgaters will look more like locusts from the abyss coming through dimensional gates with their reptilian tails or stingers. Interesting how your subconscious already knows what to fear but you don’t see its true message yet.

        • Cris Putnam says:

          I think the belief in ‘aliens’ represents the new pantheon of devils and demons for people to enjoy in the world of science and astronomy.

          Our thesis is that they are the same entities and very much real.

          • NIck says:

            Do you have evidence for that?

          • Mariel says:

            I have a rare born-in illness which precludes fasting. Fasting will always make me ill, not just uncomfortable or balmy, but ill, ill, ill. I wish I could fast.

            I have received some e-mails which point out that the Pope may be a false prophet who will emerge gradually, “as a frog in warm water heated up”. Yes, that is a good point. He may emerge. The information in the Sid Roth video is not convincing because it is segued in a confusing manner. However, the Exo-Vaticana material alone is more convincing, when one sees what the Jesuit astronomers are up to. Good grief! Word-mincers! Far from the gospel! At least from what we see in Exo-Vaticana. I never like Sid Roth because he’s always like this….not a first rate mind. Not a good venue to make thinking people think. A nice man but not a thinker.

          • owl says:

            Mariel, the false prophet is suppose to appear like a lamb on the outside yet speak like a dragon. So far pope francis seems to be presenting a lamb like image of goodness and service but we have yet to hear his words over time. Being a jesuit chances are high he will fit the false prophet role.

            Since you mention frogs who are also mentioned in the book of revelations, there is a connection between gray aliens and frogs as mentioned in the book “Ufo, End Time Delusion” by Dr. Lewis and Shrekhise

            “The sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up to prepare the way for the kings from the East. Then I saw three evil spirits that looked like frogs; they came out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet. They are spirits of demons performing miraculous signs, and they go out to the kings of the whole world, to gather them for the battle on the great day of God Almighty… Then they gathered the kings together to the place that in Hebrew is called Armageddon.”
            – Rev 16:12-19, 21

            Dr. David Allen Lewis & Robert Shreckhise postulate,

            “In Chapter Sixteen it speaks of three alien beings who go forth to deceive the rulers of the Earth. [The three aliens in Revelation Sixteen have an amphibian or reptilian appearance… So here we read about three frog-like unclean spirits… They are not actually frogs, but “like” frogs. Probably that describes their alien features or appearance…”
            – Dr. David Allen Lewis & Robert Shrekhise, UFO: End-Time Delusion, pgs. 46-47

            Their description is of these frog-like entities leading the kings of the earth together, prior to Christ’s return, preparing for the battle of Armageddon.

            My belief is that these gray alien entities are genetically engineered by satanic labs somewhere from frog DNA and some other lifeform, they share numerous biological characteristics with frogs including absorption through the skin.

  12. Nick says:


    In your interview you mentioned that Malachy ‘nailed’ the prophesy concerning Benedict 15 on religion depopulated.

    Have you thought that perhaps a political-social conspiracy so vast and all-encompassing has been unfolding for centuries – maybe millenia – and that those who pull the strings are simply using popes to play out this conspiracy. So that Malachy didn’t predict anything – he presented the conspiracy in code and those in the shadows (Jesuits? Illuminati? Democrats?) are using the prophecies as a script or play-book. Perhaps there is no supernatural explanation at all but a vast political agenda that was written centuries ago and the popes are simply actors selected (not elected) to play their part, while everyone else marvels at the accuracy of the prophecy while those in the shadows have their way with us.

    Perhaps the alien and UFO thing is one huge deception by those power-brokers to dupe people into believing that someone from the stars will arrive to save us from ourselves – while all that’s really happening is the agenda is unfolding as planned and the wizardry of spaceships and thunderbolts from outer space is nothing but technology developed years ago but kept hidden (such as HAARP, President Reagan’s Star Wars system or what have you)

    I tend to go with that explanation before the I go with the supernatural explanation.

    Any thoughts on that?

  13. Nick says:

    owl says:

    Couple that with master deceiver satan convincing the world he does not exist and the infrastructure, laws and occult tech in place to own your body and soul then that rush hour traffic and tailgaters will look more like locusts from the abyss coming through dimensional gates with their reptilian tails or stingers. Interesting how your subconscious already knows what to fear but you don’t see its true message yet”

    First off it isn’t my job to disprove the existence of Satan. The burden of prove rests with the person who makes the claim that it does exist. Otherwise I’d be caught in a continuing loop of disproving the existence of Zeus, Odin, Quetzalcoatl, Krishna, Thor and Balder – along with millions of other gods. So when you say that satan is convincing the world he doesn’t exist and it’s part of a vast cosmic master plan – well . . it just sounds awfully silly because by ‘convincing’ you prove yourself. When people want to convince others they don’t exist they simple disappear from view or do themselves in.

    As to reptiles, locusts, dimensional gates and an abyss . . . what can I say but show me your evidence for these things. Just becasue the bible or some priests in the vatican talk about these things doesn’t make it so. Hindus have their theology, Buddhists theirs and wiccans have theirs – are they all true simply because their holy books say so or their high priests believe it?

    • owl says:

      O ye of little faith confused by doubting demons on a quest to devour never-ending evidence in the visible world chasing shadows of the invisible, circle jerking your rational mind yet unable to humble your intellect just for a moment to realize that higher powers in the supernatural outside of the visible spectrum like the unseen blowing wind influence our finite visible sea of existence.

      All the evidence you need is out there and within, its up to you to connect the dots. But keep in mind that the rational mind will only take you so far. Eventually you will have to step into the mystery and purpose of creation that our finite minds cannot understand like what came first the chicken or the egg scenario and why.

      Hindus, buddhists and wiccans all recognize the supernatural and evil spirits yet you seem to research all these historical belief systems on one end and earthly conspiracies on the other yet cannot answer a simple question on where you think the evil intent originates from.

      Until you figure that out, doubts and con-fusion will have the best of you, and you will never understand the greatest conspiracy of all time. I think its time for you to raise above the political-social conspiracy theatrics.

      • Nick says:

        Hey owl . . . good on ya mate. I like your sense of humour and your imagination.

        Sometimes I wish I had your faith. But then I wake up.

        It seems to be self-satisfying to validate one’s own failings by blaming others or phantasms of the imagination. I’m not dodging your question. As I said earlier human bings tend to blame others for their own failings. Even the garden of eden story has Adam blaming Eve and then Eve blaming the serpent. People pass the buck when they’re afraid. But you want to create and personify an image of evil in order to point to it as the soruce of evil.

        Isn’t that idolatry – to worship he image and not accept the reality that human are imperfect creatures. People make misatakes (sin?). There’s no beast but the one living in your own head. When you set aside the images you see the reality. And BTW I’m not asking only for visual evidence but all the senses. It’s through our senses that we form mental images.

        The image of the beast is between our ears . . . . not out there somewhere else.

        • owl says:

          Yes you are right, the beast is within us but that is only part of the equation as it is also out there through others and their works. Its all around us and within us at the same time.

          I have my down days attacked by doubting demons and having faith of the unseen was never ment to be easy but through prayer and even internal commune you compose yourself and trek ahead. You know that saying what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger likewise with this process, you fall you get up and walk stronger ahead. Listen to that internal sense of innocent and honest reason, its the only connection channel that cannot be sabotaged by demonic influence and earthly social conditioning by the agents of the antichrist all around us.

          So its not really about us placing blame on the evil force but rather to overcome its temptations and sidetracking attempts away from the Father. But to do so its modus operandi needs to be recognized and accept that most of its efforts are originating from the supernatural trickled down directly at us or through societal norms and furthermore peer pressure. In the end its a test of faith, the same test that Jesus Christ took during the 40 days in the desert. Did he not say to one of the apostoles, you have seen me after ressurection and thus believe, blessed are those that have not seen me yet believe. There is a very profound meaning behind those words when you contemplate them.

          In a greater scheme of things of God’s ways, satan and his evil has a purpose otherwise he would have been removed a long time ago. But we are in a fallen imperfect state given free will to choose our ways and consequential destiny prophesized for the end times. Its quite simple to understand actually but the tests and trials are the difficult part.

          • Nick says:

            I agree and have no problem with any of that. I don’t use mythical language about demons, high priests, angels and deities but the overall conclusion is no different than mine – people make mistakes and transcend them when they recognise their misplace. Others create images of a supernatural realm that is drawn from the imagination and the need to place blame for evil….. and credit for good.

            Why would anyone expect the RCC not to encourage the Petrine lineage – even if it’s fake? We’re talking superstition here not the real world! All this beast-talk, satan chatter and the false prophet, is pure comic book hero stuff where the good guys and the bad guys duke it out for turf and power. And guess who’s in charge – the God Father . . . . Mr. Pope himself.

            BTW it’s a comedy not a documentary.

          • owl says:

            What is comical is that some still fail to acknowledge the existence of the supernatural yet science keeps on proving it in the depths of quantum space research. Furthermore they fail to see that rulers of yesterday and today have been busy designing the so called “real world” with bridges to the supernatural through architecture, technologies and social conditioning. So are these rulers insane or just closet addicts to the so called myths, end-time scenarios and wild imaginations or do they know something and are following a sinister plan you be the judge. My bet is on the words of Jesus Christ “my people die for the lack of knowledge” and the scenarios in the book of revelations.

            But i suppose that saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks will most certainly apply here.

  14. louthesaint says:

    Nick,owl; I believe that you are both expressing truth. The spiritual to a degree bares upon the natural, specifically in high places (the corridors of religious and political powers) there are evil powers behind Feminism, gay rights, abortion and yes the manifestation of UFO’s.

    ‘Have you thought that perhaps a political-social conspiracy so vast and all-encompassing has been unfolding for centuries – maybe millenia’ The Apostle Paul called that the “Mystery of iniquity” 2Thes2:7 a ‘conspiracy’ is a secretive plan. a ‘mystery’ is something hidden.

    I would take this a step further and say that this political-social conspiracy is under the mantle of Religion this is symbolically represented in ‘Mystery Babylon’ Rev17:3

    As anyone considered the possibility that such things as alien abduction occur within the ‘mind of occult suppressed individuals’ seeing that the effects of the abducted individual exhibits the same psychological trauma’s of demonically oppressed and possessed people.

    As to the “three frog-like spirits” rather than looking at them as aliens/demons, I tend to view them as the three anti-christ religious-political powers of Zionism, Mohamedism and Apostate christianity.
    All of these three systems have their roots and in Abraham, from which lineage came “The seed of promise Christ” Gal3:16
    Are not these three Religio-political systems in opposition to Christ and His Gospel? Are we not presently seeing these three systems involved in a spiritual Armageddon?
    We ought not forget that the real battle in essence is the enmity between the serpent/satan, his seed and the woman/church and her seed Gen3:15

    • owl says:

      You can take this conspiracy as far back as the garden of eden and base it on the conflict between the seed of the woman and seed of satanically empowered bloodline through cain or even further back since the fall of the angels or lucifer’s rebellion. Either way its a conflict that has been partly hidden for thousands of years but there are enough clues to put together a reasonable picture on what it means and that its as real as it gets.

      As far as alien abductions, i agree that its strongly tied to the mind, occult and is demonic in nature. However there may be some physical cases by black projects using technology most of us are not privy of. There is evidence out there of actual implants and almost surgical like cuts and bruises on targeted individuals. Its difficult to understand how all that works not being able to perceive from a fourth dimensional perspective.

      Interesting view on the three frogs, you may actually be right. All three of those powers/movements are the result of failure to understand the purpose of God’s plan coupled with satan’s diversions. There is even some evidence that islam and zionism are creations originating from the vatican like apostate christianity by default. Satan always leverages earthly powers as tools but so does God. In the end its up to us to recognize and choose wisely whom to support.

      • Nic says:

        Hey owl . . . that sounds like a good script for a movie from Marvel and the mind of Stan Lee

        • owl says:

          If we are living in the end times to which numerous signs are pointing to then we are about to live through a movie with most bizarre aspects of horror, drama and science fiction that hollywood can only dream of producing. Reality tv is quite popular these days is it not?

          • Nick says:


            Your comment above in another post: “What is comical is that some still fail to acknowledge the existence of the supernatural yet science keeps on proving it in the depths of quantum space research”

            You’re pretty funny owl. Here we are talking about the last pope, the end times, the petrine ploy, locusts, satan, frogs and the abyss and you’re implying that these are somehow provable through quantum physics.

            And I thought the stars being god’s sperm was a laugh.

          • owl says:

            Science concludes that laughter helps improve longetivity of physical life and since i am assuming you are in senior years being a grandps per another post, it is more than likely that your comical perception of the scenarios at play are driven by your subconscious to help you await the moment where all the evidence you now fail to perceive will slam you right in the face. Even God has a sense of humor and is known to shatter limited perceptions of doubting thomases.

            Grab some popcorn and prepare for the show with plenty of butter for fluidity in digestion and don’t forget lots of salt to help preserve yourself and get those neurotransmitters working optimally in a sea of insanity.

  15. Nick says:

    I think you watch too many doomsday movies and read too many books about the end times. Why not focus your attention on right here and right now. Will there be more wars? of course. Will there be bad times for lots of people – there is right now. The majority of the human population is stuck in poverty and poor living conditions. 10s of millions of people are starving. Insead of giving them bibles and stories about a devil and his horde of losers coming to get us- give them some food and water.

    All this bogey man stuff can be averted if the message you and others bark out – were more positive.

    • louthesaint says:

      If I may interject; (The majority of the human population is stuck in poverty and poor living conditions. 10s of millions of people are starving)

      years ago, at a youth convention I used this little play on words to drive a point home to some young people.

      S = something
      I = in
      N = nature

      It does not matter how much food or water we have and can give away to those in need the facts remain that “All Die” because of Sin.
      Death is not something tangible yet it is a reality which man has no power eradicate. Gen2:17

      We are told by the Apostle paul that “The wages of Sin is death, but the free gift of God is Eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” Rom6:23
      Christ therefore, is the remedy provided for us all, but with great a cost to Himself.
      This is something that the natural mind cannot comprehend 2Cor4:4

      Yes it is good to give to the needy the basic necessities of life, But more importantly it is the “Bread of Life” which we all need, without which the suffering is eternal. Rev20:15

    • owl says:

      Funny you say that cause when i used to watch doomsday movies on occasion in the 80s and 90s they never affected my outlook in real life yet today when i don’t watch tv or movies i see yesterdays hollywood doom creeping into real life.

      You seem to think that the current situation in the world is accidental and probably believe that we are also a cosmic accident per evolutionary theory. That’s fine, enjoy your shock and awe in the near future. But remember noone has ever reached a true positive state without the pains of growth and lots of wisdom built upon testing and trials.

      If you want a positive message and fail to see the greatest positive factor here then i suggest you go to one of the numerous new age channels with all their love, light and aquarian golden age fluff.

      • Nick says:

        LOL new age . . . bunch of shyte in my opinion. On that I totally agree.

        People ask me – do you believe in evolution? Of course not, I understand the theory but I don’t ‘believe’ in it any more than I ‘believe’ in the theory of gravity. I get the theory which in my view is our modern myth of creation.

        BTW wisdom is not superstition – they’re polar opposites.

        You’d be surprised what my beliefs are.

        • owl says:

          Observing your responses i think you are confused in what to believe and default to hard line scepticism each and every time. A reasonable amount of scepticism can be healthy but you seem to overdose on it.

          Like I said in another post, expand your field of research, start connecting the dots and you will realize that what you call superstition and myth for that matter is based on reality or real events as in the real world and not just figments of imaginations & folk tales of bored village grandmas around a camp fire.

          Its a process, it takes time to digest and get it before you can move to another level if you are open minded of course. I intentionally avoided some related topics cause i knew they would fly right over your head.

          • Nick says:

            Thanks for the diagnosis Herr Professor!

            I actually do agree that the occult is deeply embedded in how we organise institutions and that world politics is the public facade of deeply disturbed groups and secret societies whose hidden agenda is take over our lives and control the flow of wealth. They pretty much worship the figure of Lucifer not as a real being but as a state of mind. Religions are formed around the god that the tribe usually identifies with the most. In this case it isn’t God the Father but the character of Lucifer who fell from grace. just as humans fell from eden.

            A statue of Prometheus greets every visitor to Rockefeller Centre in New York – the god who was cast aside for stealing fire from the gods and teaching mankind to think for itself. In my view the RCC is a public facade for deeply occultic rituals and secret initiations. Everything is secret at the Vatican – why?

            If I sound sceptical in the extreme it’s because of the topic – superstition. I don’t go around like this in my everyday life – just in debate. After all healthy discussion is good for the soul. It’s doesn’t always need to be polite and affirmative – but challenging and insightful.

          • owl says:

            That’s a good start. And with that belief you do realize that the conspiracy has been existent for a long long time, since the foundation of the world. Now apply some logic to figure out why these secret societies and disturbed groups are really disturbed and is it really wealth they are after. And why rituals and who or what do they envoke in the initiations and rituals.

            Its not about money or gold cause they own and control it therefore when you apply the biblical perspective and deeper study of the occult you realize they are really after souls. But they are apparently human in the shadows, super-rich and have it all so why would they care about something like human souls? Well that’s where the fallen angel & alien deceptions come into play and we are back in the bible again that pretty much explains the whole story. So in essence these deranged groups and secret societies, illuminati bloodlines or whatever you want to call them are all tools of evil powers and principalities in heavenly places to deliver souls for their agenda while Jesus Christ is a saviour of souls from this fallen agenda.

            The deceptive mystery actually goes off planet through saturn/satan/chronos and on to sirius but its a bit mind blowing to discuss at this point.

  16. Nick says:

    OK you lost me with that last paragraph although the Saturnian myth was well grounded in the Roman empire of Jesus’ time (Saturnalia – which became Christmas later on) I’m not sure what you mean by ‘deceptive’ mystery or what Sirius has to do with anything we’re talking about.

    At any rate, I agree that some sort of nefarious conspiracy has been at work for a long time and in fact Jesus confronted the cabal in his own time – represented by the pharisees or the high priests of the temple. I see no difference between those and the high priests of the vatican in today’s world or any rigid system of religion western or eastern. These are the power brokers and guardians of the temple secrets. They use money as a vehicle for the enslavement of the masses. I mentioned in another post the 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz . . . this is the metaphor for the temple, the power brokers and money. Interesting that this movie came out shortly after the US government declared bankrupcy in 1933. In the original novel from the 19th century Dorothy wore silver slippers but in the movie she was provided with ruby red slippers – any guess as to why?

    • owl says:

      I really don’t want to go into saturn/sirius connection at this point cause its deep and confusing. But it is a part of the ancient conspiracy to be played out in the end time biblical deception. To be honest i don’t yet have a decent grasp on it to summarize it in a paragraph.

      I totally agree that yesterday’s pharisees are no different then todays priests and pastors for that matter. They mostly follow the traditions of men and everything else is for show. If Jesus was to arrive today like he did two millenia ago he would get crucified into a mental institution in any city of the world ironically by most of the so called church goers. That is why the antichrist or the jewish awaited messiah is going to be the one a modern society can relate to with all the magnificent fluff and very little condemnation towards their satanic pseudo christian lifestyle at least in the beginning before they realize they fell into a deadly trap.

      As far as wizard of oz, I am not sure what ruby red is suppose to signify since i rarely pay attention to illuminati hollywood symbolism although it can be useful sometimes. I know that particular movie like most others has been dissected to minute pieces to determine the symbolic message of the times.

  17. Nick says:

    Interesting about Jesus being crucified if he were to return to today’s world. There’s a chapter in Dostoyevsky’s novel The Brothers Karamozov in which Jesus returns. He is celebrated and adored by the masses but becomes a threat to the Roman Catholic establishmment. The grand inquisitor has him executed.

    Concerning some of the fluff and new age junk-food coming out of the Vatican and so-called ‘pastors’ like Joel Osteen who preach personal prosperity over personal salvation . . . listen to the language he uses and the theosophical code words. In Ratzinger’s encyclical Caritas in Veritate, he addresses his thoughts to “all people of good will”, Good Will is an expression used in theosophical publications straight out of Alice Bailey and the Lucis Trust. It’s their buzz word along with ‘World Goodwill’. You can google that.

    Was Ratzinger making a connection to the new age philosophy of Alice and Foster Bailey? I think so. After all the Vatican has no good will toward the protestant ‘heresy’ and protestants in general. The council of Tent speaks volumes on the ‘good will’ of the Vatican toward dissent. The Jesuits were formed as the soldiers in a counter-reformation – as you know – and now a Jesuit pope sits in the Vatican. The reformation celebrates 500 years in 2017 – something interesting should come out of that anniversary.

    • owl says:

      You know why the theosopists and the possessed baliey picked up on that “will” buzzword, cause it represents lucifer’s delusions where he said in his heart:

      I will ascend to heaven; above the stars of God
      I will set my throne on high
      I will sit on the mount of assembly in the far reaches of the north
      I will ascend above the heights of the clouds
      I will make myself like the Most High.’ But you are brought down to Sheol, to the far reaches of the pit.

      in relation to this “will” some have made a connection that the upcoming antichrist will arrive from the merovingian bloodline such as prince william (will I am) and that would not surprise me at all knowing the thinking of deranged secret societies such as the priory of sion and their story lines along the line of davinci code. I bet satan’s favorite earthly tool jacob rothbones is busy on the final touches funding some dna splice work to empower the body of a zionist messiah with supernatural occult capabilities as a fit extension for lucifer to do his magic of signs and lying wonders from satan’s earthly counterfeit of biblical israel that happens to be cursed since the crucifiction. And that you mention 2017, it also marks the end of israel’s 70 years since inception, actually 2018 if going by official UN creation, certainly a period that other signs are pointing to.

      What can i say about the preachers of today other than they are mostly all satan’s little helpers leading the sheep to the slaughter not much different than the plot from the movie “The Island” from 2005.

      • Nick says:

        Prince William is just some spoiled rich kid. He hardly has the leadership skills to pull off world domination. And his father Charles is one of the biggest hypocrites on the planet – telling everyone to reduce their carbon footprint and use less stuff while he flies around in personal jets and lives in 40,000 square foot mansions with loads of dutiful servants. I don’t think anyone will be duped by these flunkies – royalty or not.

        I’m not at all sold (yet) on this idea that the anti-christ is a single person. The new testament has more references to the ‘spirit’ of anti-christ than a single person as ‘the’ anti christ. And even then these are likely references to the time of the writing of the book of revelation or even earlier as a reflection of the hard times of first century Palestine and the Roman oppression, than some far off distance time in the future. If anything the pope is more qualified in this as he uses the title Vicarius filii Dei – the substitue of God

        • owl says:

          I agree but there are a lot of occult connections to make a merovingian a possibility. Obviously right now in this status quo it would be an extremely difficult sell just like disclosure of aliens without any shocking proof for the world to witness. However in time of engineered chaos when the populace is desperate or during world war 3 per albert pike’s vision/plan it is much easier to bring about a saviour that the populace will suck up to. Add to this occult demonization of the chosen one and some supernatural powers and just about anybody can be a chief antichrist.

          I think the pope at most can fit the role of a false prophet, perhaps some centuries ago a pope would have been the right fit but right now vatican needs to work on its image and unification of other religions basically what john paul the 2nd started. The apparitions of mary will probably help in this unification as the queen of heaven meme can be found in eastern religions as well.

          I just think that this may drag for some time still but it certainly look like its cooking. Noone really knows how it will play out not even those antichrist freemasons communing with familiar spirits doing their great work behind the scenes preparing their doomed antichrist kingdom. It will happen when God allows it to happen, even satan can only do what God allows him to do.

          • louthesaint says:

            It will happen (play out) when God sends the “strong delusion” 2Thes2:11

            None shall escape this -strong delusion- except The “Israel of God” (those sealed by His Spirit in Christ Jesus) God’s Holy remnant saved by Grace through Faith.

            The “strong delusion” is the giving over of those who refuse the “love of the truth”
            The truth is the everlasting Gospel of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ which is preached to the ends of the earth “then shall come the End preceded by the final apostasy wherein the image of the beast is made manifest!

          • owl says:

            What i am seeing is that we are already living in a delusion although its not strong yet as it will be during tribulation on all fronts but rather more subtle on foundational biblical beliefs.

            There seems to be a behind the scenes movement for some time already to weave modern christianity and catholicism for that matter into judaism and its babylonian/egyptian/sumerian traditions of freemasonry and the worship of strange gods and an attempt to associate the jewish awaited messiah (biblical antichrist) with the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ preparing the sheep in effect for a luciferic initiation and the mark that freemason albert pike was so kind to reveal to us.

            This is basically satan’s counterfeit to God’s plan for the end with a focus on earthly jerusalem for 1000 years with a rebuilt solomon’s temple and probable occult emanation of the energy of solomon’s satanic seal to their marks on their right hands or forehead after the initiation.

            Basically what is quite possibly coming is talmudic slavery on steroids. Notice how many obvious crypto jews are in key position of publishing houses, media, tech, finance, politics and just about any industry key to the infrastructure of global society, ideally positioned to mold the views and ways of the global populace. And notice how many priests and pastors are parroting a twisted story of the end times that is not really what is written in the book of revelations in context to everything Jesus said in all parts of the bible. Which leads me to conclude that there are either tons of plants within congregations masqerading as christian pastors just like the catholic church being littered by jesuit freemasons. in effect they are agents of the brotherhood of the snake, and some just deceived or have no balls to stand for obvious truths that can be found in the bible by even a child willing to read it.

            So the trick is to recognize these, expose them and remove yourself from their trickery and poison asap.

          • Nick says:

            I don’t know about monsters, aliens or demons – as actual entities. I’ve never seen, heard or felt any nor have any of my family, friends or co-workers. In fact I don’t know anybody who has. It’s never in the papers on the news or on the street that I can tell. It’s only in the movies and talked about in a religious context arising from books or people passing on stories from others.

            Anyway I think people in high office act out a role and maybe this anti-christ (if it’s a person) will be acting out a role for an organisation behind him. Freemasons? I doubt it. They’re a fellowship of men who give to charity. Perhaps there are evil people who happen to be masons but I doubt the mason organisation is designed to be evil. Masons were actually behind the French and American Revolutions – both good things from what history tells us. But then again history is written by the victors not the losers.

            I don’t know about the jews either. They seem to get the rap for a lot of things but I would say that the jesuits are definitely behind evil jews and probably evil muslims too. The Rothschilds are the vatican’s bankers so they’re likely controlled by the jesuits. But I don’t know. All I know is what I read.

            I agree with your comment about pastors. It seems that after 9/11 the protestant community of pastors and preachers sold out to the new age junk that everyone should be happy, be ‘little gods’ and drive big cars and forget about the hard ass preaching of the gospel and the message of Jesus. No one seems to want that anymore. All they want is ‘prosperity’ and every day to be a friday.

            It’s Chritianity on weed

    • owl says:

      Nick, do you really think there is any difference between jesuits, freemasons, knights templar, illuminati, crypto jews, zionists and numerous secret societies and orders? No, they are all conspirators since time immemorial who desire a moment of fame at being godlike and being worshipped by the masses. We have for example british & scotish zionist lords walking the planet, should we bow to these earthly bloated fools?

      Spiritually they all resonate to lucifer’s insanity and are predominantly descendants of cain. They worship satan in his numerous idolatrous forms across cultures & regions and through magical rituals of the kabbalah and hermetic sciences they attain power to blind the society with their sorcery not excluding required blood sacrifices every so often. But publically they are politically correct christians, jews, atheists, scientists, fathers, mothers and so on all living and supporting a lie.

      Don’t be fooled by freemasonic charity. They only give when it meets their great work agenda towards the antichrist kingdom so they can disseminate poisons to society and flash their occult symbolic junk. Sure there are plenty freemasons on lower level who have no clue what the order is really about but are motivated to join for personal gain and networking just like frats in college. These are useful idiots and serve as a buffer from public scrutiny to see the darkness of the agenda at the core of higher levels.

      Jesus addressed these hypocrites when he spoke to the pharisees and intellectuals of the day calling them a generation of vipers and a synagogue of satan, and full of dead bones & wickedness below their pretty facades, no different today.

      Lou, i wasn’t aware that some of those circles go the level of blood sacrifices again, talk about pure insanity. Of course i don’t believe the rule from earthly jerusalem for a millenium because if it were so then Jesus would have never said my kingdom is not of this world and that he goes prepare a mansion in heaven. I think all those circles are being setup for a major blood sacrifice; you live by the sword you die by the sword, you live by sacrificing bulls and goats you die by being a bloody sacrifice.

      I don’t believe in a pre-trib rapture either and that is another deception per what i see, who knows maybe even a mass abduction to oblivion as part of the strong delusion of those that are really in heart of hearts escapists and feel like they are entitled for an easy way out. On top of it if Jesus had to go through testing in the desert to overcome the temptation of the devil then so do we through the tribulation. Those that endure till the end are found truly worthy. God has his ways to protect the ones written in the book of life even supernaturally but they will still have to go through the difficulties no matter how doomy they appear.

      • Mariel says:

        I believe the rapture is primarily for the purpose of evacuating the pure in heart from the delusions you speak of, Owl, Lou, and others. Science has found ways to force the agreement of minds. To avoid this, God will evacuate those who love Him. As for the Millennium, I can’t understand it very well, either. It is said to be a time of sifting again, to see who really is God’s. But not much is written about it. It is pretty preposterous to think God will protect a remnant in a wilderness during the tribulation. Of course, God CAN do this, so it is possible, but seems far fetched, since Heaven is available and Jesus has been building homes for us there. The scientific technology of the last days will not allow “pockets” of believers to exist. Of course, God CAN protect in the wilderness, He can do anything. I just know that we are so deluded NOW that we definitely need an escape.
        Like about now? Delusion is pretty far gone, it’s birthpangs are pretty severe.

        • owl says:

          Mariel, the problem is that none are pure in heart, we are all in effect sinners more or less. We may even think we are pure per human standards but those are not God’s standards and certainly not what is required of higher heavenly realms of purity. Even Jesus said none are good but the Father in heaven. That is why we have to go through the fire trials. So that this evacuation does not happen until the end of the tribulation is something that is supported by many verses in the bible in comparison to pre-trib arguments that are really based on a mistranslation started a couple of centuries ago.

        • louthesaint says:

          Mariel, there would not need be a strong delusion iF christians were not to be present.
          The delusion comes upon those that love not the truth 2Thes2:10,11 That would mean that there are those present who do love the Truth. In the same way, there would not be the Apostasy unless there be the Faith upon the earth from which fall away 2thes2:3

          we will be taken up when Jesus comes to slay the lawless one 2Thes2:8
          Nowhere in scripture do the Apostles teach that Jesus comes twice at the end 0f the age. He comes once to “judge the Living and the dead” Jn5:22 Acts10:42 2Tim4:1

  18. Nick says:

    Interesting you mention ‘strange gods’. I was given a book as a gift years ago called Judaism’s Strange Gods – I can’t remember the author. This book talks about the talmud and the babylonian religion and how the talmud was written during the babylonian captivity and the myths that the jews incoporated into the talmud, beyond the biblical books in the old testament. It’s the oral talmudic traditions that Jesus confronted when he spoke to the pharisees as vipers following the ‘traditions of man’ . . . these traditions being placed above the word of god.

  19. louthesaint says:

    owl; you said, (This is basically satan’s counterfeit to God’s plan for the end with a focus on earthly jerusalem for 1000 years with a rebuilt solomon’s temple and probable occult emanation of the energy of solomon’s satanic seal to their marks on their right hands or forehead after the initiation)

    This is what is being taught in most Evangelical, Pentecostal, Messianic circles except for the fact that Jesus is going to ‘kick out the antichrist and rule the world of sinners for 1000 years from that temple with the restored sacrificing of Bulls and goats.. I take it that you disagree with this. it seems that the most comply with what you call satan;s counterfeit.

    Nick, the ‘Jewish encyclopaedia’ also acknowledges what you are saying as the source of the Talmud being the ‘Babylonian captivity’ and most christians are not aware of it and blindly support the Zionist cause.
    The deception is deep.

  20. owl says:

    Nick, in that book you mentioned is yhwh mentioned as one of those gods?

    That the deception is so thick and deep is an understatement. Here is an excerpt of an interesting piece that may help shed some light

    As we know, it was only a few years after their “conversion?” that the Edomites had taken over Jerusalem, the Temple, the region politics with their own Herod as king, and the economy. The Edomites would have been right at home with Babylonian Talmudic Phariseeism and may have already held that practice before they took over Jerusalem. That religion had a mystic branch of kabbalistic magic. The sacred name, YHWH, was a key to their magic. As legend has it, the sacred name of a deity is so powerful that the person who knows it then has the power to use that name to command the deity to grant his wishes. Of the fifty four sacred names in the Jewish kabbalah, the primary one is YHWH. For the Edomites who had taken over the Jerusalem Temple and its religion, YHWH was a deity they had long worshipped as a part of their Pagan religion. Paganism was actually started by Cain, himself, and it stayed pretty much with the Cain race until spreading into Greece and Egypt and Italy. That Pagan mother-goddess religion was prevalent throughout the entire mid-east, each group having its own names for the deities. It is likely that the name YHWH was used by Edom, along with Syria and Moab and perhaps some other close neighbors.
    The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel never used any personal name to distinguish Him from any peers because He had no peers. Therefore, no personal name was ever needed. The only name He gave for Himself was “I am,” which indicated that He is to be identified with all existence. The Greek Septuagint Old Testament of 285BC never used any sacred name for God, nor was such ever mentioned by other ancient writers such as the Israelite historians, Philo, and Josephus, or the later Eusebius, or even the Jewish Aristeas the Exegete who wrote his commentary on the Greek Septuagint. The word did not appear in any Old Testament text until the Masoretic Text of 1000AD!
    h ttp://

    Add to this that Jesus always referred to the Father in heaven without naming a yahweh and that the old testament is filled with a tremendous amount of blood sacrificing but to whom? Is it to the murderer since the beginning, the father of lies that Jesus referred to in the temple while adressing the pharisees, in other words to satan masqeurading as a god to these tribal jews that have brought babylonian pagan rituals to destroy the good isrealite seed…

  21. Nick says:

    Zionism is a political movement not a religious one. There are many jews who do not support zionism. I dont know that ‘most’ christians support zionism either. Certainly there are pastors like Hagee who openly espouse zionism as if it were God’s intention. But this isn’t true and that form of christian zionism is led by judas goats who would sell out america and send amercian troops to fight proxy wars for zionist ends. It’s appalling. But I dont see zionism having anything to do with true judaism nor is the talmud based on Mosaic judaism of the torah. Just as Christ’s message was perverted by the RCC, the jewish message has been perverted by zionism.

  22. owl says:

    The reality is that true judaism of yesterday has the same paganistic perversions embedded into it like the RCC today. In other words truths mixed with ritualistic worship of satan under the color of religious icons of the time carefully twisted to deceive the believers.

    Yes, zionism is political based on the failures to understand the spiritual aspects of heavenly sion that is not of this world. And jews claiming to be the god’s chosen is in fact true but their god is yhwh, a genie in the bottle used by the kabalists for their bidding and not the true biblical isrealite God that is nameless, not the Father of all that Jesus referred to.

    I hear tons of christians attack islam’s allah as a demon moon god yet they praise another face of satan, the jewish yhwh. Like i said in another post, this deception is connected to saturn/satan but without going into mystical aspects it is designed to pit the zionists against islam into a major bloody sacrifice when WW3 errupts. When you break the spell the picture becomes clear as day.

    I am aware that there are jews who do not support zionism but they are a minority. Even so if they are stuck in the old judaistic beliefs still awaiting their messiah, they are doomed cause what they will get is the antichrist, the son of perdition. So the abonimation of desolation in jerusalem that Jesus spoke of as a sign to run for the hills will fall on deaf ears amongst even the non-zionistic jews if they have never accepted Jesus as their saviour in the first place.

  23. Nick says:

    Yes Yahweh i mentioned by in the book as one of those gods. Michael Hoffman (the author) claims that the Judaism of today was created after the crucifixion/ diaspora of the jews / roman razing of Jerusalem in order to respond to the circumstances – not temple. You can get a a free pdf copy by Googling it.

    • owl says:

      Hoffman is a great biblical scholar but he as many other scholars either do not understand the mystical/spiritual part of the equation or choose to ignore it for whatever reason and focus more on the historical aspects for the modern secular minds. This leaves the researcher half blind so to speak.

      • Nick says:

        Not at all. Hoffman documents extensively the kabbalistic, zohar and mishna tradition of judaism in relation to the talmud. I don’t think he considers himself a biblical scholar. But I may be wrong. He’s written on secret societies and the talmud. He’ also been labelled anti-semitic., which to him validates his work, oddly enough.

        • owl says:

          Not odd at all cause a keen researcher knows that more often than not those that get labeled anti-semites are hitting where the truth hurts the deceivers. Noone likes their skeletons in the closet to be exposed and jews (not true isrealites) have multitudes. But i wasn’t thinking so much on exposing their texts and traditions and what they may mean but rather if one has a spiritual eye to understand the practice or provide some experiantial conclusions. Obviously he is a biblical scholar so it is not to be expected.

          • Nick says:

            Maybe! Sometimes it REALLY IS anti-semiticism in the form of the KKK of hatred toward others for simply being who they are. The bl’acks in America were treated that way during slavery as the Irish were during the ‘British Empire’. I don’t think Hoffman is that kind of anti-semite.

            What do you mean jews are not true israelites?

          • owl says:

            Biblical isrealites are followers of Jesus Christ as of two thousand years ago. So called jews denied him. Jews as a word is a translation of judeans and not a race. There is no such thing as pure jews genetically, its total nonsense. Those in palestine today are just as much jews genetically as those that claim to be jews and probably more so since majority of modern jews immigrated from eastern europe and russia, the so called khazarians and askenkazi jews. In fact if you are of european or middle east ancestry you have as much so called jewish blood as those that claim themselves to be jews. So not even Jesus was a jew but a nazarene from galilee thus not even from judea of that time.

            These are FACTS not constantly repeated propaganda nonsense by a tribe of deceivers and parasites using an anti-semite card today whom Jesus called a synagogue of satan. All cultures have their dirt but these liars are a satanic cult operating across nations as chameleons who through the freemasnory and secret societies manipulated a sacrifice of 6 million so called jews during WW2 to their blood-thirsty god and then a few years later claimed a state of israel with a satanic hexagram on the flag. They love their sixes, its their signature to the beast. Not to forget a 6-day war in 1967. You need to disassociate the word israel from jews because of the strong conditioning through the media, politics and religion over many decades.

            If you ever get a chance to go to jerusalem, you will see what a cesspool of lost and deranged souls live there. The energy in the air is disgusting for a place that is suppose to be holy. Prostitution, homosexuality, and automatic weapons everywhere, sicily is saintland in comparison. And they pray to a wall, now that is beyond deranged. Yet in betlehem where Jesus was born a minority of believers in Jesus Christ are threatened if they celebrate in any way publically. A sick society in my opinion worse than the neighboring muslims although they are not much better.

  24. Nick says:

    True Judaism hasn’t existed since before the Babylonian captivity. It died when the elites were captive and brought back the new pagan form of Talmudism – effectively replacing Mosaic Judaism with what Jesus referred to as the ‘traditions of men’. There one did exist the original covenant – according to many scholars – but just as new covenant was set aside in favour of Romanism, the old covenant suffered the same fate.

  25. Nick says:


    My conversation is focussed on Judaism as a religion and how it was subverted by the talmudic pharisees just as Christ’s message was perverted by organised religion but you’ve now turned it into condemnation of Jews themselves as human beings. So this is where I leave

    • owl says:

      I think you are still under a spell of semantics and word associations in your mind and perhaps fear an agent of the devil knocking on your door because what i am condemning is no different than what Jesus condemned.

      I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer . . . be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life. . . . Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. Revelation 2:9-10, 3:9

      So if you fail to understand this verse and cannot see it in this day and age, you are deluding yourself in a sea of propaganda and blinding political correctness of the beast.

  26. Ally says:

    I read somewhere that the Peter who the Catholic Church claim as the first pope, was not Peter the Disciple (which is evidenced by these archeological finds, and I gather his mission was actually in north Africa), but Peter the Magician, the one mentioned in the new testament, who tried to buy the ability to work miracles and was rebuked. Has anyone else heard or read about this?


  1. […] In the snarl of graffiti on Peter’s tomb she discerned a “mystic cryptography,” with countless coded messages about the Apostle. At length she even produced Peter’s remains. A sampietrino had shown her a wooden box of bones, she explained, which were inside the masonry surrounding the aedicula when the archaeologists first discovered it. Somehow they had overlooked the precious relics, and Monsignor Kaas later tucked them away for safekeeping. Scientific tests arranged by Guarducci indicated that the bones had been wrapped in a cloth of royal purple stitched with gold, and were those of a man of sixty to seventy years and a robust physique—the bones, she argued, of the Apostle.[2] […]