Archbishop Georg Gänsewein Opens the Door for the Final Roman Emperor

Something unusual happened today… I ran into Tom Horn at the Post Office.  I moved to Crane, MO and it’s about as close to Mayberry as you’re going to find in 2016.

Cris in Crane

Tom was really excited about a new article posted by the Catholic News Agency. I went home and shared it on Facebook.

Roman Catholic Archbishop Georg Gänswein not only admits Malachy’s Prophecy of the Pope’s is taken seriously, it sends chills down his spine and the St. Peter’s lightning strike when Pope “Glory of the Olive” Benedict retired was viewed as a portent by Pope Benedict, a sign he had made the right choice by stepping down.

It’s a little more nuanced… he wanted to retire, even though we now know he was under pressure by the occult St. Gallen group, the cabal Malachi Martin exposed, self-styled “modernist” Cardinals who wanted him replaced by the marxist liberation theologian Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina. (if you doubt those facts – its all documented with original source documents in The Final Roman Emperor.)

Upcoming Appearance on The Jim Bakker Show

Click the image to visit the show's website.

Click the image to visit the show’s website.

Tom Horn and I will be taping in the studio with Jim Bakker on Tuesday June 28, 2016. However, I am not sure when the edited shows will air on television (usually a few weeks later). Of course, we will be discussing our latest book The Final Roman Emperor, The Islamic Antichrist, and the Vatican’s Last Crusade.

Inclusive Oneism at Together 2016

Pope “Petrus Romanus” Francis will make a virtual appearance at the Together 2016 event on the National Mall in Washington D.C. on July 17th. Also known as The Reset Movement, the goal is to transcend differences by bringing together different religions and denominations in an effort to erase the lines of doctrinal divisions. Here is a Reset Movement video:

Billed as the “Next Great Awakening,” the event brings together the Southern Baptist Convention, the Assemblies of God, the Pentecostal Charismatic Churches of North America, Grace Communion International (formerly Worldwide Church of God) and the Roman Catholic Church. It features prominent recording artists (Hillsong United, Casting Crowns, Kari Jobe, Michael W. Smith, Crowder, Kirk Franklin), celebrity pastors (Francis Chan, Josh Brewer) and respected apologists (Ravi Zacharias, Josh McDowell). While it certainly would be nice to see a genuine spiritual revival, this event does not seem to promise a genuine one. Instead it reeks of the same sort of “inclusivism” promulgated at the (post-luciferic-enthronement) Second Vatican Council. What’s wrong with that?
Pope Frank
The problem is that Roman Catholicism and Christianity are not the same thing (see CARM). Jesus is an exclusivist (Matthew 7:13–29; John 14:6; Acts 20:28; Romans 3:21–26, 5:9; Ephesians 1:7, 2:13; Colossians 1:20; Hebrews 9:12, 22) but the “all is one,” inclusivism labeled “oneism” by Peter Jones, is the prevailing spiritual idea of our age. Inclusivism, even of the “evangelical” variety, is a step down the slippery slope of religious pluralism promoted by the pope and many theologically liberal protestants.

We uncovered much more disturbing information concerning the pope’s theology and marxism in our latest book The Final Roman Emperor, the Islamic Antichrist, and the Vatican’s Last Crusade available here.
Final Roman Emperor


It’s popular to say “I hate to say ‘I told you so’ but…” However, I am not going to offer false humility because, of course, I do like to say “I told you so!” Especially in this case, because increasing numbers of academics are taking note of the new Supernatural Worldview that is replacing philosophical naturalism.…

via The “New” Old Science, Spiritualism, & Peeranormal — The Supernatural Worldview

Pope Francis’ New Humanism

Final Roman EmperorIn the final book of the Petrus Romanus series, The Last Roman Emperor the Islamic Antichrist the Last Crusade our investigation exposed the pope’s marxism. A recent Op-Ed: “A popular Pope, a divided church, and the power struggle at the heart of Catholicism” quotes Pope Francis saying that he dreams of a new “European humanism,” involving “a constant work of humanisation” and calls for “memory, courage, a sound and humane utopian vision.”[1] It sounds eirely similar to Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. Utopianism aside, humanism is a secular ideology and is usually adopted alongside political Marxism (socialism, communism). Googling “define humanism” yields:
  • an outlook or system of thought attaching prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters. Humanist beliefs stress the potential value and goodness of human beings, emphasize common human needs, and seek solely rational ways of solving human problems.
    • a Renaissance cultural movement that turned away from medieval scholasticism and revived interest in ancient Greek and Roman thought.
      noun: Humanism
    • (among some contemporary writers) a system of thought criticized as being centered on the notion of the rational, autonomous self and ignoring the unintegrated and conditioned nature of the individual.
In The Last Roman Emperor the Islamic Antichrist the Last Crusade, we documented that Pope Francis was not only steeped in liberation theology (created by the KGB) as a Jesuit in Argentina but has openly been promoting the global “redistribution of wealth” as pope. The following is from the speech he delivered to the United Nations during his recent visit to the United States:

Consequently, I do not hesitate to state, as did my predecessors (cf. JOHN PAUL II, Sollicitudo Rei Socialis, 42-43; Centesimus Annus, 43; BENEDICT XVI, Caritas in Veritate, 6; 24-40), that equitable economic and social progress can only be attained by joining scientific and technical abilities with an unfailing commitment to solidarity accompanied by a generous and disinterested spirit of gratuitousness at every level. A contribution to this equitable development will also be made both by international activity aimed at the integral human development of all the world’s peoples and by the legitimate redistribution of economic benefits by the State, as well as indispensable cooperation between the private sector and civil society.[2]

The writing is on the wall for the pope’s new humanism is remarkably comparable to the origin of the idiom “writing on the wall” (Daniel 5).

““This is the explanation of the matter: ‘Mene’—God has numbered your kingdom and brought an end to it. “ ‘Tekel’—you have been weighed on scales and you have been found wanting. “ ‘Peres’—your kingdom has been divided …’ ” (Daniel 5:26–28)

Has the pope’s kingdom been divided? Indeed, it has…

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[1] Russell Pollitt, “Op-Ed: A popular Pope, a divided church, and the power struggle at the heart of Catholicism,” Daily Maverick, May 8, 2016, accessed May 9. 2016.[2]

[2] Pope Francis “Address of Pope Francis to the UN System Chief Executives Board for Coordination,” Libreria Editrice Vaticana, May 9, 2014, accessed October 7, 2015.