Why Preterism Seems Absurd

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  1. jaz says:

    The dispensationalist doctrine that the Jewish people are yet to fulfil the last week (7 years) of Daniel’s prophecy of the 70 weeks Dan9:24 is incorrect. The proponents of that doctrine are missing the point that Messiah has come in fulfilment of the prophets. Isaiah59:20,21
    The prophecy of the seventy weeks is an account given beforehand, of the ‘second period’ of the national existence of the Jewish people.
    The Jews were to last as a nation only long enough to ‘fulfil the scriptures’, and to accomplish the purpose of God, in bringing forth the Messiah, and putting Him to death. Dan9:26
    The time allotted for this according to the prophecy was 70 x7 = (490 years) (one week = 7years)
    There is nothing to suggest that the prophecy did not terminate upon the seventieth week as prophesied. Dan9:24
    Nowhere in the prophecy is it said that the last week (7 years) was to be postponed to some future time.
    For the six things contained within the prophecy were all fulfilled by Christ. The last one (to anoint the most Holy place) being after His ascension into heaven. See: Heb9:24
    Here is listed the six things contained within the prophecy: 1. To finish the transgression.. 2. To make an end of sin.. 3. To make atonement for iniquity.. 4. To bring in everlasting righteousness.. 5. To seal up vision and prophecy.. 6. To anoint the most holy place. Dan9:24. Hebrews Chapter 9 & 10 confirms the fulfilment of these six things.
    This being accomplished, God has no further use for Israel. for She (Israel) brought forth The Messiah in fulfilment of the Law & the prophets. Lk16:16
    God’s dealings thenceforth were to be with another people, that “Holy Nation” 1Pet2:9 composed of all who believe the everlasting Gospel, and who receive the One who was rejected by His own Jn1:11-13

    It is important to understand that this prophecy pertained to the time period of the return from the Babylonian exile of the Jews unto its terminating point being the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70.
    This destruction is foretold in Dan9:26,27 “And the people of the prince who is to come will destroy the city and sanctuary”…….Vs26, One who makes desolate Vs27
    It was Prince Titus ‘the son of the Emperor Vespasian’ and the Roman legions that razed Jerusalem to the ground and destroyed the Temple. This took place exactly 40 years (one generation) after the termination of the seventieth week. Jesus also had prophesied the same Mat24:2

    • jaz says:

      The Bible tells what is to happen when Jesus Returns.. Jesus is Going to return from where He is seated presently at the right hand of the Father To ‘judge the Living and the dead’ He will do this by His appearing and His Kingdom 2Tim 4:1
      “Do not marvel for an Hour is coming in which (((ALL))) who are in the tomb shall hear His (Jesus) voice and shall come forth some unto the resurrection of Life and others unto the resurrection of judgment” Jn 5:28,29.. (We understand that there is to be one resurrection with two outcomes)..
      “For the son of man is going to come in the Glory of His Father with His angels and will then recompense (((every man))) according to their deeds” Mat 16:27.. (The deeds referred are the deeds of Faith and the deeds of unbelief.. The deeds of righteousness and the deeds of wickedness)..
      “The son of man will send forth His angels and they will gather Out Of His Kingdom (present tense) all stumbling blocks…. then the righteous will shine forth in the ((Kingdom of their Father)))
      We understand that there is to be a division where the wicked in unbelief are seperated from the faithful righteous..

      The Lords Prayer as taught by Jesus is for the coming of the Father’s Kingdom.. This is what the righteous pray for as instructed by Jesus..
      It is in the ‘Kingdom of the Father’ that Jesus will drink the New wine/fruit of the vine with his disciples Mat 26:29…
      Jesus said “on the (((Last Day))) I will raise Him Up” Jn 6:40,41 (the resurrection of the righteous)..

      In1 Cor 15:12-23 the Apostle is speaking about the resurrection and says in Vs24….”THEN COMES THE END” when He (Jesus) delivers up the kingdom to the God and Father when He has abolished all rule and authority and power. For He must reign (present tense) until He has put all His enemies under His feet. The Last enemy that will be abolished is death” 1 Cor 15:24-26

      Death is abolished by the resurrection and the Apostle says that it is the LAST enemy.. There are no more enemies after the resurrection for Christ to subdue or rule over.. the Apostle says “He (Jesus) delivers up the kingdom to the Father”
      Jesus said; “Heaven and Earth will pass away….But of that Day and Hour no one knows…
      Mat 24:35,36

      ((PASS AWAY)) by Fire, BURNED UP just as Apostle Peter said 2Pet 3:10..

      See what John The baptist had to say about that day Mat 3:12.. see also Mk 9: 43 about the supernatural unquenchable Fire
      Is it the natural kingdom of Israel which is to be restored as is widely believed and propagated by many? The answer is NO!..
      He will restore the Kingdom of the Father (the Kingdom of God) which is presently preached to Jews and Greeks/gentiles….The inheritors of the Kingdom are His people of the New Covenant, His Chosen Race and Holy Nation whom He purchased with His Blood.. It is not the restoration of the Davidic Kingdom as taught by dispensationalist.. nor is it the antichrist Zionists presently in the land that will be restored..The Apostles make that very clear as explained above whose Kingdom it will be..
      He will indeed restore the Kingdom to ‘His Israel’ (the redeemed of the Lord) “The Olive Tree of Rom 11 made up of the Jewish and Gentile remnant…For God purchased no other than those washed in the Blood of Christ.. Today if you hear His voice harden not your heart for tomorrow is the day of Judgment…..

  2. alf says:

    I read JP’s response over at Tektonics. Great story and great effort at redefining Christ’s OD narrative. Find something that’s obviously symbolic and apply the method evenly over what your theology disagrees with. Ignore Daniel 12, Zechariah 14 and a bunch of other pesky OT texts which contribute information to the OD. DeMar would be proud.