The Supernatural Worldview SkyWatchTV Interview

I recently joined Derek Gilbert for a discussion of The Supernatural Worldview and the surprising evidence that supports it.

Here is part 2 of my recent SkyWatch TV interview:

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  1. Val says:

    Hi Chris,
    I have read most of your book Supernatural Worldview. Although, I must admit it is not exactly light reading. Your reasearch has been so thorough.
    There is one topic I am not sure I have heard you speak of. (I also have exo vaticana) You delve into topics that are of concern to people like ‘aliens’ and topics that are considered controversial or conspiratorial.
    My question to you is: what do you make of mind control? We have heard of MK Ultra, Operation Paperclip and celebrity mind control. Is it as prevalant as it is suggested? We see Beyonce and Jay Z among many many entertainers flashing age old symbols and promoting Aleister Crowley, Theosophy, and gnosticism. Are they related to the paradigm shift? Am I asking the right questions?
    You seem to enjoy researching things like this and your transparent footnotes/ bibliography show authenticity to be integral. Also, you continue to be very clear on your stand for the Lord Jesus Christ.