The Prophecy of the Popes & the 2012 Connection

The Belgian Jesuit Rene Thibaut’s book, The Mysterious Prophecy of the Popes, has unlocked an entirely different means of investigating the prophecy of the pope’s fulfillment that no one else seems to have imagined possible. His work is deeply mystical and prohibitively complex to explain exhaustively. It is also out of print, exceedingly rare, and written in French which makes it exorbitantly inaccessible to all but the most dedicated. We can only claim to be scratching the surface of what he presents. Frankly, we are astounded that the 2012 meme of the last few years did not bring this forgotten volume to light. Please note that we do realize that date-setting has a well-documented 100 percent failure rate but, even so, we must acknowledge, there it is, 2012, brazened all over the pages of this 1951 tome. The simplest calculation which derives 2012 for the last pope is based on extrapolating the average papal reign of eleven years. Forty popes times eleven years is four hundred forty years: 40 x 11 = 440 Add that to the year 1572 (the year the genuine portion of the prophecy begins) and you land in 2012: 440 + 1572 = 2012 Although Thibaut wrote in 1951, we continued his thesis forward by adding the additional popes. The average eleven-year reign he predicted held true through John Paul II. It certainly did not have to. This was a risky prediction and it was confirmed. If John Paul I had lived a normal lifespan and held a much longer reign instead of dying mysteriously after thirty-three days, this trend might have ended. We even used papal reigns in days to get 1/365th accuracy and our results not only confirmed Thibaut’s work but revealed a potential we did not expect. The following is a chart rendered from a software spread sheet we used to verify Thibaut’s theory:  

Pope (Reign) Prophecy Days Reign in Years
Gregory XIII (May 13, 1572 to April 10, 1585) 72. Medium corpus pilarum “Half body of the balls” 4715 12.90924568
Sixtus V ( April 24, 1585 to August 27, 1596) 73. Axis in medietate signi“Axle in the midst of a sign” 4143 11.34316115
Urban VII (September 15, 1590 to September 27, 1590) 74. De rore caeli “From the dew of the sky” 12 0.03285492
Gregory XIV (December 5, 1590 to October 15, 1591) 75. Ex antiquitate Urbis “Of the antiquity of the city” 314 0.859703742
Innocent IX (October 29, 1591 to December 30, 1591) 76. Pia civitas in bello “Pious city in war” 62 0.16975042
Clement VIII (January 30, 1592 to March 3, 1605) 77. Crux Romulea “Cross of Romulus” 4781 13.08994774
Leo XI (April 1, 1605 to Saturday, April 27, 1605) 78. Undosus vir “Wavy man” 26 0.07118566
Paul V (May 16, 1605 to Sunday, January 28, 1621) 79. Gens perversa “Corrupted nation” 5736 15.70465179
Gregory XV (February 9, 1621 to July 8, 1623) 80. In tribulatione pads “In the trouble of peace” 879 2.406622895
Urban VIII (August 6, 1623 to July 29, 1644) 81. Lilium & rosa “Lily and rose” 7663 20.98060437
Innocent X (September 15, 1644 to January 7, 1655) 82. Iucunditas cruds “Delight of the cross” 3766 10.31096908
Alexander VII (April 7, 1655 to May 22, 1667) 83. Montium custos “Guard of the mountains” 4428 12.1234655
Clement IX (June 20, 1667 to December 9, 1669) 84. Sydus olorum “Star of the swans” 903 2.472332735
Clement X (April 29, 1670 to July 22, 1676) 85. De flumine magno “From a great river” 2276 6.231483172
Innocent XI (September 21, 1676 to August 12, 1689) 86. Bellua insatiabilis “Insatiable beast” 4708 12.89008031
Alexander VIII (October 6, 1689 to February 1, 1691) 87. Pœnitentia gloriosa “Glorious penitence” 483 1.322410533
Innocent XII (July 12, 1691 to September 27, 1700 ) 88. Rastrum in porta “Rake in the door” 3365 9.213067168
Clement XI (November 23, 1700 to March 19, 1721) 89. Flores drcundati “Surrounded flowers” 7421 20.31803015
Innocent XIII (May 8, 1721 to May 29, 1724) 90. De bona religione “From good religion” 1117 3.058245476
Benedict XIII (May 29, 1724 – February 21, 1730) 91. Miles in bello“Soldier in War” 2094 5.733183551
Clement XII (July 12, 1730 – February 6, 1740) 92. Columna excelsa “Lofty column” 3496 9.571733379
Benedict XIV (August 17, 1740 to May 3, 1758) 93. Animal rurale“Country animal” 6457 17.67868491
Clement XIII (July 6, 1758 to February 2, 1769) 94. Rosa Umbriae“Rose of Umbria” 3864 10.57928426
Clement XIV (May 18, 1769 to September 22, 1774) 95. Ursus velox“Swift bear” 1953 5.347138241
Pius VI (February 15, 1775 to August 29, 1799) 96. Peregrinus apostolicus “Apostolic pilgrim” 8961 24.53441156
Pius VII (March 14, 1800 to August 20, 1823) 97. Aquila rapax “Rapacious eagle” 8559 23.43377174
Leo XII (September 28, 1823 to February 10, 1829) 98. Cants & coluber“Dog and adder” 1962 5.371779431
Pius VIII (March 31, 1829 to December 1, 1830) 99. Vir religiosus “Religious man” 610 1.670125103
Gregory XVI (February 2, 1831 to June 1, 1846) 100. De balneis Ethruriae “From the baths of Tuscany” 5598 15.32682021
Pius IX (June 16, 1846 to February 7, 1878) 101. Crux de cruce“Cross from cross” 11,559 31.64750175
Leo XIII (February 20, 1878 to July 20, 1903) 102. Lumen in caelo“Light in the sky” 9280 25.40780485
St. Pius X (August 4, 1903 to August 20, 1914) 103. Ignis ardens“Burning fire” 4034 11.04472896
Benedict XV (September 3, 1914 to January 22, 1922) 104. Religio depopulata “Religion depopulated” 2698 7.386881195
Pius XI (February 6, 1922 to February 10, 1939) 105. Fides intrepida“Intrepid faith” 6213 17.01063486
Pius XII (March 2, 1939 to October 9, 1958) 106. Pastor angelicus“Angelic shepherd” 7154 19.58700818
John XXIII (October 28 , 1958 to June 3, 1963) 107. Pastor & nauta “Shepherd and sailor” 1679 4.596950899
Paul VI (June 21, 1963 to August 6, 1978) 108. Flos florum“Flower of flowers” 5525 15.12695278
John Paul I (August 26, 1978 to September 28, 1978) 109. De medietate lunae“From the midst of the moon” 33 0.09035103
John Paul II (October 16, 1978 to April 2, 2005) 110. De labore solis“From the labor of the sun” 9665 26.4619002
Benedict XVI (April 19, 2005 – April 29, 2012 ) 111. Gloria olivae“Glory of the olive” 2567 7.028214984
? 112. Petrus Romanus“Peter the Roman”

Average Reign

Average reign 1572 to 1951 (@ when Thibaut published) 11.05255156
Average reign 1572 to 2005 (through John Paul II) 11.1055246
Average reign if Benedict XVI is no longer pope by April 29, 2012 = 11.00359186
Days in a year = 365.2421
Thibaut’s Formula = 40 popes x average 11-year reign = 440 years
Arrival of Petrus Romanus = 1572 + 440 = 2012

  What makes this particularly interesting is that if Pope Benedict were to step down in April, it would yield a near-perfect eleven. Thibaut did not use decimal numbers, so anytime during 2012 would verify he got it right. He simply predicted it would be in the year 2012. Even so, you can imagine our shock as we were translating this from French when we saw this story (click hyperlink below):

Media say Pope may resign in April

  If so, then Thibaut was spot on back in 1951. The eleven year average could have been falsified. What if John Paul I had enjoyed a ten year pontificate? Many events could have rendered Thibaut’s work invalid but here we are in 2012 and things are falling neatly in place. We promise the average papal reign calculation is only the beginning. He derives the year 2012 from several other methods of cryptographic analysis form the Latin text of the prophecy of the popes. In Petrus Romanus we painstaking walk you through a few of the calculations. If we weren’t absolutely certain that this was published in 1951, we would accuse the author of going to extravagant lengths to derive 2012. However, we can think of no obvious reason the Jesuit mathematician would want to derive 2012 other than he believed it to be the case. The year 2012 was not even on the radar in 1951, and Thibaut died in 1952. It certainly did not make him famous and his book is now extremely obscure. 2012 is upon us and the buzz from the Vatican only seems to confirm the prophecy.  

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  1. Ant Writes says:

    I just heard the interview. Good job 🙂 The book is on pre-order and I’m looking forward to it.

  2. Whrose says:

    Fascinating and important information!

    Thanks Chris for your good work and Faith which is a blessing to us all. Look forward to the book.

    • Cris Putnam says:

      Thanks Whrose! I really worked hard to fact check and verify the things I researched. When I created this spreadsheet I thought there was a good chance I would debunk Thibaut’s 2012 prediction but what I found confirmed it. Many things could have gone the other way but there it is and it holds up. I can’t say for sure what will happen in the future but the items I have the means and ability to check out seem to confirm that now, this year, is the time that the final pope will appear.

  3. Ma77hew7 says:


    Thank you for speaking up last night to address my question. I tend to get nervous when I call in, lol. It was very kind of you to speak to the question I presented. I have a great respect for your work, and I’m proud to call you my brother in Christ!


  4. Brian Brown says:

    Hi Chris, I have seen your 3 DVD’s on America ( I’m from Canada ) they were awsome, I listened to the podcast the other night and I was wondering if you have had a chance to read the book- THE END OF AMERICA by John Price, he does not agree that Rome fits the description of -the seven hills- and makes a very good case that it is not a city at all but a nation. Does your office have a phone number you can be reached at ?

    • Cris Putnam says:

      Brian Brown, you have me confused with Chris Pinto. Chris and I have been discussing this and we agree on a lot – he’s a good guy. Try Noise of Thunder here I would remind you that the Bible explicitly says it is a city: “And the woman that you saw is the great city that has dominion over the kings of the earth.”(Re 17:18) That was clearly Rome from the author John’s perspective.

  5. Rico says:

    Chris—–Will this book- once and for all answer the question whether Malachi Predicted 111, or 112 popes- Was the Petros Romanos Pope added in the 1500’s by Simoncelli- or was it in the original Malachi Text- or will we have to continue to speculate?

    • Cris Putnam says:

      Rico, there is no doubt that there are 112 in the oldest copies. The tampering of the manuscript only makes sense for what was going on at the time of the tampering. There would be no need to alter something hundreds of years into the future. The fact that it predicts the destruction of Rome makes it unlikely that a Catholic would want to add it. For that reason, it has the ring authenticity.

  6. Curtis Michalak says:

    I was wondering what anybody thinks about Prince Charles being the Antichrist since his red dragon bloodline can be traced all the way back 2000 years to King David. The Antichrist will be a Prince of Princes and never be King. Prince Charles has also stated he is also a decendent of the Prophet Mohammad. A perfect way to proclaim to be God and unite the faiths in order to lure the Jews and Christians to their destruction. Please see his Coat of Arms that has all the symbolism of the Antichrist. Prince Charles was born exactly 6 months after Israel becomes a nation on a Sabbath. In fact, it seems many of their family members are only born on Sabbaths. Prince Charles turns 66 years old in 2014 and his son Prince William turns 33 years old in 2015 during the 4 red blood moons that fall exactly on Jewish Holidays. Also, Prince William was born on June 21, 1982, the longest day (light) of the year as symbolism as the Angel of Light – Lucifer. It is being said that Princess Diana came from the bloodline of Jesus Christ, which we all know is not true. There is even a bronze state of Prince Charles as an Angel with wings with his feet on the heads of mean claiming to be the “Savior of the World.” Prince Charles has in the past to petition the EU to be its King. There is no doubt in my mind that Prince Charles is the Antichrist, but somehow Prince William plays a major role. I was thinking that Prince William could be the true False Prophet that will eventually rule over Jerusalem as its King since the Royal family is the bloodline that can legitimately rule over Israel. There are other facts. These are just my thoughts.

  7. Virginia says:

    Hey Chris,

    Were you aware that the day, Feb. 22, 2012, you did that radio show on Omega Man was, in the Roman Catholic Calendar, the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter?

    I have known about this prophecy for years and its implications. I am so looking forward to reading this book and putting it all together.


  8. Steve says:

    You need to check out this site regarding the accusation that all of the popes since 1958 have been anti-popes. On Oct 26 1958 white smoke streamed out of the sistine chaple for over 5 minutes. This means that a pope was elected. All of a sudden black smoke was seen and it was announced that a mistake was made, and soon after John XXIII was announced as pope.
    Cardinal Siri was the rightfully elected pope. He chose the name of Gregory XVII. He lived in exile until 1989, thereby replacing the illigitimate reigns of 3.5 popes.
    This may throw a wrench in the 11yr average, as well as the Prophesies of the popes by St. Malachy!!! But I’m sure there is a place for it in your investigation, because all of this was prophesized too!!


  9. michael says:

    1260 Days. It’s in Daniel, the time allowed to the anti-christ to reign over this world.
    1260 Days – the time between April 4th, 2012 and September 23, 2015, Yom Kippur

  10. Bernadette Bay O'Shaughnessy says:

    One of Nostradamus’ better known prognostications was when-years before the man became pope-he knealt before the priest who would become Pope Sixtus the Fifth! Nostradamus has a good track record and seems to verify what St. Malachey has said.

  11. Edward Palamar says:

    Greetings in the Resurrected Christ!

    Jesus Christ has raised me from the dead to the office of Petrus Romanus (Peter the Roman). I am the resurrected St. John the Baptist.

  12. Bela Kosa says:

    Cris Putnam,

    I recently watched the following videos on You Tube: “Prophecy of the Century Next Last Pope Part 1” and “Prophecy of the Century Next Last Pope Part 2”. These videos are provided by World’s Last Chance website (Seventh Day Adventists?) and seem to agree with Revelation Chapter 17. According to the videos, in 1929 the Lateran Treaty was signed between the Italian Government and the Vatican that recognized popes as kings from that day forward. In Revelation Chapter 17, verses 10 to 11, it describes eight kings. If these kings are popes, then the next pope (the eighth king since 1929) will be the false prophet.

    Also, I recently read and very much enjoyed the book “Petrus Romanus, The Final Pope Is Here”. The book discusses St. Malachy’s “Prophecy of the Popes” (1139 AD), that states there will be 112 remaining popes. The current pope, Pope Benedict XVI, is pope # 111. Therefore, the next pope, Petrus Romanus, will be the false prophet. This also seems to be in agreement with Revelation Chapter 17, verses 10 to 11.

    I am curious what your opinion is regarding these verses. Do you think these verses are describing the last eight popes as kings? Would you please respond?

    Bela and Lucy Kosa

    • Cris Putnam says:


      The problem with that view is that I don’t see the false prophet in those verses, rather Kings or Kingdoms. Also, John wrote the prophecy around AD 90 at which time the five fallen kings (or kingdoms) were already fallen, the sixth (current when John was writing 1st century AD) king, a seventh (future) king who would reign briefly, and the eighth that belongs to the seven but returns. Historically speculations have yielded conflicting conclusions (proposals include several Roman emperors, several world empires, or simply numerical symbols standing for all worldly kingdoms that culminate in the beast). I find Peter Goodgame’s speculations in his book Red Moon Rising to be more compelling than the idea that Rev 17:11-12 is referring to popes.

  13. “The Prophecy of the Popes & the 2012 Connection
    — Logos Apologia” ended up being in fact entertaining and educational!
    Within todays society that’s really hard to achieve.
    Thank you, Young

  14. WPSTNEWS says:

    Spiritual Hierarchy
    The Masters of Wisdom, together forming the Spiritual Hierarchy, are the custodians of the Divine Plan for this planet. They have inspired all the great human achievements, working from behind the scenes through their disciples in every field of endeavor. The Masters guide and teach, but it is humanity itself, responding of its own free will to their stimulus, which creates each new civilization. Today, the Masters are returning to the outer world as a group for the first time in countless millennia.

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  15. Jaison Thomas says:

    Carol Wojtyla the actual name of John Paul II, was a quarry worker in Poland during the German occupation and so does the prophecy “Labour of Sun” does have any bearing on this aspect??

  16. Marion says:

    Hi Cris… was just reading your apologetics…. Great. Just have one question: Do you not see a reference to Christ in Josephus’ Discourse to the Greeks concerning Hades?

    Thanks so much to you and Tom. More reason to lift up my head and rejoice…He is coming! Maranatha!


    • Cris Putnam says:

      Please cite the Josephus passage by book and number and I will look it up.

      • Marion says:

        Cris, I have the complete works of Josephus translation by William Whiston. This is a short dissertation and here is a copy online:

        6.” For all men, the just as well as the unjust, shall be brought before God the word: for to him hath the Father committed all judgment: and he, in order to fulfill the will of his Father, shall come as Judge, whom we call Christ.”

        Number 6 is quite profound for an unbelieving Jew so I had for many years assumed that Josephus in his later years must have had an encounter with his Messiah. He had been given access to the entire library from the Holy Temple by Vespasian and it appeared to me the Word had been revealed to him. However, I have just now discovered as I google this that it is questionable that this is the work of Josephus. Seems odd that Whiston would make such a big mistake. Some attribute it to Hippolytus. However, number 7 starts out: “And now, if you Gentiles will be persuaded…” Obviously written by a Jew?

        At any rate, if this is Josephus he most certainly is talking about “the Christ” and states that he has elsewhere given a “more particular account of Him” Which one would assume alludes to his account of Jesus in his 18th Antiquities, Book 3, Chapter 3:

        Thank you for responding to my comment. I know you don’t have much “spare” time. Following you and Tom closely. We are living in the most exciting time ever and I am keeping my lamp lit…


        • Marion says:

          P.S. I just wanted to say I so appreciate your page on the Historical Jesus. I have neither the education nor an expertise in apologetics but am an intensive searcher for and lover of truth. Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately) I had no concept until now of the mischief in which “early Christian authors” engaged themselves with other author’s works.. Yikes! I still love the works of Josephus. The Discourse Concerning Hades sounds very Pauline but I accepted it without question as belonging to Josephus. Whoever authored it must surely have been a Jewish believer.


        • Cris Putnam says:

          Marion —

          It appears Josephus did not write that discourse: “Josephus’s Discourse to the Greeks concerning Hades is a short work published in the translation of Josephus by William Whiston. Erroneously attributed to the Jewish historian since at least the 9th century, it is now believed to be (at least in its original form) the work of Hippolytus of Rome.”

  17. Very good blog post. I certainly appreciate this site.

  18. the sign of the Son of Man in Heaven says:

    Ratzinger and “Frances” are Curates, at best.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Cris, thank you for your great book. On the last pope. Did you study the inaugural speech of Bergoglio?
    Hè does not refer to Christ. Nor to the papacy. E.g. Hè calls benedict emeritus bisschop. Not emeritus pope.
    Hè suggest strongly hè is just a bisschop of Rome and not vicar of Christ. Therefore could it be that the real pope is now Peter again. The first pope from the heavens.
    Heavens did not count for a reason Franciscus. I mean its very strange not to discribe this papecy like the other 112.
    It would not be necessarry if this papacy, from the heavens, is already known. Furthermore why mention ‘peter’ if the whole list is about ‘Peter’ ? Its a freigtning thought though. Furthermore i feel very uncomfortable with a lot of his words. And his wave at the balcony It looks masonic. And very strange is that hè said hè is from ‘the end of the world’ i know they call argentina like that, but is hè saying something? And of course the pluralis majestatis ‘we’. Why?

    Further more the numerology. Thirteen is the number of rebellion. Eg 13032013. Date F got elected. Is 13 added.
    There is lots more adding 13. See internet. And the apperitions in Garabandal. They say the last pope was Benedict.
    Strongly implying F is not a pope in the eyes of the heavens. I am afraid Malachy was more then right, but Peter might not be F. F might be the unmentioned 113. Btw i still believe in SRE. The God part is not human. The human part is very disappointing. True. Very true.

    What do you think? Thank you.

    • Cris Putnam says:

      I do not believe the apostle Peter from the Gospels was the “first Pope.” Even Catholic historians at Notre Dame University like Dr FX Nobel dispute the idea that there was a “bishop of Rome” in the first century. The New Testament tells us Peter was sent to the Jews and Paul to the gentiles, so it makes no sense at all to make Peter into the first pope — its just Catholic mythology to support the doctrine of apostolic succession.

      • the sign of the Son of Man in Heaven says:

        What you call mythology is an effort to buffer how wrong you are about Petrus Romanus and the first Church election of Matthias to fill the shoes of Judas Iscariot.

        Peter was directly relegated by Christ, but when enough people as yourself are allowed to relegate yourselves in opposition to such order, Christ relegates a king of wrath to whom to answer.

        That is the price for biting the hand which feeds you.

        • Cris Putnam says:

          There is simply no evidence that the Roman Catholic revision of history is true. Peter was never a pope. The Book of Acts refutes the notion.


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