Signs of the Times Message at First Baptist Morristown, TN

Here is a video of my presentation at First Baptist Church in Morristown TN on October 27, 2013. I cover material from Petrus Romanus and Exo-Vaticana.

Signs of the Times-Cris Putnam from Higher Ground on Vimeo.

Please leave a comment if you are interested in having me talk at your church.

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  1. Quentin Reynolds says:

    I wish I had known you were going to be this close to me, I live in east TN. I sent you an email some time back and have been awaiting a response. I know you are very busy, in reference to my email, Zechariah 5:6, the ephah, who “their” represents in this passage, is it possibly the same as the ‘they’ in Daniel 2:43 and the lead seal put upon the ephah while the woman is moved to “her place in the land of Shinar”. If Rome is destroyed, the church will need somewhere to go correct?, I ran across this in my studies last night, I thought it may stitch this all together; from Wikipedia;
    A papal bull is a particular type of letters patent or charter issued by a Pope of the Catholic Church. It is named after the lead seal (bulla) that was appended to the end in order to authenticate it. Since the 12th century, papal bulls have carried a lead seal with the heads of the apostles Saint Peter and Saint Paul on one side and the pope’s name on the other.
    I would be very interested in your comments. On a second note, the rhetoric coming out of Palestine is that there will be a two state deal this time. The PA has never even come close to saying that before. Could it be that this 9 month peace talk plan is going to birth two nations (Jacob and Esau, then and now) just as Rebekah did? Gen 25:24 then has much interest to me. Rebekah has reached the time she is to be delivered, I have to wonder if this may be prophetic, she was after all, a Gentile that had been married into the family of Abraham, the family of God. Am I reaching or do you see this possibility as well? Thanks for all your hard work, you are a blessing. If I don’t get to meet you face to face down here, I’ll see you there, probably sooner rather than later.

  2. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    Quentin, Rebekah was from Abraham’s family. She wasn’t a Gentile. Remember when Abraham ordered his servant to go find a wife from his relatives? Genesis 24.

    • Quentin Reynolds says:

      It is true that she was of his kindred but she was not of the sanctified people. God set Abraham aside, called him out, and sanctified him, hence the name change from Abram to Abraham. Nahor’s line are gentiles in this respect. In ch. 24, Abraham’s un-named servant (we find his name elsewhere but it isn’t mentioned here) is a type of the Holy Ghost. He goes to a far country under the direction of and in the full authority of the Father to fetch a bride from his near kinsman. He does this by telling all about the Son. Christ is the kinsmen redeemer, we have the same relationship so Rebekah is a type of the church. She was kin but could not receive of the blessings of God unless she was married into the line of Abraham.