Scientology’s Roots in Diabolic Occultism

L. Ron Hubbard

The creator of Scientology, fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard was also a student of the occult society Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) and was the room mate of Crowley disciple and NASA rocket scientist Jack Parsons. A biography of Parsons recounts how Hubbard was a natural, “Parsons was already impressed by Hubbard’s grasp of Crowley’s teachings, but now he became convinced of Hubbard’s supreme magical sensitivity.”[1] Later, Hubbard and Parsons teamed up on a dark ritual infamously known as the Babalon Working:

Jack parsons

Jack Parsons

Parsons returned from the desert driven to perform the rituals he had been “given,” and Hubbard began seeing visions once more. Hubbard was a master storyteller and a quick thinker, but he had now been performing magic with Parsons for nearly two months. According to Parsons’ record of the time, Hubbard was exhausted and often left pale and sweating from his exertions. Finally, a fatigued Hubbard saw a vision calling an end to the working. In a fragment from his writings, Parsons, exhausted and exultant, declared his work a success. He believed that Babalon, in the manner of the Immaculate Conception, was due to be born to a woman somewhere on earth in nine months time. “Babalon is incarnate upon the earth today, awaiting the proper hour for her manifestation,” he wrote. “And in that day my work will be accomplished, and I shall be blown away upon the Breath of the father.”[2]

Just a few years later, Hubbard dreamed up the scientology mythos and started a new religion. Because it is a documented historical fact that Hubbard honed his black magic skills with dark occultists, it seems more than likely that scientology is a front for the same sort of diabolic sorcery. Their behavior supports it. The two documentaries below reveal the brain washing and bullying techniques characteristic of the scientology cult and strongly support their status as dark occultists.

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  1. John Michael says:

    These two asked Crowley the Beast to show them how to open the portal that he had which the demon Lam had come through. Sexually perverted rituals and contact with interdimensional beings was what they lived for. Scientology is a cult of the worst kind as they worship its founder who thought he was satan himself. Many in Hollywood whom the public adore are followers of this madness and have caused people to feel that its just a harmless religion. The truth would alarm most people if they knew it.