Ralph Rieckermann’s Snuff Party Complicity

Ralph RieckermannHatip to Natalina at Extraordinary Intelligence

Ralph Rieckermann, former bassist for the Scorpions, glibly remarks about attending “snuff parties” in the video below Although he seems genuinely alarmed by what he saw, his actions do not seem morally adequate. (that is unless he reported it to the authorities). In the United States, eye-witnessing a sadistic murder but neglecting to report it makes one guilty of either obstruction of justice or complicity up to being a c0-conspirator in 1st degree murder (depending on circumstances). While I don’t know the German law, a similar provision might exist. If so,  he should step up or the German police ought to compel him to do so.

Scorpions Bassist: Yeah, about those Snuff Parties I Went to…

“Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.” (Eph 5:11_)

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  1. (Another) Paul says:

    My first reaction to this is to wonder whether it’s just rock ‘n roll hype. Bands like to perpetuate an image, and usually this image is pretty grim — they often boast about witnessing debauchery.

    But, if it is real, then he doesn’t appear terribly distressed about it all: I suspect that a life of drugs and excess tends to play havoc with one’s moral compass. He may also have been threatened should he say too much about it.

    …But really, I have my doubts. He says, “I think” when talking about the killings at the first party (which means that he didn’t actually [i]witness[/i] anything personally there), and doesn’t elaborate on the second one, other than to say it was so disgusting it made him want to throw up. It’s not even clear in what country these events were supposed to have taken place. It’s all extremely vague.

    Wicked things certainly do go on, and the entertainment industry is surely controlled by Satan, but this video doesn’t prove anything either way (apart from the inanity of the American hosts).

  2. Martin says:

    Is there actually parties for killing people? that’s like the hostel movies! those where damn disturbing! Those germans are gay with their fetish parties for killing people!