Lockheed Martin Scientist Claims Aliens are in Area 51

Why would a patent holding scientist make this up on his death bed? It seems like his imminent demise should earn him the benefit of a doubt… If so, three possible outcomes are implied: 1) he is telling the truth about genuine ETs’ 2) the hypothesis in Exo-Vaticana is true; 3) a human ruse, for example: “The government (CIA) is offering to take care of Boyd Bushman’s children financially after he dies, in order to motivate him to promote a disinformation campaign to scare the Russians and Chinese (or anyone else) into thinking we have alien technology?”  i don’t mean to besmirch Mr Bushman, I am merely throwing up the logical possibilities for analysis. It is also possible that he is sincere but deceived by one of the above (supernatural spirits and/or military industrial complex) If he is a fraud, then what is his motivation?


Scientist On Deathbed Claims There Are Two Groups Of Aliens In Area 51

A dying scientist made a shocking series of claims in August concerning Nevada’s mysterious Area 51.

Boyd Bushman was a research scientist for the defense firm Lockheed Martin. As Metro reports, Bushman has a number of patents to his name, although the details of his biography are disputed.




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  1. hopeful_watcher says:

    So, here we have a highly distinguished gentleman with credentials that are easily verifiable giving testimony of what he believes to be some authentic alien craft and beings.

    This is exactly the kind of person a government agency with an agenda wants out front filling the airwaves with their message.

    My take: Mr. Boyde most likely had a very real FIRSTHAND experience with something he could not explain, which rocked his intellectual scientific brain. He is primed with a healthy dose of “confirmation bias” so that he is seeking new data to try and understand his original experience. Then he is fed picture after picture of thirdhand accounts of realistic looking photos. Some may be real, all may be real, maybe they are all fake. Whatever the case, they are laying out a narrative that fulfills an agenda. And Boyde here believes every last picture and story and yet never saw one with his own eyes, although he may have seen some amazing technology firsthand that appears authentically alien or the very least something unexplainable by current level of science and engineering.

    What is the narrative being put forth? They are here, they are real (although their nature is still a question mark, I.e. are they alien from a distant planet or demons masquerading as alien) and they have technology that will change life on this planet and the nature of warfare when in the wrong hands.

    Most importantantly in this narrative is that some are good and some are evil. Through a biblical, eschatological lens this is disconcerting. Which is evil and which is good? Is either one good? If in concert with government agencies or wholly manufactured by them, this allows an authority outside of God’s written word to define what is good. A recipe for deception on a mass scale.


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