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  1. hild amaya says:

    how much is this offer and how can I purchase. Blessings.

  2. nes says:

    Someone here needs to acquaint themselves with Boulder Colorado’s Marshall Vian Summers who is considered by many to be the messenger for the Allies of Humanity–several books of the same name. The Allies, a self-appointed advocacy group to other worlds, advised Marshall decades ago on exactly what you only recently turned-up inside the Vatican–a reinterpretation, at the very least, of attitudes/gospels that will benefit nefarious pursuits later on. The Allies warned that an infiltration was in process inside the world’s religious institutions, world governments and global big business/industry. The infiltrators are no more than invading foreign powers that seek to dominate humanity, referred to by the Allies in sum as the “Intervention”. Basically? They are a cadre of loosely associated off-world species who form a resource/profit consortium from resource rich worlds in order to benefit their superiors. FYI–We’re next. In Exo-Vaticana you turned up that evidence. Of course no one would believe it and that’s why it’s left unchecked.