Huffington Post Boasts Pope Francis Wants To Be President Of The World

In a ‘reality is stranger than fiction” moment this afternoon, my friend Eric W sent me this article, with a salacious title that speaks for itself:

Pope Francis Wants To Be President Of The World

OK, that’s not a real job, but he is seeking to lead the global conversation.

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  1. Arlen says:

    Evil usurper Pope Frankie(Petrus Romanus), will never be President of the world, but he is the **False Prophet**. He will be presiding over the destruction of Rome and the Catholic Church, head the implementation of a one world Satanic religion and finally, he will be introducing us to the anti-Christ.

    • Art Simpson says:

      Right on Arlen. anti-Christ is beast of the sea who is beast of the bottomless pit, who killed the two witnesses. Rev 11:7.He is wicked, an angel and a king,; of the locusts, then the world. Apollyon. Rev 9:11.F.P. Introduces image, anti-Christ at 1230 days.Rapture at 1335 days. Dan 12:11,12. 5th woe over by Rev 11:14. 1/3 world dead. Woe started day 944. War 391 days, 1 hour long, Temple will take 220 days to build. Rapture Rev 11:15.

      • Ish says:

        You are absolutely correct! The Lord led me in studying scripture and told me the rapture is absolutely the 1335 days mentioned in Daniel! I did not believe in a rapture and spent hours upon hours trying to find one as I kept having very friendly debates with my friends who believed in one trying to convince them there was not one…well God showed me different! and it happens at Revelation 12:5. The rapture is on the 1335 day BEFORE THE 1290 Abomination being set up. You are blessed if you come to that day cause you are outa here! so…the Lord showed me the 1135 days, then the 1290th day then the 1260 days the woman flees which is the lukewarm in Christ…the “church” not raptured.

        • Art Simpson says:

          Hey Ish, Good work! Dan 12:12 says about the 1335 days. Regarding the 1290 days. The image is set up in the temple by the False Prophet, with 1290 days remaining. Dan 12:11. Future tense. That means the image is actually set up at 1230 days. The 70th week is two 1260 day periods. So the image is set up 30 days prior to the anti-Christ taking power. 1335 days does not come until 75 days into the Great Tribulation. 1260 + 75 = 1335. So the Rapture happens 75 days into the Great Tribulation. This is what Jesus meant by “those days be shortened” Matt 24 :22. And what Rev 7:14 means by “These are they which came out of great tribulation.” Because the Rapture is 75 days into the great tribulation, so they come out of the great tribulation.

      • Art Simpson says:

        A correction – it is the 2nd woe, The army from across the Euphrates that is over by Rev. 11:14. The verse before the rapture. They kill 1/3 of the earth. That army is forming as we speak with the refugees all over the world at the present time. Albert Pike, over 100 years ago, anticipated this war to have Islam and Christianity wipe each other out, making way for the one world order. If this 391 day and 1 hour war is over by day 1335( Dan 12:12 Rapture date) Then it had to have begun about day 944. Officially. This is the importance for disarming America quickly. The frogs know this. The angel, king, anti-Christ will probably lead the army in the role of the Mahdi. He will be the personification of evil.

  2. Emery Richards says:

    One of Jesus’ key teachings was for his apostles and disciples, all of whom were holy spirit annointed, and therefore the first of the 144,000 co-kings and co-heirs with Jesus, to be NO PART OF THE WORLD. Meaning, no politics, don’t love what the world (people) do, don’t DO what the people do, and to live as alien residents IN the world. In the pope’s pretend service to God, he has done nothing but fail. He is in fact head of the largest pagan religion on the planet. The Catholic Church was founded by a pagan, who called himself “PONTIFICUS MAXIMUS”, pontif. Exactly what the pope calls himself. It’s a Roman phrase, or title referring to the head of all pagan religions. So the pope is head of all the pagan religions now. He lies and deceives and works very hard to keep anyone from drawing close to God. It’s his job.

    • Art Simpsona says:

      Aloha Emery; The 144,000 were firstfruits, and from before there was destruction on the earth. Rev 7:1-3. That’s a very long time ago. Firstfruits Rev 14:4 means the first of the harvest. It also had to be when the 12 tribes were cohesive. These firstfruits are of God’s chosen people. They were redeemed from the earth.Rev 14:3. After death or before death? I personally believe they were of the male newborn babies, (without sin Rev 14;4,5) Pharaoh had murdered by drowning when the Jews were slaves in Egypt.
      BTW, the two witnesses start preaching about day 71.

  3. Art Simpson says:

    Would like to point out that Matthew 23:39 Jesus says: “For I say unto you, Ye shall not see me henceforth, till ye say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.” He is speaking to and of His people the Jews. Rev 11:12-15, Then there is a rapid fire chain of events – my guess in about an hour.Verse 12 = the two witnesses ascend into heaven. Verse 13 = in the SAME HOUR earthquake destroys 1/10th of the city, 7,000 men slain in the earthquake, and THE REMNANT WERE AFFRIGHTED, AND GAVE GLORY TO THE GOD OF HEAVEN.. Verse 14 The 2nd woe war is over. Verse 15 The seventh trumpet and rapture.
    Jesus said he would not come until His people blessed him. It is the last requirement to be fulfilled prior to the Rapture. It is the key to His coming and when they do, He does – instantly!

    • Emery Richards says:

      He was speaking to holy spirit annointed apostles and disciples, not “Israel”.

      • jaz says:

        I agree with you Emery. so now we have date setters for rapture.?
        Rapture will happen at the seventh trump culminating in the judging of the quick and the dead and with the appropriate rewards Rev11:18. Rev22;12. 2Thes1:6-10

        • Emery Richards says:

          No “rapture” will happen, as none is spoken of in God’s word, the Bible. The mistaken understanding of the remnant of the 144,000 being taken to heaven, after being transformed into spirit beings, to be with Jesus and to fight the final battle, is what these false religions (sects of Christendom, and all other religions of man) mistakenly believe is some make believe “rapture”. None will happen. What God says is what will happen, not what man says.

  4. The eschatology of Catholicism (and most old line denominations) is Partial Preterism, which (in a minimum of words) says the Second Coming happened in 70 AD. But according to Partial Preterists, Jesus will manifest Himself physically when the church has Christianized the whole world and is placed under the authority and leadership of the reigning Pope… or if you will… the President of the world. There is said to be about 1.3 billion Catholics in the world today.

    That is what Ecumenicism and the unity movement has always been about. The Jesuit order was established for the soul purpose of eradicating Protestantism, and that has never changed or altered or softened one iota. It is well documented that during the inquisition the Jesuits martyred over 50 million Christians, people like you and me.

    It never seems to occur to them that such an eschatology and organization smacks of a one-world church and the Antichrist.

    So this has always been the hope of every Pope in the history of the Catholicism. Since this Pope is a Jesuit, that makes him a sinister, best candidate to date to be the false prophet.

  5. Beth says:

    Yes indeed, it looks like the Whore is just itching to secure her seat and get on that beast and ride.

    Well, it’ll be a short ride all told. And will not end well for her.

    Now’s the time, ‘Come out of her my people’.