Hoagland & Bara’s Dark Nonsense

By Cris D. Putnam
In researching various paranormal and UFO lore, I recently came across Dark Mission by Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara. In the book the authors make a case for an occult agenda behind NASA. According to the authors, Dr. Farouk El-Baz, an Egyptian geologist working at NASA helped high ranking freemasons land on the moon on July 20th, the date of the Egyptian New Year, to perform an arcane Egyptian rite to invoke Osiris. While the evidence of high ranking NASA officials and astronauts having masonic ties is strong, the so called ritual they expose is nothing dark at all. I personally saw the masonic flag which was taken to the moon during my recent tour of the Hall of the Temple. Sure it is possible there was a masonic agenda afoot but the incoherence of a crucial element of their thesis makes the entire account seem fanciful. Their argument centers on Buzz Aldrin’s taking of communion in the lunar module, described by Aldrin in his book Men From Earth:

During the first idle moment in the LM before eating our snack, I reached into my personal preference kit and pulled out two small packages which had been specially prepared at my request. One contained a small amount of wine, the other a small wafer. With them and a small chalice from the kit, I took communion on the Moon, reading to myself from a small card I carried on which I had written the portion of the Book of John used in the traditional communion ceremony.[1]

Sounds awfully scary doesn’t it? Dark Mission makes the dubious leap of asserting that Aldrin’s intent was not to worship Jesus Christ but to preform some sort of nefarious Masonic ritual based on Egyptian magic.

Hoagland next discovered that Aldrin’s ceremony (which was taken from Webster Presbyterian Church rituals, in Houston, which, in turn, “borrowed” it from the much older Catholic communion ceremony), in fact, had its real roots in ancient Egypt— as an offering to Osiris (naturally). [2]

This is a radical assertion! Egypt is juxtaposed against Israel in the biblical narrative. From Moses’ showdown with Pharaoh’s magicians forward, the Egyptian deities are represented as antagonists to Yahweh. Yet, the authors brazenly assert that a major sacrament of a two thousand year old religion is really an offering to a hostile god while providing no scholarly documentation and expect the reader to simply accept it? Most astonishing, the allegation that the communion ceremony has “its real roots in Egypt as an offering to Osiris” is merely footnoted with a wikipedia article on Osiris. The footnoted article makes no such connection. Looking at the wiki article on 5/20/2012, the word “communion” is not even mentioned. What a joke! This radical assertion at least requires a coherent argument and historical documentation. But neither is forthcoming. The closest thing to evidence comes later:

Once again, it was Ken Johnston who provided a key insight. After discussing with Johnston the now infamous “communion ceremony that Aldrin had conducted, Ken pointed out that Aldrin—like Johnston himself—had at the time been a 32o Scottish Rite Freemason. He also noted that a recent book by two Masonic scholars (Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas) had concluded that virtually all of the Masonic rituals were derived from the story of Isis and Osiris. [3]

It’s hard to fathom why anyone would find this compelling. This argument is what logicians call a non-sequitur meaning it “does not follow.”  Hoagland and Bara’s reasoning is that 1) Aldrin took communion; 2) Aldrin was a freemason 3) Most Freemasonic rituals are derived from Osiris lore; therefore communion is an Egyptian Osiris ritual. I suppose if a freemason puts his hand on his heart while singing the National Anthem then that too is a form of Osiris worship? It does not follow.

The fact that Aldrin was a mason says nothing about Christian communion. Freemasonry advocates a form of pluralism that accepts members of any religion. Does that make the practices of Islam and Hinduism also derivative of Egyptian Osiris worship? Of course not, this sort of incoherent reasoning is ubiquitous in Dark Mission. It seems they pulled most of their alleged Egyptian connections from one single poorly supported piece of pseudo-historical research called the The Hiram Key.

Their book The Hiram Key showed that, contrary to Masonry’s own lore, the Craft was not founded in London in 1717, but in fact traced its roots all the way back to ancient Egypt. They followed a trail back through time, to the Templars, to Jesus and the Temple of Jerusalem, then on to the builder of the first Temple of Solomon, Hiram Abiff. They concluded that the ritual of the third-degree of Freemasonry was a re-enactment of Abiff’s murder for refusing to reveal the high secret of the Craft, and that this same ritual was in fact derived from the ancient Pharaohaic rituals that paid direct homage to Isis and Osiris. They also asserted that Jesus himself was an initiate of this quasi-Masonic order, and that his real teachings had been usurped and distorted by the Catholic Church millennia before. They viewed Jesus as a martyred prophet, but not a divine being as the Church came to ultimately insist. None of this made them very popular with either the Christians or their own fellow Masons. [4]

Nor are they popular with scholars of ancient literature because the conclusions of The Hiram Key are not supported by historical evidence. The argument fails because we have copies of the New Testament which predate Roman Catholicism and there are no “suppressed teachings” of Jesus rather gnostic writings which appeared centuries after the canonical Gospels. The scholarship in The Hiram Key ( and collaterally Dark Mission) is, frankly, sloppy as there is a sophomoric lack of critical assessment of sources and they naively accept the use of masonic symbolism for evidence of historic facts. For instance, the connection of modern masonry to Hiram Abiff from the Old Testament is widely agreed to be concocted mythology designed to give masonry an ancient veneer. I challenge Hoagland and Bara to produce a single credentialed Ancient Near Eastern scholar who believes it. Even the Freemasons have issued rebuttals here and masonic libraries catalog The Hiram Key as a work of fiction.

As far as communion being some sort of dark ritual to Osiris, the authors never make that case. The practice predates the origin of masonry by over 1600 years and has nothing to do with Osiris. According to Erickson, “It may be defined, in preliminary fashion, as a rite Christ himself established for the church to practice as a commemoration of his death.”[5] Indeed, communion was instituted by Jesus (Matt. 26:26–28; Mark 14:22–24; Luke 22:19–20). The earliest extant written account of a Christian eucharistia  which is simply Greek for “thanksgiving” is that in the First Epistle to the Corinthians (dated around AD 55), in which the Apostle Paul relates the celebration to the Last Supper of Jesus some 25 years earlier (1 Co 11:23–29).

Paul argues that in celebrating the commemoratory rite they were fulfilling a mandate by Jesus to do so. The book of Acts (dated prior to AD 70) also presents the early Christians as meeting for “the breaking of bread” as some sort of ceremony (Acts 2:46). Also other very early writings like the Didache,1 Clement and Ignatius of Antioch provide examples of the thanksgiving sacrament. In the second century, Justin Martyr gives the oldest explicit description of the ceremony. In fact, Justin specifically refutes any connection to paganism when he refutes the Mithra cult who were copying the Christians!

Which the wicked devils have imitated in the mysteries of Mithras, commanding the same thing to be done. For, that bread and a cup of water are placed with certain incantations in the mystic rites of one who is being initiated, you either know or can learn. [6]

In the tradition of Justin, I argue that if freemasons have adopted communion as a masonic ritual then the same charge applies. Hence the burden of proof is on Hoagland and Bara to show evidence predating the first century which connects Jesus and the communion rite to Osiris. Of course, there is no such evidence. Hoagland and Bara admit their entire case is based on the dubious work The Hiram Key:

If Knight and Lomas were right, then Aldrin’s communion ceremony had no conventional Christian significance at all; it was, in fact, a direct offering by a Freemason to “the ancient Egyptian gods” that his Craft most revered. (underline added)[7]

But if Knight and Lomas are wrong, then Hoagland and Bara’s Dark Mission is a work of dark nonsense.


[1] Buzz Aldrin and Malcolm McConnell, Men from Earth (New York: Bantam, 1989), 248.

[2] Richard C. Hoagland and Michael Bara, Dark Mission: the Secret History of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Port Townsend, Wash.: Feral House, 2007), 207-208.

[3] Richard C. Hoagland and Michael Bara, Dark Mission, 222.

[4] Richard C. Hoagland and Michael Bara, Dark Mission, 223.

[5] Millard J. Erickson, Christian Theology, 2nd ed. (Grand Rapids, Mich.: Baker Book House, 1998), 1116.

[6] Justin Martyr, First Apology ; chapter 66 Of the Eucharist. http://www.earlychristianwritings.com/text/justinmartyr-firstapology.html

[7] Richard C. Hoagland and Michael Bara, Dark Mission, 223.


About Cris Putnam
Logos Apologia is the ministry of Cris D. Putnam. The mission of Logos Apologia is to show that logic, science, history and faith are complementary, not contradictory and to bring that life-changing truth to everybody who wants to know.


  1. Chris says:

    Well if you assert it enough, won’t that make it true? But I think the case is even further against such a claim in that, while communion derives itself from the last supper, the last supper itself was, at least a form of, the Passover seder.

    • Cris Putnam says:

      Excellent point, if anything it’s derivative of the passover seder. Luke records Jesus establishing it at that time “Then He said to them, “I have fervently desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer.”(Lk 22:15)

  2. john b says:

    Hi Cris and all: here is something True!

    I was once married to the daughter of a Mason… in the early days of my conversion I saw the father in law’s masonic prayer book… within; prayers are directed to the God of Abraham, Isac and Jacob. truly I tell you this as God is my witness… God has since removed me out of that unrighteous wedlock.. masonry is Zionist, papal and thoroughly ecumenical.

    blessings all
    john B

    • Cris Putnam says:

      john b, I recently toured the HQ of Scottish rite (see my post on the altar of pluralism), they have masonic Bible versions, Masonic Qurans, and the Torah / Talmud. They seem to accept any sort of theism, even Hinduism with its 300 million gods. The problem I have with you final assertion “Zionist, papal and thoroughly ecumenical” is that although masonry is ecumenical, “papal” and “zionist” completely disagree with each other. The popes have opposed the formation of the state of Israel from the beginning (they are anti-Zionist). Its not possible to be papal and zionist.

  3. Cheryl says:

    The act of communion detailed in the Bible is quite different than the catholic ritual whereby the priest, in the presence of his congregation, “transforms” the wafer and the wine into the literal body and blood of Jesus. Their teaching, not mine. Having spent 16 years in the catholic church and being subject to their intense teachings, it is only in retrospect that I can see the very strong pagan connections. There is a reason why they keep the wafers locked up in their little safes as they do truly believe there to be a mystical transformation of these common food elements into something more. This is witchcraft, pure and simple.

    Based on your article, it does seem that the author’s statements are unsubstantiated, however, the Catholic Church is very far from pure in their doctrine.

    • Cris Putnam says:

      Cheryl, I agree that transubstantiation is more like a magical belief than what Jesus suggested. But Buzz Aldrin was using a Presbyterian formula which is far removed from the doctrines of Romaninism. I think the authors of Dark Mission revealed their fundamental ignorance of Christianity by assuming Aldrin’s practice was the same as the Roman Catholics.

  4. Cheryl says:

    Hi Chris,

    Thank you for clarifying as I was unfamiliar with what the Presbyterian formula entails. Did a short bit of research after reading your reply and am glad to hear that they don’t employ the transubstantiation aspect. I do find it hard to wrap my head around the concept of one considering themselves to be a “believer” and yet holding a high rank within the masonic organization. I realize that the masons willingly accept all beliefs but I find it hard for all beliefs to accept them.

    Blessings in Jesus.

    • Cris Putnam says:

      Cheryl, I agree there is conflict of interest between the tenets of masonry and Christianity. I recently toured the masonic HQ for Scottish Rite and wrote about it here. (check it out I took pictures too, my facebook page has even more photos).

  5. john B says:

    Cris; I saw your post on the tour.. thanks.. concerning the Zionist- mason- papal ties, that is what they want us to think.. that there is opposition! and there may have been in the past.. but not any more..
    I recall traveling with my EX mason in-law in his motorcar when the news came on the radio that John-Paul 2 welcomed masons into the RC church.. the ex’s comment was that ‘it was a good thing’ He was a 32degree…
    There is also the Marian apparition in former Yugoslavia wherein the alleged Mary promotes ‘the universal fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of Man’.. A thoroughly Masonic doctrine.. this Marian cult devotion is thoroughly grounded in the hearts of many Catholics.. The Seers travel the world promoting this wickedness..

    There need be a realization among Christians that Zionism is not Judaism and that Zionism is using Judaism to receive the sympathy of christians “the mystery of iniquity is deep and hidden and in turn has incoporated many denominational networks.. It is only those who come out of Mystery Babylon that will not be worshippers of the Beast and His Image

    john B

    • Cris Putnam says:

      john b – I’m open to some of those ideas but it’s hard to communicate if we don’t have agreement on the meaning of terms. I really don’t know what you mean by the word “zionism.” It seems to me that they way you use the word is different from the standard dictionary definition.

      a worldwide Jewish movement that resulted in the establishment and development of the state of Israel.


      It seems to me you mean something more than this. But I’m not sure what exactly.

  6. john B says:

    (a worldwide Jewish movement that resulted in the establishment and development of the state of Israel). By definition that is correct…Are all denominations labeled Christian of the Faith belonging to the Apostles foundation?

    And so it is! The political power of the Beast brought Zionism to pass via the masonic Illuminati (That is what I mean by Zionism) I am not anti Semitic or anti anything.. I do not believe that Our God has any thing to do with this resurrection of the state of Israel.. as I believe that His people are only the spiritual seed of Abraham in Christ Jesus..
    Christ is the terminal point of all the promises made to Abraham.. It is only God’s permissive will in accord with Divine sovereignty that permitted this Zionist state in order to bring in the prophesied delusion by believing what is false 2Thes2:11
    We can readily see the False unity, This ‘brotherhood of man’ coming into fruition and Zionism is part and parcel of it..
    Protestant Christianity is not what it was… The Darby’s and Scofield’s have twisted the protestant doctrine and the Babylonian spirit of Antichrist has planted their doctrine in the majority of denominations (The false concept of who the people of God are) has reached even many catholics within the charismatic movement..
    The depth of this deceit is that Christians are calling those who acknowledge not “Christ come in the flesh” (Zionist Antichrists) God’s people.. We must remember that the Lie of 2Thes2:11 is in accord with the Apostasy in revealing the man of Sin..

    john b

    • Cris Putnam says:

      john b – its really not valid to redefine words to mean any old thing you prefer. That is not what the word “Zionism” means and if you want to speak intelligibly then you need to use words properly. We’ve already been through this before… If you do not choose to believe Paul’s very clear statements in Romans 11, then you have elevated yourself and your opinions above God’s word.

      “I ask, then, has God rejected his people? By no means! For I myself am an Israelite, a descendant of Abraham, a member of the tribe of Benjamin. God has not rejected his people whom he foreknew. Do you not know what the Scripture says of Elijah, how he appeals to God against Israel? “Lord, they have killed your prophets, they have demolished your altars, and I alone am left, and they seek my life.”(Ro 11:1–3)

  7. Chris says:

    How did I know that’s where john B was going?

  8. john B says:

    Cris P; I am not redefining the word, I am showing it’s source to be the power of the beast in relation to it’s political agenda..I won’t argue the point as it’s been done.. I will just point out that His people are those whom He foreknew Rom11:2 like unto the remnant of seven thousand who bowed not to Baal… You need to place Rom11:4,5 in the context. then you will understand who the “all Israel” of Rom11:26 be..

    Even Jesus said that the natural descendants of Abraham count for nothing Mat3:9, Jn8:39

    Cris, the greater part of Christianity is going headlong in the Apostasy via the instrumentality of false doctrine.. Mystery Babylon is the producer of all false doctrine in opposition to the Faith.. I shared what i shared in the context of Masonry.. We must return to be like the original church in Spirit and doctrine.. as for myself; I will not bow to the lukewarm, mingle, mixtured ecumenical church spirit of this End-Time.. For indeed the mind-Set of the christian community has been recondition along Illuminati principles.. they are already walking hand in hand into perdition..Christians are proclaiming themselves as ((Christian Zionist)) I ask the question which Apostle Paul asked “What has a believer in common with an unbeliever” 2Cor6:15
    Destruction is being reserved for multitudes who confess Christ.. We are being told that the Apostasy is something pertaining to the world.. That is a lie! the Apostasy is in the heart and mind of those who profess Christ and ally Him with Antichrist unaware that this is their position…

    john B

    • Cris Putnam says:

      Please explain how you are not redefining the term, when you have not supplied any documentation? Show me a dictionary definition to support your claim please.

  9. john B says:

    Cris; the HolySpirit’s impartation of truth is greater than dictionaries or theologies.. all you need to do is look at the people involved (the constructors of the state of Israel)
    There has been plenty of documentation given in past posts not only by myself but others also.. I’ll give some latter on..
    The greatest source of documentation are the Gospels and Apostolic epistles..

    john b

    • Cris Putnam says:

      So you are arguing the Holy Spirit gave you a new definition for the word Zionism and told you to ignore proper dictionary definitions of words when conversing? That’s seems blasphemous. Sorry but I don’t believe you, I think you just make it up as you go along. You can call a cat “pancakes” but that doesn’t make him good with maple syrup for breakfast. You might believe in a Jewish conspiracy but you need to find a new word for it.

  10. john B says:

    http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/masonic1.htm#3 Cris here you will find some good docunentation

    john B

    • Cris Putnam says:

      That link has nothing to do with the meaning of the term “zionism.” Language breaks down and meaningful communication is impossible if you just make up new meanings for words.

      So buttress green conflagration stars by cheetoh Zimbabwe up chip eight assimilated!

  11. john B says:

    Cris; i am not arguing the term Zionism.. my argument is pointing to something much deeper than grammar ‘the Spirit’ behind it.. The link reveals the principalities “spiritual and human” in relation to the Jewish factor of Freemasonry! you do not want to recognise the fact that Zionism is part and parcel of beastly government.. So be it!
    You can spell Zionism Z*#!>+M it does not alter the fact of its political source..
    john B

  12. john b says:

    Tom Horn and yourself get together and write a book on the false prophet.. which is part and parcel of eschatology.. Tom wrote Apollyon rising.. all of it has to do with the Illuminati masonic new world order… you both recognise the trust for unification via Masonic pluralism and yet you refuse to look into the Zionist connection.. Why?

    john B

  13. john B says:

    Thank You Cris for acknowledging that there is Jewish Involvement. Jewish involvement at the highest financial and political levels! (Talmudic-cabalist Illuminati) fulfilling Lucifer’s final agenda to receive the total worship of all small and great, rich and poor, free and slave Rev13:16

    john B

    • Cris Putnam says:

      john B, I wish you would not change the subject when we discuss these issues. You really do sound like a racist. I have never doubted that many high powered Jews are involved in masonry and NWO related activities. What I object to strongly is when you use a term like “zionism” implying that all Jews who advocate their historic homeland are somehow satanic. You are misusing the term, it does not mean anything but Jewish nationalism, it is not spiritual or occult. It is a non sequitur and it is blatantly racist. I have Christian Jewish friends who are missionaries to the secular Jews.

      Anytime you assert that “Jews” are this… or Italians are “papal”… or this race is what not… you are using race as your qualifier. Please Stop. It’s neo-nazi bigotry. If you would like to assert a Kabbalistic component in the NWO hierarchy then fine but that doesn’t mean it is exclusively Jewish. There are globalists who are British, Indian, Chinese and of all races. Your use of race is a nonstarter for a Christian and I hope to disabuse you of it.

  14. john B says:

    Cris; You are correct that the Illuminati is composed also of those that are none Jewish.. I am not racist.. I have Jewish blood on my mothers side.. my best friend while growing up in Mauritius was a Creole.. my wife is Italian on her father’s side and Polish on her mothers. besides our Lord was a Jew!.. Salvation come from the Jews.

    There are more and more within Christianity who cannot tolerate any thing negative said about Israel and the Jews.. and this is based on the misconception that they are God’s people.. God has always had One people!
    In the OT it was the natural descendants of Abraham, But thus no longer! “Christ is the seed of the promise” Gal3:16 and in deed as Apostle Paul said “Not all Israel is Israel” Rom9:6
    Zionism is the cultural establishment of the Jewish people in the land of palestine under the banner of the State of Israel displaying their emblem the so called ‘Star of David’ which the religious Jew despises because of it’s occult symbolism..

    It does not take much research to know that the source of Zionism is Antichrist.. and this is the only thing that I have been saying.. I slur no man, as all are created equal in the image of God..
    Apostle Paul opposed the Spirit of Antichrist within the Jewish religious hierarchy referring to them as “the dogs of the circumcision” Phil3:2 Was he a racist anti Semite? No; I think he was very apologia!
    Let us stop pussyfooting around Israel and realise that it’s culture and its religion of the past are under judgment as are all races and creeds of all men.. There is no biblical support for one to label him or herself a ‘Christian Zionist’
    Our calling is that we be separate and not of this world.. Our ministry is to call men and women out of this world rather than to support any Antichrist system be it Jewish, Papal, Masonic or any Babylonian Mystery in opposition to Jesus Christ..

    john B

    • Cris Putnam says:

      You are not free to redefine terminology to support your racist ideology. Your theology and biblical interpretation is much like Rome’s john B. You sound just like the popes! Properly defined all that “zionism” means is that the Jewish people have a right to live in their historic homeland. You are still misusing the term in a bigoted way.

  15. john b says:

    Cris; you are just happy to “stop up your ears” it is a sign of learned arrogance whereby you are unwilling to listen what i am saying… you twist my words saying I am racist..It is a shame because I thought that I was on a fairdinkum Apologetic site.. obviously not! You have made a judgment of my character based on your learned posittion which I reckon to be pro-Israel and somewhat heretical.. you need less theology and more spiritual discernment as to who the “Israel of God” is
    The Jews wait in vain for their Messiah because He has already come…
    Woe! to all who promise Jews or any man the false hope for a second chance of salvation after the Last trump If this is where you stand, then you know nothing of Grace…

    john B

    • Cris Putnam says:

      john B, You have never dealt with the issue I raised – your blatant misuse of language. Zionism is not an occult conspiracy. Youtube videos by radical Muslims and neo-nazi organizations that you link are not reliable sources for the meanings of words – that is what dictionaries are for. we are not arguing about dispensationalism or even if there is an occult Jewish conspiracy – simply the meaning of the word “Zionism.”

      You just keep changing the subject!

      I asked you repeatedly to show me one reliable reference book that supports your definition of the word “Zionism” and you cannot do so. Yet you continue to misuse the word as a derogatory term implying that anyone who supports the right of the Jewish people to live in their historic homeland are evil. That’s wrong. Why not just drop the racial profiling from your vocabulary?

  16. john b says:

    Cris; I have already said that I agree with you on the dictionary meaning of Zionism.. You have acknowledged that there is a Jewish element within the ranks of illuminati… I just went a step further showing that the people involved in the development of Zionism were masonic whose motive are ungodly and that many, many Christians have fallen prey to their deceit which will ultimately be part and parcel of the Apostasy of 2Thes2:3

    I am only sharing in the ‘spirit of Apologia’ and not racism..

    The linked video I thought was a good historical account as it is the only one I could find that predates the accepted mind-set of many Christians about 1948.. Believe me, I carefully watched the video before posting it based on the same reasons that you mention Radical Muslim and neo-Nazi.. I valued its historical content with all of the original footage.. there was no such thing back then as radical Muslims terrorists.. Jews and Muslims lived in harmony as the video portrayed.. The heavy handed British involvement with Rothschild is the Illuminati masonic occult source of Zionism Did you watch the video? any way I will leave it at that,
    blessings to you

    john B


  17. travel says:

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  18. John Dowser says:

    “Looking at the wiki article on 5/20/2012, the word “communion” is not even mentioned. ”

    While using the Wiki article as reference is bad enough from Hoagland, looking at the article at a whole other date again is not very convincing as counter research either. For example when looking at a 2009 version:


    The eucharist is here mentioned but points to research by Martin A. Larson, The Story of Christian Origins (1977, 711 pp. ISBN 0883310902 ). This author seems to be not connected to the academic world and discource in any sense.

    My point however is that Hoagland appears to refer to a collection of speculative writings on the origins of Christianity which as it is remains at best speculative and marginal scholarship. But I do think it goes too far to say no coherent argument was made or any research provided. Just not anything convincing and certainly it was done in a very sloppy manner.

    I think there are more mistakes in this article although I do not disagree with its main points. But for example the phrase: “copies of the New Testament which predate Roman Catholicism” is not correct. The Roman Catholic church regards itself as being founded during the apostolic period or even by Jesus himself. The gospels were written definately later and the “New Testament” as single collection was a slow formation ending in one or several synods centuries later to decide the matter.

    Thanks for considering it.

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