Hal Lindsey Report on the Prophecy of the Popes

In case you are wondering what I am up to writing about a strange Catholic prophecy this message from Hal Lindsey will explain quite a bit in a short period of time. I just finished the last chapter today and the book will be off to the printer soon. Lord willing this book will open some eyes to the errors of Romanism before it is too late.

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  1. onefeather says:

    I do not know how any person who believes in Christ/Bible would believe in a lot of anything this man says. It seems to me that Christ warns people about people who go around saying these type things.

  2. nathan says:

    Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Genevieve says:

    I like your site, your work and your new book. Contrary to some, and as a Christian myself, I firmly believe that those who call themselves Christians must have a well-developed knowledge base about the sciences; history; and a deeper comprehension about the Word of our Lord. So many Christians slam the door at the mere mention of transhumanism, HAARP, Chrislam, New Age whatever, and other such subjects requiring effort and energy in learning. Yet, as Christians, we need to know what surrounds us, what factors impact others ability to be saved the eyes of the Lord. This requires us to bravely open our minds to that which is uncomfortable, or even seemingly impossible, in order to accurately and successfully debate in defense of our Lord Jesus Christ. So, Onefeather, don’t be too hard on Cris Putnam, or anyone else who brings light to uncomfortable subjects. Be more wary of those who preach abundance, bling, and easy living. Be wary of those who ‘think all religions can be one’ someday, if we only extinguish the core of our beliefs. Be wary of those who tell you the earth is more important than you. Be wary of those who make you feel shame for your belief in Christ. God Bless

  4. Susan Donemi says:

    Hal Lindsey !!!!? I would think ten times before I ‘d believe ANYTHING Lindsey has to say. After reading his drivel in the 70’s Lindsey’s credibility factor is around 1.5. He basically dosen’t know what he’s talking about.

  5. Hugh Latimer says:

    Cris, I am simply amazed at the candor of the digital christian. I have been a “fan” studier of Hal Lindsey for many years, though he may not have hit the nail on the head everytime, there is one thing that impresses me and that is the longsuffering, the patience, the perseverance Hal has demonstrated over the years. When the next generation dismisses outright with no evidence so knee jerk so off the cuff it is very sad, the church in general has let down a generation, the digital generation. I still believe that the hunger for sound doctrine is natal for those Jesus has made his own. The christian community has well earned the reputation of “shooting their wounded” having suffered similar treatment in my walk, I refuse to join or associate with any human institution, the corruption inherent is much to much to endure eg. the catholic church, maryolatry, transubstantiationism, et al. Man has a flaw of needing merit, to earn reward, when Jesus has specifically repeatedly, made it painstakingly clear no amount of merit will ever appease. I will be paying particular attention for the accelerated attack on public ministries that have yielded fruit and earmark those doing the attacking for my own edification and caution. The digital information age has indeed accelerated human issues. Run the race, fight the good fight and be still and know He is God for “I know whom I have believed in and I am persuaded He is able to keep me.” I only wish christians would recognize the subvertive use of “divide and conquer” unleashed in digital attitudes I am experiencing currently. Almost as if beguiling spirits are tempting even the very elect, the symptomatic distemper is increasingly evident from my point of view and it is disturbing.

    • Cris Putnam says:

      Hugh, I tend to agree. Hal really got a lot of attention from Late Great Planet Earth and I think the basic eschatology is sound and biblical — the way the world is going, I think that in the long run, he just might be vindicated.

  6. Jerry B. says:

    Hmm,I just today stumbled upon this article and of course,,I find it quite in line with the Word of God.
    I would like to Encourage ALL believers in Jesus Christ,,the Son of the One True Mighty God,,,
    to Please,,,,read,,,eat,,,2 Timothy ch.3.ch 4 in particular.
    We are indeed living in the last days,,,I think anyone with any kind of Spiritual Discernment,,will agree.
    We are to In Deed! Preach the Word;be Instant(now) in season,,,out of season,,,Reprove,,,Rebuke,,,Exhort,,,
    with ALL longsuffering,,,AND,,,Doctrine.
    For the time HAS come,,,when they will not accept !! SOUND DOCTRINE,,,but after their own LUSTS,,,they will
    heap to themselves “teachers” having itchy ears.
    and they will TURN AWAY their EARS,,,from the Truth,,,and will be turned unto fables.
    I have read above that some would rather disrespect Brother Hal,,,but somes times ? I think it is ignorance “unlearned”.
    The Word says,,,to him that knows to do good,,,and does it NOT,,,to him it is sin.
    Thank God we live in this period of Grace. God is indeed Merciful to us in our ignorance,,,but after this day,,,
    those that want to cut down,,,tear down,,,our Spiritual Brothers amd Sisters that teach us,,,
    Need to be Ware !
    In Psalm 105:15,,,God Almighty says,,,,Touch NOT !! My Annointed,,,do MY Prophets,,,NO HARM.
    This means with our mouths also.
    So,,,,Today ! is the Day of Salvation. Please choose right.
    To continue cutting God’s Annointed,,,now you have no cover for your sin.
    God is Love,,,but whom He Loves,,,,He corrects.
    I Bless you ALL in Jesus name.