Exo-Vaticana: Will Evidence for Panspermia Spawn a Global Religion?

By Cris Putnam
Exo-VaticanaEvolutionary biologists are stuck in a conundrum. Because the evidence for the naturalistic origin of life on Earth is so severely lacking, scientists have proposed that life was seeded here from outer space. The term for this idea, panspermia, derives from two Greek terms: pan, meaning “all,” and sperma, meaning “seed.” It’s actually an old idea. As discussed above, Louis Pasteur proved that spontaneous generation did not occur, but instead the air was full of bacteria, spores, and other forms of reproducing life. This suggested to a few biologists that outer space could be similarly endowed. Near the same time, Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species, which promoted the notion that life was constantly evolving over time. These two nineteenth-century paradigm shifts led to conflicting conclusions regarding the origin of life. Pasteur believed that his work supported Divine Creation, but Darwinists thought that life probably evolved from nonlife. However, when early primordial soup ideas fell into disrepute due to recognition of cell complexity in the early twentieth century, evolutionists postulated that life had never originated, but instead was eternal. Scientists like Englishman William Thomson (Lord) Kelvin and German Hermann von Helmholtz promoted the idea. For example, Helmholtz proposed in 1871:

It seems to me a perfectly just scientific procedure, if we, after the failure of all our attempts to produce organisms from lifeless matter, put the question whether life has had a beginning at all, or whether it is not as old as matter, and whether seeds have not been carried from one planet to another and have developed everywhere that they have fallen on a fertile soil.[1]

In like fashion, Svante Arrhenius, a Swedish scientist who won the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1903, argued that life-producing spores “have been transplanted for eternal ages from solar system to solar system and from planet to planet of the same system.”[2] Accordingly, the early forms of undirected panspermia were based on an eternal universe born out of the need to avoid the origin of life entirely. This suggests that modern astrobiology is similarly motivated.

While former Vatican Observatory Research Group (VORG) director George Coyne has suggested that the “stars are God’s sperm,”[3] naturalistic panspermia faces serious challenges. First and foremost, life in space has never been shown to exist. But even if allowed for argument’s sake, only if the seeds are encased deeply inside mineralized rock for protection could their survival be deemed remotely possible. How this could occur is the focus of intense research.[4] Even though he denied the VORG’s current involvement in astrobiological research during an interview with the authors of Exo-Vaticana,[5] Vatican astronomer Guy Consolmagno, who specializes in meteors, indicated in 2004 that he was working with NASA astrobiologist Lynn Rothschild on whether meteorites are adequate for transporting life to earth.[6] Evidence suggests that some microbes can survive the radiation in space, but the intense heat of entry into the atmosphere still poses a serious challenge. This leads many to assume intelligent causation.

In 1973, directed panspermia was put forth by Nobel Prize-winning Dr. Francis Crick along with Dr. Leslie Orgel of the Salk Institute. This goes far beyond microbe carrying meteorites or wayfaring spores on holiday and we believe provides ample fodder for a diabolic ruse. The abstract of their famous paper, “Directed Panspermia,” reads:

It now seems unlikely that extraterrestrial living organisms could have reached the earth either as spores driven by the radiation pressure from another star or as living organisms imbedded in a meteorite. As an alternative to these nineteenth-century mechanisms, we have considered Directed Panspermia, the theory that organisms were deliberately transmitted to the earth by intelligent beings on another planet. We conclude that it is possible that life reached the earth in this way, but that the scientific evidence is inadequate at the present time to say anything about the probability. We draw attention to the kinds of evidence that might throw additional light on the topic.[7]

They go on to suggest that life could have “started on Earth as a result of infection by microorganisms sent here deliberately by a technological society on another planet, by means of a special long-range unmanned spaceship.”[8] It is important to note that Crick and Orgel were driven toward this fantastic notion because of their doubt that random evolutionary processes could account for the complexity of the recently discovered DNA molecule, and we believe that the problem has not significantly changed since. Consequently, directed panspermia is gaining traction, especially in popular parlance.

Kenneth J Delano

Delano: Life on earth spawned from ET refuse heap!

In Exo-Vaticana’s chapter on astrobiology, we refer to the work of Dr. Michael Heiser, who speculates that scientific evidence seeming to affirm that life on Earth was seeded from space could potentially inspire an inclusivist global religion. In regard to panspermia, he wrote, “It will be the paradigm that allows the atheist to tolerate religion, and allows literalist Bible-readers, the eastern Buddhist, and the pagan to simultaneously parse the new science the same way. This might in turn be useful fodder for a global religion.”[9]  A Catholic priest and astronomer, Kenneth J. Delano, wrote in an officially sanctioned Catholic book on Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI), “Our religious sensitivities ought not be shocked by the idea that the evolutionary history of the human body might be traced back ultimately to a primordial refuse heap left by visiting ETI when Earth was young.”[10] In other words, we might have evolved from ancient alien garbage. He adds, “No great theological difficulty should present itself if we discover that ETI played an important part in the formation of the human race.”[11] Based on this pseudoscientific foundation and the work of theologians like Teilhard Chardin, Thomas O’Mera, Giuseppe Tanzella-Nitti, and Karl Rahner, Roman Catholicism has the scientific and theological structures in place to lead the charge to an alien inspired global religion. Read Exo-Vaticana to learn more.


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  1. Nick says:

    Oh brother! The stars are God’s sperm . . . I thought I’d heard it all but this is just plain weird and since God has no wife he must be doing something naughty up there.. Come you guys . . you’re better than this. Are you deliberately trying to make the Christian community laugh itself out of relevancy and credibility and be laughed at by serious people in the science and religious communities?. I just don’t get this space alien schtick you guys are peddling. How can you keep a straight face on these interview shows?

    • Cris Putnam says:

      thought I’d heard it all but this is just plain weird and since God has no wife he must be doing something naughty up there.. Come you guys . . you’re better than this. Are you deliberately trying to make the Christian community laugh itself out of relevancy and credibility and be laughed at by serious people in the science and religious communities?

      Those are comments by George Coyne a Jesuit with 3 PhDs in science/theology. I don’t understand why you are directing this criticism to me, I did not say it, it’s the Jesuits who are saying these things, we are just reporting it. Perhaps if you would look at the footnoted sources you wouldn’t make this mistake?

      I just don’t get this space alien schtick you guys are peddling. How can you keep a straight face on these interview shows?

      I understand you don’t “get it” but you seem to be ignoring the data. You should read the book and get better informed, it’s not our “alien schtick” – we’re just exposing it – read a few of these articles HERE

      • Nick says:

        I’m not directing that comment at you Cris. Just the comment in general. I figured you had a laugh at it as well. I appreciate your patience with me and yes I do plan to read the book this weekend. After all you did say you were going to get hit hard by the critics.

        Your last book on Petrus Romanus was very good so this new one should be interesting. BTW I take the approach to UFOs critically and with a grain of salt. So looking forward to your book to see where it leads on the religious frontier.

    • owl says:

      How can you not see that these are all intellectually driven (human ego) attempts at producing another creation theory to unify religious and secular sides (political towards nwo religion) while demoting biblical creation?

      Satan’s tricks and manipulations are not really a laughing matter when your soul is at stake.

      • Nick says:

        The only devils and demons I’ve ever encountered all had human faces. Although I agree there seems to be an organised attempt to discredit biblical stories and accounts I don’t think there are evil spirits at work but evil people who have their own agenda. So I agree with you on that point but to posit the existence of extra-terrestrial entities (aliens or spirits) is only grasping at straws. Where’s the evidence for the existence of these things?

        There are nefarious secret socities out there with political objectives around population control and economic enslavement but ‘evil spirits’? Evil intentions yes . . not evil spirits.

        • owl says:

          So you are discounting the existence of evil spirits and numerous biblical accounts of such? If so, where do you think evil intentions originate from?

          Is evidence to you something that you can see with your physical eyes only?

          • Nick says:

            Not only with the eyes but all the senses and also as rational conclusions and scientific theories – such as gravity and human evolution. (I’m referring only ot the narrow definition of ‘evidence’ as phycial evidence’ not in the broad sense as artifacts).These two theories have a copuious body of facts and evidence behind them in which to draw rational conclusions. My grandson thinks that the sparkles he sees at night in his room are angels and fairies until I busted the myth and told him it was static electricity from brushing his hair against the pillow sheet. when he moved from side to side.

            I’m not discounting the existnece of spirits – I try to keep an open mind without being too attached to the stories or theories in which they originate. The Old Testament was written mainly in the iron age as stories about a particualar people chosen by a deity among many deities to confort them in their plight. Today most people don’t believe in Zeus, Odin or Ra – it’s fair to say they are discounting the existence of those gods. In fact in the context of modern day they are atheists concerning those gods but theists concerning the middle eastern deity Yahweh.

            I view space aliens as our modern demons and the theory of human evolution as our modern myth of creation. I subscribe (personally) to neither of them. but I do understand that they are employed to explain things that are unexplainable. And from that position they are myths explaining myths and don’t advance human knowledge and understanding of our world.

            But they make for great entertainment which is why I like to read them and discuss them with others. Thanks by the way for sticking with the discussion.

          • owl says:

            It is logical to conclude that when you expand your field of evidence rather than keeping it “narrow” your rational conclusions will change and expand with greater understanding. In that, if you are really open minded as you say then you may actually reach a point where you realize that the myth you are discounting is not myth after all and what your grandson sees is something that you lost as a child under similar circumstances of your parents or society telling you a side story. Jesus Christ said unless you are like a child you will not enter the gates of heaven. Think about that cause it requires not only innocence but spiritual eyes that we are born with before society sells us earthly “non-sense”.

            But you did not answer the question on where you think human evil intentions come from.

  2. Dee says:

    Despite religious mans best efforts to explain things or to presume that the above is an explanation of how we got here, as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man. “People basically did what they wanted, believed what they wanted.” No single antichrist is going to unite man together. I feel sad for all these very, very lost people.

  3. Nick says:

    It was in the uniting of mankind that God exercised his wrath against humanity scattering them everywhere and dividing their language. Shouldn’t God be celebrating the cosequences of his wrath against mankind at the tower of babel? Language is a cultural determinant. When God divided language he (ipso facto) divided religion, culture and tribes. To assume that God is now angry that people believe what they want to believe seems inconsistent with the biblical narrative, in my view.

  4. louthesaint says:

    Babel was the dividing of language which gave rise to religion, culture and tribes “And the Lord said behold, the people is one, and they have all one language”……… Gen11:6

    Satan’s whore, Mystery Babylon will cause all the people to ‘speak in unity’ in one (ecumenical spiritual language) in adoration of the Image of the beast. Rev13:8,15

    The proponents of ecumenism say that in the new unification, it would not matter which God you worshipped just as long as you worshipped an image representing God. I do not believe that to be a literal Image to which a modern humanity renders worship, I see it as a ‘spiritual image’ established in the heart of men, The God of ones choice, even Self.

    What most Christians seem to neglect or do not realise is that Babylon has not only evolved to be the Great economic power of the end-Times but that she is also very Religious. Listed among all her merchandise is the :Souls of Men” Rev18:13
    In the doctrine of the sale of indulgences the souls of men are trafficked in Babylon.
    The gods of ancient civilisations were always worshiped by imagery and always associated with the economical power of that civilisation.
    In every country in the world today, economic powers are holding meetings to establish Global systems with intent to Control the activities of every nation on earth.
    All nations are in the grip/fold of Mystery Babylon. those who will not acknowledge her satanic highness and will not drink from the cup of her fornication, will suffer the same consequences, as did the Seed of the Woman in the dark Ages. Rev13:15
    The beast has not changed; he has just faded into the background and still has all the powers of the “first beast” the power of the Lion, the Bear and the Leopard Daniel7

  5. Nick says:


    There certainly does appear to be a political and economic agenda to bring the human population into a more controlled system of living and working. I think the entertainment business and media are pushing that agenda at us at light speed. The propoganda machines are working overtime to whittle away our freedoms in exchange for a false sense of security. Whatever you call it – Mystery Babylon, the New Age of Aquarius or the Fifth Age, the powers that control the banking systems, political parties and religious institutions are cooperating in a satanic agenda to destroy the image of God within all of us by tempting us with the original sin that we can become gods. This new age claptrap has been hard at work since the 60s with some major victories scored in the last few decades.

    Have you ever really watched the original movie The Wizard of Oz from the 1930s? There you’ll see the whole agenda laid out in metaphorical images and concepts. And it’s clear that story represents the economic agenda of a new world system. The original novel called The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum written in the late 19th century had Dorothy wearing silver slippers but the 1939 movie gave her ruby red slippers. Ever wonder why?

    My thoughts.

  6. louthesaint says:

    Nick said; (Mystery Babylon, the New Age of Aquarius or the Fifth Age, the powers that control the banking systems, political parties and religious institutions are cooperating in a satanic agenda to destroy the image of God within all of us by tempting us with the original sin that we can become gods)

    I think that you and I are saying the same thing. All of these things will be brought into the melting pot when God does this 2Thes2:11,12
    Now, some are saying that the “strong delusion” gonna to be the ‘Alien thing’ by the revealing.
    I do not reckon so. The strong delusion is a work of God on the mind of all the wicked, Giving them over to false Worship.
    Even the “Lawless one” of 2Thes2:4 exalts himself as a god above gods.
    The fact that all of this transpires within the context of the final great Apostasy suggests that it is a religious scenario that is to be played out upon the whole world.

    In the days before the Flood the progeny of the Nephilim built a great city and temple where Posiedon was worshipped, they formed a great economic power that aspired to rule the pre-flood world “There is nothing new under the sun” only for the fact that the coming judgment is to be by a divine fire the second time around. 2Pet2:12

    • Nick says:

      It’s no coincidence that the Vatican, The City of London and Washington DC are all three sovereign states within states. One is a religious powerhouse (Vatican), one is a military powerhouse (Washington DC) and the other is an economic powerhouse (THe City of London). All three of these together form the ingedients essential to manipulate the public and force their unified agenda – money, might and myth