Exo-Vaticana: Astrobiology and Exo-Planets

The astrobiological faith is greatly encouraged by recent discoveries of exoplanets. Prior to 1995, there was no evidence for any planets outside of our own solar system. That has changed dramatically, as scientists now estimate billions of planets exist although only 865 such planets have been identified as of this writing. Although the progress is remarkable, out of those, only nine (a mere 1 percent) are classified as potentially “habitable.” Accordingly, the search for planets around other stars is a key component in the search for extraterrestrial life. It is an exciting time in this endeavor. The NASA-owned Jet Propulsion Laboratory hosts a website called “Planet Quest: The Search for Another Earth” (see http://planetquest.jpl.nasa.gov/). In fact, you can even join in on the search at www.planethunters.org by helping sift through the data from the Kepler space probe. To say they are enthused would be an understatement. There are several motivating factors. First, the existence of many extrasolar planets is used to imply that the Earth is not special. Second, it is assumed that planets positioned similarly to Earth in relation to their star are indeed like Earth. Third, astrobiologists argue that because the universe contains millions of planets, there is a high probability that life has evolved on some of them. The bottom line is that atheistic naturalists believe the existence of extraterrestrial life is a confirmation of their worldview, and this makes the Vatican’s involvement all the more peculiar.


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  1. hopeful_watcher says:

    Or its all pretense for when they “discover” intelligent life outside our own planet to promulgate the panspermia theory or to seek out saviors from other planets to save us from our woes.

    To help support the idea of aliens from other planets, it helps to find other planets that are hospitable to life.

    • Cris Putnam says:

      It really is a worldview issue. If you refer back to the video on the Copernican principle, the idea that the earth is a mediocre planet leads directly to the idea that many earth-like planets must exist.

  2. Sam Spade says:

    I have just started reading the book, Exo Vaticana. I am barely into the third chapter and the contents have opened a Pandora’s Box that the world ignores at its peril. Although the book, ‘Alien Deception’ by Gary Bates was an eye opener, Exo Vaticana gets into the dark depths of the involvement that the Church of Rome has in connection with fallen angels masquerading as benevolent, extraterrestrial beings. My only regret is ordering the book elsewhere before I found this website, thus depriving myself of the companion DVD.

    One has to wonder why these alleged “aliens” deny the bible, state that Jesus is merely an ascended master, that they themselves are our creators (via genetic engineering), and how they alone can save us. The earth is a mere speck in the universe, and if life really does exist elsewhere in more advanced and exotic forms, why the interest in us? There is little doubt in my mind that we are being deceived by the same fallen angels that have been weaving this deception into the very fabric of our psychology since Genesis.

    Currently, I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Like other places in the world, Canada has seen a considerable increase in UFO activity. Indeed, the city of Calgary is now the second most prolific UFO “hotspot” next to Toronto. it would also now appear than the Canadian government is now not “officially” investigating UFO sightings, and the gathering of all such data has been left to a few dedicated UFO organisations.

    As a licenced investigator with level II secret clearance with the federal government, I am sorely temped to (discreetly) look into how deeply Ottawa is involved in this research, and if any links involve NORAD, Area 51, and perhaps even the Vatican itself. However, I am afraid of what I might find, and where it might lead.

    • owl says:

      If you want to explore that rabbit hole, search for the “dulce book” online and phil schneider’s testimony on the subject matter who was killed for leaking the info. It is a disturbing reality but valuable to be aware of moving forward.

  3. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    Sam Spade, go for it. Don’t be afraid, unless you have reason to believe either Canadian or American government interference or intimidation.

    I know that’s very easy for me to say. Nevertheless, give it a shot.

  4. Sam Spade says:

    Thank you, Owl & Joseph. I will look into the “Dulce Book. ”

    Governments do not like people who are too nosy. I’ve seen people drummed out of government jobs simply because they asked the wrong questions – perhaps even innocently. How long do you think that Edward Snowden will stay alive once the CIA catch up with him? It is easy to fall afoul of the government, so one must tread carefully.

  5. Sam Spade says:

    What is the general opinion on alleged “alien” breeding programs? According to one author, Gary Bates, the fallen angels who first attempted this were imprisoned in Tartarus, and therefore the idea of alien/human hybrids is part of the overall deception.

    Any thoughts?

  6. Charles says:

    Cris, I would like to share with you and your readers a comment that I had written in reponse to a catholic physics professor who was talking about the Big Bang Theory. I wrote this response to what he had said on a catholic television show interview. He was saying that the Big Bang Theory could be accepted by catholic’s as the way that God created all the universe, based on the scientific data that science claims to have gathered about the Big Bang Theory. My first thought was, the catholic church teaches us the scriptures are the written source of the Truth of God… [The book of Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created heaven, and earth.] My comment that I wrote to this first verse of the Bible was. Here, heaven is the realm of the pure spiritual creatures that God created, and earth, where the Lord God would form and place man. It is clear that God in the very beginning created out of nothing the heaven and the earth. The firmament or what we call today visible space or the universe was made after the creation of the heaven and the earth. Therefore the Big Bang Theory must be wrong, because it claims the universe was brought into existence first about 14 billion years ago followed by the earth about 4 billion years ago. The logic of this theory goes directly against what God has revealed… Here I have copied and pasted from the Catechism of the Catholic Church… Number 296… We believe that God needs no pre-existent thing or any help in order to create, nor is creation any sort of necessary emanation from the divine substance. God creates freely “out of nothing”: If God had drawn the world from pre-existent matter, what would be so extraordinary in that? A human artisan makes from a given material whatever he wants, while God shows his power by starting from nothing to make all he wants. I also have copied and pasted what the Big Bang Theory states: Our sun is a late-generation star, incorporating the debris from several generations of earlier stars, and formed about 4.56 billion years ago, or roughly 8 to 9 billion years after the big bang. The formation and evolution of our Solar System is estimated to have begun 4.56 billion years ago with the gravitational collapse of a small part of a giant molecular cloud. Most of the collapsing mass collected in the centre, forming the Sun, while the rest flattened into a protoplanetary disk out of which the planets, moons, asteroids, and other small Solar System bodies formed. Here again it’s clear that the Big Bang Theory describes that the earth could have only formed from pre-existent matter, and the universe is older than the earth. The doctrinal teaching of the Catechism leads us to understand, what God has revealed in the scriptures is Truth; and the teaching of the Big Bang Theory is contrary to the revealed Truth of God…
    God bless…

  7. Sam Spade says:

    Does anyone here have an opinion or at least know of a resource that deals with alleged alien (demon) human hybrids and their role during the tribulation?