Blood on the Altar

I contributed a chapter to this new book. Because the issue of same sex marriage is the definitive issue between liberal and conservative protestants, I framed it as the main issue and argued for the classical Christian stance.

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  1. Hugh says:

    Thank you for contributing chapter nine in “Blood on the Altar”. For purposes of self study – some questions?
    1] “Who” and or what “organizations” are conceding Western culture has entered a post-Christian era? see p.203 (Is your statement focused on only secular sources eg., Time Magazine?)
    2] What scholars are you thinking about that oppose Ehrman and are defending the historical reliability of scripture? see p.207 ( eg., Craig Blomberg’s, “The Historical Reliability of the Gospels”)


  2. Tom Horn has got his finger on the pulse of prophetic events that will soon unfold.

    So many modern prophecy students view Muslim extremism to be the ones who will kill in the name of God, including even having an antichrist character to lead them. This is a farce and the Muslim “antichrist” will be a fallguy. What will follow WW3 brought by Muslim nations (with Russia and China) against Israel and the west will be an all out slaughter, but the supernatural (probably in the form of UFOs with an impostor jesus at the helm) will rise and defend the Jews, the Vatican and western ideals against evil extremism.

    The world will rejoice believing God has rescued them and they will have their one world government and religion. They will be echumenical Christians merged with the other world religions, but no righteousness will be in them.

    “Woe to Us When Good Defeats Evil” because the good is a farce and not of God. They will demand blood on the altar for the supposed indiscretions of disciples of Jesus who place faith in the king over authority of the worldly church. Those who say Jesus is the only way will be promoting a religion of intolerance, which ironically will not be tolerated.