Billy Graham’s Legacy of Political Idolatry

By Cris Putnam
It pains me to write this but I have lost all respect for Billy Graham and his organization. Just as I Am: the Autobiography of Billy Graham begins intriguingly framing Billy’s career between two US Presidents: Truman in 1950 at the dawn of the Korean War and President Bush forty two years later with the North Korean nuclear issue. From the heights of international intrigue and diplomacy, the reader is plunged to a rural dairy farm outside of Charlotte, NC where Billy grew up and experienced conversion during the altar call of Mordecai Fowler Ham.[1] After his meteoric rise, Graham had the ear of every President from Truman to Bush Jr.

Transparently, he admits he was a naïve star-struck country boy. Accordingly, Graham usually assumed the best about politicians and it is clear that they used him for political expediency. For instance, John F. Kennedy took him golfing and then unexpectedly thrust him into a press conference ill-prepared. At the time there was a lot of tension surrounding Kennedy’s Catholicism. Graham recalls, “Though Mr. Kennedy was using me for his own purposes, I didn’t mind speaking out.”[2] While the issue of a Catholic president had significance, later developments are more troubling. Graham maintained a close friendship with Lyndon B. Johnson of whom history reveals had a questionable agenda. Johnson’s premise for the Vietnam War, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, has been discredited by a NSA study declassified in 2005 revealing it was a manufactured to justify US intervention.[3] We entered that war based on a known lie from our President. How many were killed and maimed? Graham was also very close to Richard Nixon whom he defended during the Watergate investigation. Later, when the tapes went public, Graham writes he was shocked by the deviousness and foul language. Yet, Graham himself was caught as well. He writes, “I felt physically sick, and went into seclusion…”[4] Even so, Graham later encouraged Gerald Ford to pardon Nixon,[5] a decision which is still very controversial. In the end, he laments,

“If I had it to do over again, I would also avoid any semblance of involvement in partisan politics.”[6]

That statement earned my respect when I first read it and you are left with the impression he learned his lesson. Unfortunately, he did not and my respect has gone the way of The Billy Graham Evangelism Association’s integrity. It’s gone.

If anything he has stooped to a new low. Graham has not only given a tacit endorsement to a Mormon Bishop Mitt Romney, he prayed with him and did not utter a word against Mormonism. It is not at all clear to me that Romney has any genuine convictions on abortion or same sex marriage. His alleged positions seem to be nothing more than expediency given his record. Nevertheless, in light of the pluralism of our culture and the LDS propaganda which promotes the lie that they are merely a different “Christian” denomination, this is unconscionable. Now the media has uncovered that The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has scrubbed their website of all references to Mormonism as a non-Christian cult. This is the worst kind of revisionist political expediency.

The Graham association has defended its actions saying they did not want to divert the political discussion with theological debate. Ken Barun, BGEA chief of staff, told CNN, “We removed the information from the website because we do not wish to participate in a theological debate about something that has become politicized during this campaign.”[7] In doing so, they have made their priorities clear. Unfortunately, for all intents and purposes, they have admitted that politics takes precedence over theological truth. Truly, they are no longer a ministry and their 501C status should be revoked. It seems crystal clear that political conservatism is an idol for many American evangelicals and the Billy Graham organization brazenly promotes this idolatry. It is spiritual whoredom. What happened to epiphany in Just as I Am Billy?
Also see A Wideness in God’s Mercy? for John MacArthur’s rebuke of Graham’s inclusivist soteriology.
In case you are wondering, my personal views are expressed very well by Judge Napolitano, I view partisan politics as the bread and circuses of the new millennium.

As of today, I am convinced that partisan politics is nothing but idolatry.

[1] Billy Graham, Just as I Am: the Autobiography of Billy Graham (NY: HarperOne, 1997) 29.

[2] Ibid, 396.

[3] Robert J. Hanyok, “Skunks, Bogies, Silent Hounds, and the Flying Fish: The Gulf of Tonkin Mystery, 2-4 August 1964”, Cryptologic Quarterly 20, 1 (Spring 2001): 175.

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  1. Doug DAy says:

    Who is accursed?
    Those who cannot forgive or those who overlook the imperfections in people.
    At least Billy Graham preached the Gospel.
    That is all any of us are tasked with doing.
    The writer seems to expect perfection because Billy spoke about it as his right.
    But I doubt he ever claimed perfection.
    Billy could have done much more damage depending on his corrupt human condition.
    If the writer is incensed it is because the writer chooses so.
    Perhaps the writer should remove the plank first?

    • Jim says:

      Did you read the article? The author is talking about the fact Grahm just wrote a book saying he regretted getting mixed up in partisan politics, then almost the next day endorses a cultist then scrubs his website of anything that talks bad about that cult… get a clue Doug.

  2. john B says:

    Cris said; ‘It seems crystal clear that political conservatism is an idol for many American evangelicals and the Billy Graham organization brazenly promotes this idolatry. It is spiritual whoredom’.

    I do detect the spirit of Elijah resounding within that statement of yours.. Good on You!

    Doug; Solomon in all his wisdom ended up an ecumenical appeaser of His many whores!


    john b

  3. Mick says:

    Brother Doug,

    I kindly disagree with your framing the points in this article as an issue of “forgiveness.” Pointing out the words and actions of a fellow believer, especially one who is prominent and highly regard by the sheep, that puts them in a position squarely against the Word in general, and Gospel in particular, is exposing darkness. Forgiveness may in fact come into play later, but as there has been no repentance or request for forgiveness, you speak prematurely and misdirect the point of the article.

    In that regard, you state, “At least Billy Graham preached the Gospel. That is all any of us are tasked with doing.” My answer to that assertion, sir, is Ephesians 5:11, as well as the 600 plus other direct commands of our Lord in His Word. I won’t but mention that Dr. Graham, during his many stadium events, when Roman Catholics would respond and come down, they were handed over to Catholic priests. What Cris has brought to our attention are actions that confirm the ecumenism of Dr. Graham that have existed for decades.

    Further, Brother Cris has clearly demonstrated his sadness in bringing this information to the attention of the sheep. As a watchman myself, please let me testify that there is no joy or happiness, apart from serving the Lord, to identify a Christian teacher’s going astray from truth into error–it is truly a heartbreaking experience. Not only that, there is such spiritual sorrow for a true watchman who does what he does in love, that physical illness is often as result, as well.

    In short, Brother Doug, you seem to judge Brother Cris because he has discerned truth and error, and sounds the warning, and judging such discernment as wrong is clearly something we’re not called to do by our Lord.

    Food for thought, my Brother. May the Lord bless us all as we rightly divide His Word.


    • Doug says:

      Jesus needs no help from you there.
      He already knows the sins of us all.
      Billy has committed no sin Christ wasn’t familiar with.
      Judging Cris?
      Search my heart if you can.

      • Cris Putnam says:

        Doug, Yes I am judging! There is nothing wrong with sound judgment and we are encouraged to do so (1 Co 2:15). It’s not a matter of perfection, you are letting your emotions cloud your better judgment. It is not personal. This is crystal clear. Anyone who does apologetics knows we are fighting a losing battle against the tide of pluralism and inclusivism. The world does not want to hear that Jesus is the only way. Apparently Graham does not believe that anyhow! Mormonism is deceptive cult that leads people to hell. When a high profile ministry like the Billy Graham organization removes all references to Mormonism as a cult for political expediency, that is compromising the truth and deserves rebuke.

        • Andreia B says:

          Spot on, Mr. Putnam! Spot on! If people cannot stand and vocalize The Truth, then we all can be easily persuaded by the deceit and lies!

          King Solomon was the wisest (next to Paul (Rav Shaul), to me personally).

          The actions of Billy Graham Evangelical organization tells me more than what they (really) stand for!

          Judge a tree by the fruits they bear. If those fruits are rotten, do you continue to eat them (even though you’re hungry?). I don’t think so! Even Christ Y’Shua expressed His grief over the trees which ripen at the wrong season!

          Take the Holy Bible literal, folks! This is real!

          Mr. Putnam put in many long hours in studying texts of the Holy Scriptures. His efforts to convey and interpret them are stupendously commendable, (personally) very well written and highly appreciated and recommended!

          Thank U, Mr. Putnam! Thank U for allowing me to express my feelings, too!

      • Mick says:

        Doug, no one said Jesus needed any help of any kind; rather, while He knows the sins of us all, the sheep are led astray by those they look up to when they are in error, and masking Catholicism as a cult is an error, regardless of whether anyone considers it a sin or not–it misleads the sheep.

        And I didn’t say you were judging Cris; rather, that it seemed that way, i.e., only something you can clarify one way or the other, as you’re correct, I don’t know the motives of your heart, only the words of your mouth.

        Lastly, Brother, while the actions, associations and words of Billy Graham in this matter are hand are a sin, that may be one question, but only one within the fact that it fits within the larger context of his prior statements denying the exclusivity of Jesus Christ as the only way to heaven.

        I hope this helps you to clarify that Cris pointing out these issues is a correct judgment, i.e., discernment of matters on truth and error of which the sheep need warning.

        Blessings, Brother!


  4. Doug says:

    Pray ye therefore to bring workers to the Harvest.
    He did that in spades.
    He was human, too.

    • Cris Putnam says:

      Doug 1) are you saying because Graham was a good evangelist that he is somehow immune from criticism? 2) Do you approve of removal of the references to Mormonism as a cult from the BG website to promote Romney? 3) Do you approve of BG’s stance that unbelievers are saved without accepting the Gospel?

      • Zach says:

        Chris, I really feel in my spirit that Doug is a government/CIA disinfo shill, who is paid to stir stuff up on comment boards such as this one. I wouldn’t entertain him anymore. At the very least, he is a blind and ignorant person, who does not rightly divide truth from error. It is clear that Graham has gone to the dark side. In fact, I have evidence he was always on the dark side. People who have come out of Satanism and gotten saved have implicated him as being a high level Satanist, playing his part in the Illuminati/Luciferian, New World Order. I do not say this lightly. I have done my research and though this is very sad, I believe it to be true. I believe this was possible due to the enemy’s sophisticated mind control technology. In other words, Graham has Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD)/Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and the “Christian” part of him, which most people see to make the deception believable, is only 1 of many personalities. His interview with known apostate and occult universalist, Robert Schuller, in the 90’s where he propagated universalist ideals, was very telling. But I have found legitimate quotes from him going back to the early part of his ministry where he denied Jesus being the only way, contradicting what he said in his crusades. Also he is quoted in a Masonic book written by a Mason and a minister called, The Clergy and the Craft(1970). In it he endorses the cult of Demolay, the Masonic group for youth. I can’t completely understand how a Satanic man with an alter Christian personality can still lead people to Jesus. I guess it comes down to the awesome sovereignty of our Lord. Expect the media to have a hay day when Graham passes. They will use him in promoting their ecumenical one world religion. I will end with this because I feel it applies to Graham. Luke 6:26 (NKJV) Woe to you when all men speak well of you, For so did their fathers to the false prophets. Peace and grace be with you, Chris.

    • Dustin Files says:

      Apparently that is what Doug is saying… Im sure that Graham really did bring some people to the true knowledge of Christ but at the same time his stance here is deceptive and could in fact lead just as many people away…. Im in no position to judge Graham on his character because im the least among any of the commentors on this board, But Graham knows what he is doing when he supports Mormonism… Does not the bible say that some people would tell the LORD that they lead many to HIS name but HE will say I knew you not?? Maybe that verse was for people like Graham and Joes Osteen… maybe not

  5. BT says:

    I know from personal experience the fallout from trying to expose darkness to believers who happen to be following in error. That is the nature of delusion,of course,in not knowing one is deceived,and then it appears human nature to defend one’s ego when bruised instead of at least acknowledging the purpose of the watchman to shine light on that error.

    In the past there have been some preachers that helped further my faith,but as I have grown in Christ,by His grace,I am more discriminating and discerning. Today I would not recommend them to anyone!

    “To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.”
    Isaiah 8:20

    It is all the more dangerous to mix in the bad with the good,for it’s more difficult to detect the poison when surrounded by sweetness.

    If those calling themselves Watchman will not sound the alarm,then who will?

    Way to go,Chris!


    • Cris Putnam says:

      Thanks BT! Believe me I do not take any joy in this. I live in NC and I live near and know members of the Graham family. I am sympathetic but this issue is crystal clear from a theological perspective.

  6. BT says:

    No,Chris,neither do I,but someone has to do it.

    Better the painful truth than a lie,in my opinion.

    “Faithful are the wounds of a friend,…” !


  7. Barbara Spellman says:

    All I will say is, if you want another 4 years of Obama, fine

    My feeling this election is going to be GOD’s choice, not ours.. It says in the Psalms GOD RAISES UP


  8. mikeysnoni says:

    Be careful, Chris, lest people lose all respect for YOU. When you have led as many people to Christ as Billy Graham has, then you will have earned the right to criticize him. Till that time, unless you can say something beneficial, you might be wise to keep thine opinions to thine self.

    • Cris Putnam says:

      Mike, How is my evangelism record relevant to the issue at hand? Is mormonism not a cult since BG removed it from his website? Do you actually believe that Billy Graham gets all the credit for people accepting the Gospel and consequently immunity from criticism?

      Is this sound doctrine Mike?

      • john B says:

        I find it mind boggling that those entrusted with the great commission can reason the Name of Jesus away, when the objective of the commission is to make disciples Baptising them in His Name Mat28:19

        To say that the name of Jesus is insignificant to salvation is a denial of Apostolic doctrine “If you confess with your mouth Jesus a Lord and believe in your heat that God raised Him from the dead You will be saved” Rom10:9

        As for R Shuller ‘Rev Wonderful’ Did he miss the narrow way all together! (the mercy of god has a wideness)
        The only wideness is the ecumenical road to Image worship of the ecumenical god of one’s heart.


        john B

  9. Mick says:

    Mike, “Seek not the praise of men . . .” Compromise of ANY of God’s Word is a sin, and to do so for the approval of men–yikes!!! For decades Billy Graham’s stadium revivals included handing off anyone who was Roman Catholic to their priests who were there! A Dr. Graham’s own denial of the exclusivity of Christ, wow! You can’t mix the Gospel with false gospel, nor more than you can be a Christian evangelist who hands people off to Rome!

    Beneficial? This is beneficial, it’s also obeying the Lord in that Chris is called as a Christian to expose this danger to the sheep, apparently like you, and your response is that you reject his warning? Wow!!!

    I will pray for you.



  10. Mick says:

    Mike, like Cris, I’m a watchman, but I warn only those in my network of believers, family and friends. As both I and Cris have stated above, there is no joy in pointing out anyone in the faith going from truth into error. That being said, please know that what I say next, I say to you in love and in truth.

    I run into people everyday very similar to you, Mike. There are so unbelievably many people who have “sacred cows,” teachers, evangelists, etc., that they virtually worship, and no truth can be spoken of such teachers without their virtual worshipers turning to defend, even with hatred, their favorite whomever.

    I pray for all of you who idolize any such men as Graham, MacArthur, Miller, Piper, you name it–it’s all virtual idol worship, and everyone of you who do this are already conditioned in your practice, conditioned for the next, and if I may add, greatest deceiver ever. And it simply grieves me to see so many already primed for the greatest deception by virtue of their clear inability to miss even simple deceptions of the false teachers and wolves who’ve invaded our church! I apologize if I seem to strong in anyway, but I have children, and family who are disciples of these false teachers, and to see them and my fellow believers going into darkness . . . heartbroken is just one of many words of what I feel.

    If all of our brethren spent as much time proclaiming the Gospel and defending Jesus Christ and His Faith as they do defending people who’ve deceived them, our nation and the world would be a much different place. I just praise God that all of this insanity somehow works inside of His plan.

    In the meantime, I do my part, and I love, I proclaim, and I warn.

    You have been warned, in His love and truth,


  11. Charity says:

    Praise God for all the Watchmen in these trying times for which we live! It is sad we have so few. God’s Word tells us to ‘know our enemy’ and would we not be cowards to keep the truths that we find, to ourselves? The One World Church is rapidly forming with much thanks to those such as Billy Graham! Be Bereans!

    I pray God blesses you all who are true to His Word!

  12. windsofchange says:

    I applaud you Cris, and the others as well for speaking the Truth!!!Thank You!
    Open their eyes Lord for there are more with us than against us~

  13. Trent says:

    I accepted Christ as my savior at a Billy Graham crusade in 1983 but have become disappointed in Rev Graham because of a statement of his were he indicated that Jesus was not the only way to heaven. While I will vote for Mitt Romney because his political beliefs are closer to mine that the alternative, I can do so without indorsing Mormonism. I am a ordained minister and have served as an evangelist myself and have led many to Jesus, but that does not put me above the truth or in some special category where I should be free from criticism if I water down the Gospel. I have known many Mormons and they are wonderful people, but because I don’t want see anyone go to Hell I have no problem telling them that what they believe is wrong and leading them there. Thank you Chris for your courage in speaking the truth. We as Christians need to pray for Billy Graham that he will regain a back bone and stand up for the truth again, and pray that Mitt Romney will come to a saving knowledge of the true Jesus. When I get to heaven I want to hear “Thank you for telling me about Jesus” and not here from someone on there way to Hell saying “Why did you say Jesus was only one of the ways to heaven, I believed you and look were I’m going”.

  14. tk says:

    I don’t think BG is endorsing mormonism. Is it wrong to side with someone whose policies you agree with, whose stand on abortion and homosexuality is closer to yours ( I know we can’t know mitt’s heart). We are not voting on his mormonism. If anything it may be a lost opportunity in not declaring that BG thinks that Mitt would be better for the country despite different theological views and then declare the Gospel view that we hold to. And I do think that we have an obligation to be informed, vote and be involved (w/o letting it become top priority). I know politics should not be our god, but as it was said of Nazi Germany: not enough good people took a stand. It took less than a majority for the Nazi regime to take over. If that is God’s plan, it will happen but let us each have a clear conscious that we stood up and spoke out. Yes BG is not perfect and rightly due criticism bot I’ll withhold mine of him til I’ve done .01% of advancing the Gospel that he has done.

  15. Douglas says:

    Is not a Tree Known by Its Fruit?
    Either the tree is good and produces good fruit, OR the tree is bad and its fruit is bad.
    Billy Preached the Trinity – i know that much.
    60 years of it must have produced a fruit or two.
    Watchers, apply your tests.

    • john B says:

      Douglas; there are many versions of the Trinity … see Alexander Hyslop’s book ‘the two Babylon’s it is free on Line..


      john b

  16. Great article Cris!

    Billy Graham was a product of his age. He believed the propaganda and became a pawn of Babylon’s system. It’s about time that we come out.

    • john B says:

      I’M out! been out for about 10 years…… Praise the Lord, never been so persecuted!

      Coming out involves repentance of the produced doctrines of Mystery Babylon, satan’s whore in opposition to the Bride of Christ..
      Plenty of bible truth to be revealed to those who come out…


      john B

  17. doug says:

    Does each man know God like his brother?
    How about The Son?
    Also, what about the Holy Spirit?
    John B…you mention persecution…do you know God, His Son, His Holy Spirit with the same intimacy as I do?
    Or is it different?
    Does that make the Trinity different in each case?
    Isn’t it still Father Son Holy Spirit?

    • Dimitrios says:

      Doug, I never saw you directly answer Chris’ questions. Please answer them so we all have a better frame of where it is you are coming from.

    • Dimitrios says:

      In case you have forgotten the questions or cannot find them…

      1) are you saying because Graham was a good evangelist that he is somehow immune from criticism? 2) Do you approve of removal of the references to Mormonism as a cult from the BG website to promote Romney? 3) Do you approve of BG’s stance that unbelievers are saved without accepting the Gospel?

    • john B says:

      Doug; it would be all the difference if it was another Jesus 2Cor11:4

      I believe that the ecumenical Jesus of Catholicism is another Jesus and as such not the one belonging to the Godhead. yes, there are many triniterian concepts which are not biblically founded.


      john B

  18. doug says:

    Jesus said to the crowd, “Cast ye not the first stone.”
    Who is immune from criticism?
    No one but the man who’s transgressions I overlook out of my devotion to Jesus.
    Our redemption we have no say in.
    Sanctification we have to work out.
    Billy did it his way.
    That Chris and others are sincere in their displeasure on how Graham did it, I do not doubt, but Jesus did not say to Peter, “If you love me, protect My Sheep.”
    He said, “If you love me, feed My Sheep”.
    What sheep are being fed here?

    • Cris Putnam says:

      Doug, I am working from the exhortation by the Lord’s brother Jude: ” Beloved, although I was very eager to write to you about our common salvation, I found it necessary to write appealing to you to contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints.” (Jud 3) Indeed when high profile leaders like Graham are giving Mormonism a pass, it is time to contend for the faith!

  19. Mick says:

    Only one thought comes to mind right now . . . all in love.

  20. James says:

    Mormons preach a different Gospel. Anyone who thinks Jesus and Lucifer are brothers, and wears under garments dedicated to Lucifer. Please. Why are we even debating? The idea that God came to earth and had sex with Mary to produce Jesus. By my understanding Mr Romney will one day be a God over a creation similar to our Universe, and he wants to start practicing by being President of the US. I have been catching Hades from friends and relatives because I refuse to vote for either. America is staring into perilous times. We are looking down the barrel of Armageddon today, because Abraham and Sarah thought they would help the Lord with his promised Heir. This is the way many people are trying to make me feel. One day you will stand in front of the Lord as a believer and claim you voted because the Lord and America needed your help. The only thing Mr Romney and Mr Obama need are our prayers. This is a short version…Lord Help Us…James

  21. doug says:


  22. Connie says:

    I too went forward at a BG crusade in the early 80’s only to be told to go back to my church, which is Roman Catholic, which at the time I was attending. I thought I heard the Gospel, I began to understand my sin nature and need of a Savior, but to send me back to the damning system that I should have come out of was unconscionable and put my soul at risk. Yes, I believe God does the saving, but to be so slipshod in evangelism is unfair and cruel. I believe those people like Graham who are careless in this are going to be held to great account.

    Those who hold popular men lilke Graham, which I did at one time, in such high esteem will one day discover to their great sadness that not only are they incredibly fallible, but there may be more going on behind the scenes. Graham held a private meeting on a train in the late ’40’s with one of the most dastardly representatives of the RC church, Bishop Fulton Sheen. They both parted saying that they were brothers doing God’s work, Sheen for the Catholics and Graham for the Prostestants and neither for the Lord. Also, it has been widely believed among Freemasons that Graham was a Mason. I cannot think of two more diabolical affiliations than those other than the church of Satan. Jude warns that the wolves were already at that time entering into the church. Do you honestly think Satan wouldn’t use high profile, popular men like Graham, Osteen, Warren, etc. to do his work in rallying the so-called church off the cliff into total apostasy? Can you say One World Religion??????

    Doug, keep defending Graham and his ilk. I don’t know Chris Putnam but I read his blog and he has a kind and gentle spirit as he seeks to not defend the wolves but to sound the alarm to the sheep. Jeremiah was thrown into a mudpit, Elijah was chased by the evil Jezebel, oh yeah and all of the Apostles suffered terrible persecution and martyrdom because they spoke up and defended the true Truth, so your criticisms and judgments do not come as a shock or surprise, just disappointing. Wake up my friend before you find yourself going off the cliff.


  23. Musclecar1975 says:

    Billy Graham is an apostate and an anti-christ. He has done more harm to the Gospel of Christ by linking arms with the Catholic Church, than any other so-called Christian leader, IMO.

    I am not the least bit surprised at Graham’s “Colin Powell” moment, as he is a 33rd degree mason (Dig a little deeper than usual and you will discover this), and Mitt Romney is a Mormon. The Morman religion is intimately linked with freemasonry (Ted Decker is a good authority on the ties between Mormonism and freemasonry.) Graham’s endorsement of Romney could be nothing more than one brother mason dong another brother mason a favor.

    BTW, any time a Christian leader has the ears of so many U.S. presidents tells me something is wrong with the Christian leader, especially if the majority of those presidents were also freemasons of high degrees.

  24. lisa says:

    I have to say in this day in time with Obama in office going agaisnt Israel , gay marriage, killing babies is just wrong. With only two choices us Christians have to pick a better choice. I dont think you should judge Billy Graham that is Gods work not yours. As Christian God tells us to forgive . If God forgives I dont know why you can not. All I know is God is in control. Lets give a story

    Jesus feed 5000
    What Jesus didnt do was form two lines
    .If you belive in me you can eat ,and then if you dont you can not eat.
    Jesus gave to all 5000 and as a christian you shoud too.
    besides I dont no of any perfect person. What I do know is we have 2 choices Obama, Romney and Israel is very important to Jesus and Obama just throws them under the bus. I dont agree with Romneys faith In Jesus, but it is clear he is better suited for this nation. but you have your views I wouldnt be quick to judge if I was you.
    What I do belive is billy loves Jesus with all his heart and gave his whole life to serving him.

    • Cris Putnam says:

      Lisa, what does this verse mean to you? “For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Is it not those inside the church whom you are to judge?” (1 Co 5:12)

  25. john B says:

    If tomorrow i was to side with Masons, Mormons, Catholics and preach an ecumenical Jesus, then let it be done to me what Cris has done about Billy Graham ‘exposing His herresy’

    No one is judging Billy Graham only what he says and does in the name of Jesus!
    We all have the God given right to do so to whoever it may be.
    Balaam had God’s anointing yet His doctrine became false and damnable!

    Regardless who wins the election it will have no bearing on Israel, as The elite Zionists who control the State of Israel also control the US.. all politicians are their puppets!


    john B

  26. Goodenemyofbest says:

    I won’t be voting for either one. For me, I no longer see any hope in political process. America is on the verge of utter and certain calamity (on many fronts) and only spirituality can save us. We (I) have hoped in political personalities and both parties led us to hell, perhaps one more quickly than the other. (debatable) If the Almighty does not show mercy upon us, we are done, financially alone, it’s a mathematical certainty. Prepare yourselves and your loved ones as best one can, mentally and spiritually for what is probably inevitable at this point in history. Hope I’m wrong. Blessings to all other imperfect travellers on the way who like me can only rely on His grace.

  27. doug says:

    @Lisa…Your comments remind me of Mark 14:1-9.
    Thank you.

  28. Phillis Dillis says:

    It is our duty as Christians to vote REGARDLESS. God will judge you.
    Your non-vote was a vote for a Muslim in the office President. In essence your non-vote was for Baal.
    If you aren’t for the conservative at the VERY LEAST vote AGAINST the liberals for Abortion and Homosexuality.
    Partial blood will be on your hands for NOT participating. The Germans heard Jews being slaughtered and did nothing. Same thing.

    • Cris Putnam says:

      Phillis where do you see that in scripture?

      • Phillis Dillis says:

        Well, Leviticus 20:13 directly states man should not lie with man. I don’t think I need to mention Sodom. So we should vote/stand against a candidate for homosexuality.

        Abortion – there are multiple verses throughout scripture on life in the womb.
        So we should vote to defend life in the womb.

        If you are looking for specific scriptures about voting, I couldn’t find any, but the Apostle Paul knew his Roman citizen rights and exercised them.

        There is no scripture that commands I brush my teeth and put on deodorant, yet I do, to upkeep my temple. For that matter, the word Bible isn’t in the Bible.

        Our forefathers fought and gave their lives for us to have freedom. Voting is one of those freedoms and as an American Citizen and Christian, I HONOR that sacrifice.

        I exercise my right to vote FOR the candidate against abortion and homosexuality and who is Pro-Israel. (Not to mention, euthanasia and the marijuana issues on the ballot.)

        Apathy/Complacency = Luke Warm

        • Cris Putnam says:

          Your statement about voting in the Bible was false. BTW I voted for Virgil Goode because he was a true alternative. He has consistently been pro-life – something NOT true of Romney. Thus, my choice was much more consistent with biblical values that yours. It’s not apathy at all, I care deeply. I think you are held captive in your thinking by the power elite. Do you think these politicians are honest? They are bought and paid for! I do not believe that electing a Republican would make any meaningful difference. We had Republicans as president with republican congresses several times since Roe Vs Wade – did abortion policy meaningfully change? Of course, I am against abortion and I do not endorse sexual sin. The issue here is that Mitt Romney’s record shows that he favored policies that promoted both when he was governor. He says what ever people want to hear, I wonder why you believe him. The issue here is that you are presented with a “choice” that largely is an illusion. If you did not watch the video I linked I suggest you do. It’s not a “conspiracy theory” its based on facts and Federal Judge Napalitano agrees with me. Perhaps it is time for you to consider that the country is being deceived by a wealthy elite class who chooses both sides in the so called right/left debate. Think about it.

          • Cris Putnam says:

            Look’s like the Mormons are having a revival!

            Billy Graham Evangelistic Association are discouraging conservative Christians from calling the LDS church a cult, a theological term with a specific meaning for Christians that morphed over the years into a broad rebuke.

            “I think this change in tone is significant, but it will be interesting to see how it plays out in the long run,” said J.B. Haws, a historian at Brigham Young University who researches public perception of the LDS church. “From a Mormon standpoint, it has to be encouraging, since the softening of the ‘cult’ rhetoric diminishes the ‘strangeness’ factor that is always tied to charges that Mormons aren’t Christians.”

            Read more:

  29. James Staten says:

    Phillis Dillis..since I have been receiving your e-mails privately. I think my response should be made public on the site. My other replies haven’t posted here. Romney instituted Romney Care in Massachusetts. It has been told by reliable sources that Romney’s people met with Obama’s people to draw up much of Obamacare. Romney was elected in one of the most liberal states in history. Now why? He worked with 87% of the elected Democrats in the state. He is a flip flopper on abortion. He met with homosexuals in Massachusetts who are along the lines of what are called “Log Cabin Republicans”, and that he wouldn’t stand in their way if they came along side him. My understanding is he came out opposing a ban on leadership positions for homosexuals in the Boy Scouts. Just in the last few weeks the cover-up scandal of the many years of perversion has come to light similar to Penn State. Please check the Republican plank because it listed as one of their pledges to divide the land and form a Palestinian State. God’s Wrath will be poured out on those nations that come to divide the land, and that come against the City of Jerusalem. As I write this Israel is being bombarded with missiles. My understanding is that Israel is about the size of New Jersey. So take away land, that will from a human perspective make the land indefensible and make the only alternative to perhaps go nuclear. God said that “it is his land” and it is never to be divided. Since 1991 the Republican party has called for a Two State Solution, but I don’t believe it has ever been part of their plank. Ask “Daddy Bush” about their Maine Compound being hit by the Perfect Storm (George Clooney) at almost the very hour the first Madrid Peace Conference convened to divide the land. Thirty foot waves nearly carried it out to sea, leaving only a shell. I voted for GW twice believing when he said that he would move the Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. No President will consider doing it since the law passed in 1995 because moving it would be a security issue. Mr Romney himself called for a Palestinian State. You need to realize that there is someone behind the curtain just like “The Wizard of Oz”. Our Government is a Two Headed Snake. Jesus said that Deception is one of the key words for the last days. There is no Political answer to Spiritual Corruption. After 9/11 our Country became Patriotic, not Repentant. If I might make a suggestion listen to Ole Pastor Lindsey Williams. I have listened to him for about 6 years. He was a Chaplain on the Alaskan pipeline 30 years or so ago. I knew months before about the Arab Spring. Before the countries started falling like dominoes, and why they are falling. He became friends of several of the Elite. Our currency is soon to be like the Weimar Republic. Wheelbarrows of worthless paper. The choice was either Sweet Poison or Bitter from a Political perspective. The scriptures tell me my citizenship is in Heaven. Look Up for our Redemption draws neigh. (This is a short version) God Bless, Jimmy

  30. Phyllis Guerra says:

    FYI – The email is made up so I have no idea what or who you are emailing privately. (That’s weird and makes you sound creepy.)

    I don’t believe in throwing away a vote. It’s like my view of gambling – just throwing money in the gutter.

    I’m aware that ALL politicians lie. My comment was directed at one of your commenters. I stumbled on this site thinking it was a site for defending Christianity. So you can imagine my surprise at the article cutting down one of our brothers in the faith.

    Mr. Putnam you don’t sound apathetic but a lot of other Christians do.

    • Cris Putnam says:

      Phyllis said “I don’t believe in throwing away a vote.”

      I don’t either, but throwing away a vote is voting for someone who doesn’t represent you. Neither Obama nor Romney represent me and since I am ultimate answerable to God and do not fear men, I could never in good conscience support either. Voting for a lesser of evils is the fear of man. “The fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is safe.(Pr 29:25)

  31. James says:

    Phyllis, You sound like you have thrown up your hands. Maybe that is a good start? Voting is different than having Faith. Voting for a man that denies the faith or voting for a man that claims he is of the faith in the end is futile. Mormons aren’t Christians, and after many years the BGEA suddenly takes down after his meeting with Romney that Mormons are a Cult. In one fell swoop Mormons are no longer Cultist. How convenient?. All I am trying to say is in the end (no pun intended) that be it Billy Graham or PC straddling that white picket fence hurts in more ways than one. Now it is going from bad to worse. Franklin never knew that Mormons where listed as Cultist on the BGEA Website. Someone else wrote it. Here’s a scripture for us all “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways”. Keep Looking Up, Jesus is Coming

  32. James says:

    I hope this link comes through. It sums it up. We could have saved ourselves this debate. An article about Franklin, Billy and the BGEA Foundation.

  33. Jonathan says:

    The simplicity of Gods word tells us that it is the Spirit of God through the hearing of the gosple that he opens our hearts to repentance and trust and belief in him. John 1:13 tells us we arre not born of men or our flesh but mostly mot our will but Gods will, and for anyone to take credit for the salvation of anyone is blasphmous and makes themselves the Spirit of God. Here in lies the problem with BG and other like him. Looking back to the many times I was made to watch him, mostly in his younger years, all saw and still see is pride. AND THEIR IS BUT ONE WAY A MAN MUST BE BORN AGAIN AND THAT OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD.