Astrobiology, the Vatican, and the Coming World Religion

This lecture was first made at The Prophecy Forum in Dublin, Ohio, November 16, 2014.

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  1. jaz says:

    Cris; prophecy will come together really fast by the efficacy of the “strong delusion” We are not to look for the delusion as something that will captivate the world by some ‘external’ supernatural event (UFO’s)
    That which Apostle Paul spoke of in His second letter to the Thessalonians as the “strong delusion” is the working of God himself by the giving over of those who love not the truth into the Lie. We understand this in the same way that God gives over to lust the homosexuals Rom2…This Lie also is a working by God in the mind of men and it has to do with false worship (The ecumenical lie) of unified worship of the beast and that of his image.Rev 13. (the beast and his image) is the ecumenical god of choice in the mind of those given over to the ecumenical lie.
    That is where the vatican comes in and is readily in control of such, using the illuminati doctrine of the Universal fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.This Masonic doctrine is also the messages of the Marian apparitions promoting unity and world peace.

    • hopeful_watcher says:

      Jaz, I have always agreed with you that the echumenical push is the strong delusion. There also is a component of who are “God’s elect” and the belief that some will have that they are while deluding themselves. This was exactly what the phariseas did.

      However, regarding the ufo issue. Believing in one thing does not negate the other. The ufos, if they come in the name of Jesus, would make an extremely potent catalyst that would drive an echumenical agenda.

  2. Bob Brown says:

    Good presentation Cris. Some believe that Satan will impersonate the return of Christ and claim to be Christ Himself. That would really deceive Christians who would not readily just accept an alien savior.

  3. Mike Bridges says:

    Why does everybody lean to their own understanding , and richly me, when we are admonished of it. I know little HEBREW , no Aramaic , no Greek and have no degrees in Latin or even English , for that matter. Proverbs 3:5 is my problem here. Comments with please no ad hominem consequences. I’m Bipolar which may explain all you need to know and ergo I’m a bit jittery plus irritable at 5:09am this June 8, 2015.

  4. In my opinion there are several fundamental true stories written in different religeous writings. However problems arise when they are written long after the prophet is not alive or not around anymore. In these cases they are made up by the authors own imagination and do not reflect the word of the prophet. It leads to opposed meanings in the same religion! Why do people question what is written? Why do people still stick to their opinion when the contrary has been proven?
    I started reading the book (In my mothertongue language which is Dutch, it is called:: Bepleit nooit onwetendheid”.or Never plead ignorance!
    The way we should live, is very simple, but people want to stick to their opinion, even when the contrary has been proven!
    Recently in South Africa they found perfectly balanced spheres wshich were embodied in old earthlayers, proving that long before actual mankind, another highly civilisation has existed on our planet. I have far more opinions, I am 67 years of age but feel strong and healthy. I want to show the world that is very easy to make it a better place to live.