Ancient Astronaut Theory Meets 2012

The History Channel has really been pushing the envelope lately. They got the attention of this apologist. Accordingly,  I just guest posted a piece called “Ancient Astronaut Theory Meets 2012” over on Chris White’s 2012 Deception site.  Just click the link above to give it a read.

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  1. cameron says:

    personally i dont understand why there is such a big debate over the whole ancient alien deception bullshit, . . ., .the ancient astronaut show on history has massive amounts of evedince showing that there was some intervention in the ancient times, imean come on people its time to realise that the questions we seek in life that are of the most importance will not be answerd by us humans who claim to know everything there is to know, scientific beleifs are frequently slammed to the ground , and the problem is we all beleive the shit were told we are no longer capable of arguing the fact of science or christianity we just trust every thing . and by the way this is a reply to guy who said that there was no alien intervention with regards to building the pyramids of gysa , we cant even build that kind of shit today so now how does its miraculously appear 2000 B.C with a bunch of niandathols as builders, even the catholic church admited that extra terrestrial life may exist . evolution(bullshit)religion ,good moral beliefs but still bullshit .we are all lead by mis-information misguided by ourselves trying to make sense of all that is around us and all that we do , time to open your eyes people we are living a dream there is something wrong about modern day beliefs they seem to belitle us give us a sense of inferiority to government a god etc. anyways watch the ancient alien episodes whether u believe in it or not , u will start to find incosistincies with what we are taught and learn throughout our life open your minds challenge peoples preachings look for peace within you instead of relying on institutions to guide your path for you we are the answers to all our problems time to start thinking for ourselves instead of our doctorined beleifs wich we all accept to be true but what makes these beleifs total and utter truth , i beleive in something bigger than me i beleive in a universal conciousness wich we are all linked to rather than having to bow down to something i cannot comprahend we are our own masters not some god. but we can only master ourselves according to how we work with the laws of nature


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