Prophecy in the News: Petrus Romanus

I was honored to appear on Prophecy in the News today with my co-author Tom Horn and our generous host Gary Stearman. Also a big thanks to Bob Ulrich for all of his work.

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  1. Mark says:


    I’d like to make mention once again of a comment I made a few posts ago. Watching this program of you and
    Tom on with Gary Stearman, I’m reminded of a study done by JR Church and Gary Stearman a number of years ago where they add up the 240 missing years from the Jewish calendar.

    Here is the essence of what really caught my attention. The year 5776 AM (Jewish calendar) is the year 2016 AD. The year 2016 AD is the year 6016 AL (Freemason calendar). Therefore, 5776 AL is the same as the year of America’s Declaration of Independence in 1776.

    The Jewish calendar is 240 years behind. The difference between the two, 5776 AM and 5776 AL is 240 years. How incredibly “coincidental”! This is no coincidence. There has to be a supernatural component to this. The establishment of these calendars was hundreds of years in the past.

    It is also no coincidence that 1776 is proudly displayed on the Great Seal pyramid. It appears that the Temple is to begin construction either in 2016, or possibly 3 1/2 years earlier in 2012. My bet is on another “Declaration” or signing of a covenant in later 2012 to begin this building.

    I attach again this short video by David Flynn for reference: … EsVPFdNju4

    Thanks again for your research and hard work.


  2. Mark says:

    The above video did not copy correctly, sorry. Here it is again…