10 Reasons Barack Obama is NOT the Antichrist

Chris White has done a masterful job here.


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  1. jaz says:

    Mr Obama lacks the status and magnitude of lawlessness required as indicated in the scriptures to be the antichrist.
    If Malachi Martin is correct about ‘Satan inthroned in the Vatican’ surely then it points to the ‘papal seat’ and its occupier as Antichrist. A ‘Boastful’ linage unbroken to this day claiming the vicarage of Christ as head of His church (Temple)
    That also supports the historical protestant understanding that there is no greater authority on earth that has usurped ‘divine status’ in all manner of lawlessness than the Popes of Rome.

    According to the Rev Ian Paisley who once held a seat in the European parliament representing Ireland; there is in that assembly a vacant seat which none occupy, it seat No 666. this information can be found on Paisley’s web site.

  2. Deirdre says:

    I can only think of ONE reason why he is not the antichrist…because there will not be ‘an’ antichrist.



  3. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    The fact that Pres. Obama doesn’t fulfill the criteria for the Antichrist does not mean he is not a precursor of how the Antichrist will behave, only with far more intensity and brutality.

    Jaz, if the video’s assertions are true, then the Pope can’t be the Antichrist, either. The Vatican does not have the type of army or influence that would result in the kind of genocide prophesied — nor, frankly, is it likely to. Many Western Catholics (and I speak as a former Catholic) do not take papal pronouncements seriously, those on birth control being the biggest example. We are centuries removed from the Vatican as a vast military and political power, despite its enormous wealth.

    • jaz says:

      The alignment with civil powers will restore the deadly wound! As it was so shall it be.. Fornication with the kings of the earth = concordats.

    • Daniel says:

      I can’t see the Pope as antichrist even though it is a popular Protestant opinion.

      Who is the liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, he who denies the Father and the Son. 1 John 2:22… The Pope is the “representation of Christ on earth”, it would be illogical for him to deny that which he represents Daniel 7 also states that he will speak words against the most high, and shall wear out the saints and shall seek to change times and laws (I can hear the SDA’s now).

      And ALL who dwell on earth shall worship it, those whose names were not written in the lambs book of life since the foundation of the world Rev 13:8…. I cannot see Islam worshipping the Pope, can you?

      In his place shall arise a contemptible person to whom royal majesty has not been given. He shall come in without warning and obtain the kingdom by flatteries…. Dan 11:21… The papacy is considered the oldest monarchy in the world. Is the head of the Vatican, which is it’s own country.

      The Antichrist is going to behead and persecute Christians who will not worship him or his image after denying Jesus and the father. Rev. 13:11-17

      Also the Bible refers to the antichrist as the Assyrian, modern day area of where Assyria is is around Iraq (technically)….

      I have recently read Peter Goodgame’s book on the Antichrist and it was really good, he suggests that the “Dying god” Nimrod/Assur/Osirus/Marduk/Apollo (same guy) will return in supernatural form, this is in the Mazzaroth as well as the constellation Orion the Mighty hunter is Nimrod, who as you’ll recall is compared to Lucifer as attempting to sit his throne in the stars above the Most High (this makes sense in proclaiming again to be god and denying Jesus Christ and YHVH). There is also Joel Richardson and Walid Shoebat that look to Islam as the genesis of the Antichrist. They both have merits to their arguments. For one thing, while I say it is much much easier to say who the antichrist will not be it is very very difficult to find out who he will be.

      Plus I tend to agree with Cris Putnam and Tom Horn that the Pope is better suited as the False Prophet and I see the Vatican as the woman who rides the beast, Mystery Babylon who has commited idolatry with the rulers of the world, clothed in scarlet and purple very decadent. So if that were the case then the Pope as the false Prophet would be a better fit as the Beast from the earth (False Prophet) and not from the sea (Antichrist).

      • jaz says:

        Thanks for you input Daniel, but I see things differently….The false prophet is the Man of lawlessness of 2Thes2 see also Rev13:12,13 He, (The lawless one) is the Apostate antichrist …
        Dispensationalism look for a political figure a the antichrist..
        .Apostle John clearly states in 1Jn2:19 that “antichrists went out from Us” The Apostolic Body! Antichrist is Religious.. Now; Papal Rome the “Two horned prophet’ combines both Religious an it has a political agenda It always did.
        Furthermore;The “Mystery of lawlesness” is predominantly a ((((counterfeit form of Christianity)))) and there is only one spiritual entity upon the earth that manifests this counterfeit in the denial of Christ by having usurped His (Jesus) divine authority in the long lineage of Papal Rome. The legs of Iron extends into the feet of “Iron & clay”
        Time will shortly tell..Blessings to you and all

        Do some research on the European Union and see who really pulls the strings!

        • louthesaint says:

          Hello Jaz, I believe that you make a very good point by connecting 1Jn2:19 with 2Thes1:3,4 and Rev13:12,13
          Antichrists according to 1John 2:19 are those who have departed from the Foundational Apostolic Faith.
          They can be classified as Apostates, Apostles of a false faith, or of a different faith. These are in a state of Apostasy, which is in full agreement with what Paul says about the Man of Lawlessness in 2Thes1:3,4 that the Man of lawlessness is revealed in the realm of Apostasy or that he appears within the final apostasy prior to the return of the Lord. we cannot separate the Lawless one from the Apostasy by placing him outside the realm of Christendom but only in the ecumenical realm is he also propagating his Babylonian lawlessness for the unification of the Beastly Image worship.Rev13:15
          Apostate antichrists are not anti christian as such, but they deny the divinity of Christ 1Jn2:23 by another Gospel and Authority. That can surely be said about the Roman church, considering and taking into account the claims of the papacy with their authoritative status. The Titles bestowed upon and accepted by the popes is enough to prove this denial. False Jesus’ abound in all Apostasies.
          I cannot think of any other (religious-political) institution that has the resemblance of a ‘two horned Lamb that speaks as a dragon’ but the papacy Rev13:11

          • louthesaint says:

            sorry, that Thessalonians passage above should have been 2Thes2:3,4

  4. hopeful_watcher says:

    Joseph, you don’t necessarily need a strong free standing army to rule the world. Just a strong following who feel justified in their actions against evil. I believe there will be a huge Christian genocide (lumped in with other fanatical religious zeolots) at the hands of Lukewarm Christians.

    The German genocide didn’t happen because Germany had a strong army, although that kept it from being stopped. They had Genocide because the people of Germany bought into the belief that the hardships they endured was at the hands of another and that Hitler’s actions were making their life better and with meaning. The genocide happened because.the whole of the German people turned a blind eye which allowed a small scale amount of soldiers to control a minority.

    Genocide might look different than past ones as well. If a pandemic or famine sweeps the world, it may simply be that medicine and food goes to followers and the rest are denied.

    Disciples of Jesus (not Christians in name only) will be in the minority.

    Doubly so for justifying their actions, if they receive assistance against their perceived enemies from”space brothers”.

  5. Daniel says:

    I honestly can’t believe that this foolish idea gained so much popularity. When using scripture as a barometer, Obama clearly isn’t THE Antichrist. While I understand that prophecy is an extremely hard subject, with virtually no chance of consens some pop claims are just sensationalist nonsense. Overall Chris White does an excellent job when it comes to handling a lot of these wild claims. I just watched his video on the Blood Moons, which was short and sweet but effective.

  6. Deirdre says:

    Isn’t it possible that the spirit of antichrist and its workings is enough of an ‘army’ vested through all forms of disobedience to YAHWEY? And what if the doctrine of ‘an antichrist’ person’ is just that-a doctrine?

    What if eschatology is not so much ‘physical’ as it is spiritual and therefore not really discerned clearly?

    Sometimes it helps not being so wrapped up in ‘christiandom’ to actually see clearly.

    • jaz says:

      Not in the shadows, nor in the future , but only in the reality Spiritual reality Amen sister….

  7. Ramon says:

    I’ve always found it curious the ”Beast” has been always been somewhat incorrectly referred to as ”the Antichrist”.
    The Bible already specifically defines what an ”antichrist” is elsewhere…The Book of Revelation doesn’t even mention the word ”antichrist” once, so IMHO I think it’s time for people to distinguish properly between ”antichrist” and ”Beast” because I don’t think they are interchangeable even though the ”beast” will have characteristics of an ”antichrist”, the specific quote/title ”The Antichrist” is not found in the Bible anywhere.
    What people really mean by the false title ”The Antichrist” is more accurately, ”The Beast”.

  8. Mark says:

    His argument is weak. BHO is not the Antichrist. He is the Son of Perdition.Listen to the Fridays Trunews two Weeks past with Augusto,etc. The host and guests all well known seemed deeply convinced White is wrong,and they never mention his name or this video. Christ gave us the answer,and yet his followers do not/refuse to accept it. Hagmanns have had a few guests in the last month,besides the two on Trunews ,of late (bible code writers,that seem beyond convinced BO is it.). Fox did a poll back a few years ago,asking and roughly 73~% think O is likely it.

    Are they all crazy? All these bible scholars? I know at the Prophecy Con’s,at least the last few,the ‘experts’ are saying (privately) he is.More then a few are cracking nervous jokes about it. Listen to the outtakes from the last Khouse con for one,or the last one in Florida.

    All I care about is our King! May he come soon.