TV Interview: Jim Bakker Show

Tom and Cris Jim Bakker

Tom Horn and I will be discussing our new book On the Path of the Immortals on the Jim Bakker show today.

Prophecy in the News: The Supernatural Worldview

Two recent interviews on my new book The Supernatural Worldview.




VFTB at the Prophecy Summit: Cris Putnam

This one of the better interviews I’ve done on Exo-Vaticana.
THE LARGEST Christian denomination on the planet seems to have a profound interest in things happening off planet — meaning outer space. The Roman Catholic Church has been involved in astronomical studies since the time of Galileo.
Listen to the interview here.

PID Interview on Petrus Romanus

Tom and I recorded this interview yesterday with Derek and Sharon Gilbert. I thought it went well and I was able to discuss the origin and history of the prophecy of the popes in some detail. (click the title below to access the podcast)

P.I.D. Radio 2/26/12: Peter the Roman – The Final Pope

Cris Putnam and Tom Horn join us to discuss their forthcoming book, Petrus Romanus: The FINAL Pope is Here.  They tell us why they began to take the prophecy of St. Malachy seriously, the evidence that lends it credence, and what it means in light of reports that Pope Benedict may not live out the year.