Inside the Homosexual Agenda

This film is 20 years old but we just watched it in a Christian Ethics class at SEBTS. It’s astounding how those promoting the gay agenda have accomplished most of their stated goals since the film was made. They did so largely by manipulating an ignorant postmodern culture who cannot make basic category distinctions. For example, even many who claim to be Christians cannot make the distinction between the civil rights movement in the 1960s and the gay rights movement. They say, “we accepted other minorities, why not gays?” But homosexuality is a behavior based identity choice whereas race and gender are not. They are not the slightest bit comparable but the general population’s failure to make the distinction has led us down the road to the moral chaos that exists today. It’s really important to understand the distinction. Even though it’s old and a little cheesey, watch this film.

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  1. jaz says:

    I think that this scripture Eph4:19 describes perfectly the pervading spirit of the majority who are no longer able to utilise their ‘seared conscience’
    There is no longer any ‘concept’ of Right or Wrong because the words ‘Good & Evil’ is no longer in use within the educational sphere of society.
    Terminologies such as ‘human rights, equal rights, women’s rights, gay rights ect have been so ingrained within the modern mind, that nobody sees the wrong anymore. So, the ‘toleration and acceptance’ of Evil seems Good.

    • louthesaint says:

      jaz; That is a very good perspective on where society at large is on this prevailing evil.

      Even worse is that churches support the Homosexual agenda.
      The stage is ripe for judgment.
      Reprobation annuls Mercy! Rom1:28

  2. HB Christo says:

    The h. agenda from a big picture perspective is something which broadly explains the devils agenda to sidestep masculinity by removing its threat, and to increase femininity so it mimics masculinity.

    Whilst this is old news, what seems to be lost from a compassionate perspective is how many individuals are co opted into shilling and propagandising for a movement which is ultimately about something which is almost entirely invisible to the naked eye.

    And whilst so much of the debauchery is extreme, it really is a complete distraction from the end goal of the enemy which is BOTH the anti Christ … but also creations of the anti Christ.

    And whilst the Spirit restrains how much the world knows about the devil’s “seed” or seeds (creatures), but having less men praying and calling upon the Lord, bringing the Presence of God … it leaves a vacuum which (depending if one is pre or mid trib rapture ) can only be filled with the monsters we see in our recent movie and video game releases.

    So back to the h. agenda … the devil is not talking about equal rights and equal marriage etc, he’s just distracting the world long enough so inter species isn’t investigated properly until they are on the door step.

    Men matter is the point, and men in prayer TOGETHER matters especially now.

    • HB Christo says:

      And ironically, isn’t it funny how on one hand:

      We have the Roman Catholic Church embroiled in a pedophilic problem amongst homosexual men, with feature length films “Spotlight” (Chicago) and Royal Commissions (Australia) – and the UK – giving it the highest attention, and on the other hand the media spotlight is concurrently pushing for homosexual normalisation.

      As if the link which is more than accidental in the abuse cases in the church, somehow it has NO bearing on the h. agenda more broadly … !!?! As though the question wasn’t even worth asking … does it have connections to other more serious problems ?

      And after all that scandal, now the Pope is “indicating” and giving “airtime” to the EXACT SAME area which has hurt so many boys.

      Almost as though they grant themselves a pass by bringing the standard down for everyone.