Exo-Vaticana: Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Prophet of the Omega Point

By Cris D. Putnam
Exo-VaticanaPierre Teilhard de Chardin was a Jesuit priest and mystical philosopher who trained as a paleontologist and geologist. He is renowned for his devotion to Darwinism and he famously assisted in the discovery of Peking Man and Piltdown Man, two alleged human ancestors. The Peking Man was said to be a skull from Homo Erectus—an extinct species of hominid that supposedly lived 1.8 million years ago. While casts and written descriptions remain, the original fossils mysteriously disappeared, casting doubt on discovery. Even worse, the Piltdown Man was an infamous hoax entailing fabricated bone fragments misrepresented as the fossilized remains of a “missing link” allegedly collected in 1912 from a gravel pit at Piltdown, East Sussex, England. In truth, the remains consisted of a dog’s tooth, a hippopotamus tooth, an elephant molar, an Orangutan jaw, and a six-hundred-year-old medieval human skull, albeit the hoax was not exposed for some forty years.[1] Chardin’s role in this fraud is unclear, but many assert he was also duped.

Chardin conceived of the idea that evolution was progressing to a goal—the maximum level of complexity and consciousness—called the Omega Point (discussed later). Along with the Ukrainian geochemist Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky, he also developed the concept of Noosphere, a creative term denoting the numinous sphere of collective human thought. During his prime, he was condemned as a heretic because his mystical Darwinian syncretism severely conflicted with the teaching Magisterium of the Catholic Church, particularly regarding human origins and the doctrine of Original Sin. His primary book, The Phenomenon of Man, presented an evolutionary account of the unfolding of the cosmos that abandoned biblical theology for an occult pantheistic monism. Interestingly, extraterrestrials were an inevitable extension of cosmic evolution. Chardin wrote:

Teilhard Chardin

Teilhard Chardin

In other words, considering what we now know about the number of “worlds” and their internal evolution, the idea of a single hominized planet in the universe has already become in fact (without our generally realizing it) almost as inconceivable as that of a man who appeared with no genetic relationship to the rest of the earth’s animal population.

At an average of (at least) one human race per galaxy, that makes a total of millions of human races dotted all over the heavens.

Confronted with this fantastic multiplicity of astral centres of “immortal life”, how is theology going to react, if it is to satisfy the anxious expectations and hopes of all who wish to continue to worship God “in spirit and in truth”? It obviously cannot go on much longer offering as the only dogmatically certain thesis one (that of the uniqueness in the universe of terrestrial mankind) which our experience rejects as improbable.[2]

In light of those millions of alien races, Chardin wrote, “We must at least, however, endeavor to make our classical theology open to (I was on the point of saying “blossom into”) the possibility (a positive possibility) of their existence and their presence.”[3] As we will reveal, Chardin’s theological ideas form the epistemological framework for the modernist Jesuit astronomers and even Pope Benedict XVI, himself. With Petrus Romanus assuming the pontificate in a few days, ready or not, the False Prophet of the Omega Point is near.

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[2] Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Christianity and Evolution (New York, NY: A Harvest Book, 1971), 232.

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  1. robin says:


    Considering the work of David Jacobs and the information he has of hybrid humans that have been bred for some time off world for the purpose of mingling among us and the other stories of exotic hybrid reptiles and animals – is it not to far to streach that the fallen ones have populated the heavens with ‘ their children ‘ using creatures of the earth which they have defiled and that all biological life has an earth origin no matter where it is now?

    Note that I said biological because I believe the angels are not biological but rather some type of electro magnetic light beings that are not constrained to a phyisical body but can enter one like a glove – perhaps the hybrid humans are the gloves they fit into so they can interact with us on a more physical level.

    • Frank says:

      Hence human-alien hybrids, human abduction, etc.

      • sandy says:

        Not to mention the cattle mutilations and harvesting of “certain” organs and parts!

    • luis says:

      you all have fallen to the deceptions of the jewish cabala – this is all part of the last great apostasy, which says a great deception would come in the form of a new doctrine related to ‘the self’. Teilhard de chardin was an apostate catholic priest who followed the pagan theory of evolution, a theory taken from the cabala account of creation and evolution and nothing that Darwin have invented – It’s amazing how those who follow these deception think of themselves the clever ones, the enightned ones, yet the Bible states accuratevely that these people who think themselves clever…are the dumbest ones…LOL…sleep on this information, will you?
      Teaching and dogma doesn’t change because God lives or is in a place with no time nor space – all is still, therefore without change – what changes is people’s minds and their rebellion against God – their pride to want to be equal with God – miserable worms !!

  2. Victor says:

    You have done excellent research, and I’m encouraging readers to check out your site, both to learn more about prophetic events unfolding today, as well as simply to learn in a deeper way scriptural truths. The true church must prepare for great difficulties now. Watch and pray. Great stuff!

  3. hopeful_watcher says:

    I am confused and maybe someone here could help me justify using scripture. My comment is relevant to this blog, because this entire blog is about exposing evil.

    The coming of Jesus will without a doubt stomp out evil. There is nothing more we can or need to do for that to happen. Therefore as Christians should we only concern ourselves with preaching the gospel or are we charged in some way with the task to expose Satan’s schemes?

    I keep having friends and family tell me I should cut it out and stop focusing on the evil that men do. That I am being distractracted from what I should really be doing. I feel I have balanced my studies and I am not neglecting the love I am called to give. What do you guys think? Is exposing evil useless and irrelevant?

    • BT says:

      Hopeful, I say Ephesians 5:11 sums it up for me! “Have no fellowship with the works of darkness, but EXPOSE IT!!”

      Especially we need to sound an alarm if something looks good on the surface but we know otherwise. No, don’t let them stop you. If you have an interest and ability to expose Satan’s schemes, then by all means, DO SO!

      We don’t all have the specific gift of evangelizing and preaching the gospel, (I know I don’t), but I can do my part, with love. I tend to point out the dark side of things also, but that doesn’t distract me from the love of God nor does it rob me of His peace. Rather, His light shines that much brighter when shining against the backdrop of this evil world.

    • sandy says:


      Jesus, himself told told us to be “Wise as serpents, but innocent as doves”.

      Being wise as serpents is kind of like a war strategy. Before war, there are people in “intelligence” whose job is to try to figure out the mind of their enemy. FBI profilers try to think like the suspect. They can sometimes tell what their next “moves” will be. Maybe this is not the BEST explanation for being “wise as serpents”; but it’s close.

      The last part says: “innocent as doves”. To me, that means your reaction should not be a violent one or should I say, don’t START a fight.

      I don’t think He would tell us to be wise as serpents if he just wanted us to “sit” on what we learn. Why would He?

      I also think that the Apostles gave us some examples. Paul even called some out by name. Jesus called the Pharisees a “generation of vipers”. He said that with crowds of people around. That was “exposing” them publicly.

      So considering all of that, I think it not only is our right, but also our DUTY to expose evil. Just my opinion.


    • hopeful_watcher says:

      Thanks to both of you.
      In Christ, whom I love,

  4. sojan says:

    as we know that the knowledge is in the way of transmission and transfusion alike the universe, or the multi-versis alsin the way of evolution and a journey towards the omega point which can be varied time and space according to the different view point but one thing is sure that it tends to god .
    thank you .


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