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Countdown to Apocalypse: Four Horsemen

I made my national TV debut last Friday night. Overall I was pleased with the show and I am pleased that my statements were represented fairly by the producers. I spoke with Ray Gano who is featured prominently as a “prepper” and he felt good about how he was portrayed as well. I am told I will be on the upcoming episode “Prophets of Doom” as well. For those of you who would like to see the show but do not have digital cable the History Channel is posting it online here:

Countdown to Apocalypse: Four Horsemen

If you would like to discuss the show, please leave me a comment.

Upcoming TV Appearance – Countdown to Apocalypse

I will be a commentator on the upcoming History Channel Series: Countdown to the Apocalypse. (no… I didn’t spike my hair straight up ala Giorgio Tsoukalos) The producer Patirck Luce was very professional and I trust that I will be represented fairly. For the record, I expressed some concerns as some of my friends: Mike Heiser and LA Marzulli had bad experiences with other productions. They interviewed me for several hours and I answered questions about many apocalyptic predictions that I do not believe but, even so, offered the history and circumstances. I recall that when they asked me about Edgar Cayce my responses were so negative that they skipped the rest of the questions. It will likely be sensationalized (it is TV) building up to Dec 21,2012, a date I did NOT endorse. Even so, I offered it could be somewhat self-fulfilling due to hysteria. I enjoyed the trip and am hopeful that I will be represented fairly. The show premieres Friday, November 9 at 10 EST.

I am featured in two episodes “Book of Revelation” and “Prophets of Doom.” Check the History Channel for dates.