Speaking at Strategic Perspectives 2015

I will be speaking at Strategic Perspectives 2015 on Friday, October 23 “Astrobiology the ‘science’ with nothing to study” and another one on Saturday, October 24, 2015: “Who are the Immortals Driving the Paranormal Paradigm Shift?”Strategic Perspectives 2015

A World Turned Upside Down Dublin, Ohio November 14-15

I am honored to be speaking at the Prophecy Forum conference in Dublin OH A World Turned Upside Down. I will present on the Paranormal Paradigm Shift, Astrobiology and Vatican/ET Connection, and a new talk based on my chapter in Blood on the Altar. (Thanks to Gonz Shimura and Doug Woodward)

Pikes Peak Prophecy Summit: ET Disclosure the End Time Delusion?

banner smallI’m leaving for the Pike’s Peak Prophecy Summit tomorrow morning. My topic is ET Disclosure: the End Time Delusion. The critics of this conference have been spinning this as some sort of wacky interpretation of prophecy. However, it seems to me that our critics have their heads buried in the sand. In the UK more people believe in ET than God and the US isn’t far behind. So is it really such a stretch to speculate this might be a key component of the “wicked deception for those who are perishing, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved”? (2 Th 2:10) Furthermore, I wrote the argument I am presenting in a research paper for an advanced graduate level seminary course. It was graded by a PhD in systematic theology from Dallas Theological seminary and I received an A+. Thus, I have submitted my material to peer review and passed muster.

Here is a summary I turned in back when I originally developed the topic.

When Jesus’ disciples asked him about his coming at the end of the age his first statement was “See that no one leads you astray” (Mt 24:4). Similarly, Paul warned the Thessalonian church that preceding Him would be a “lawless one by the activity of Satan with all power and false signs and wonders,” (2 Th 2:9). Those unprecedented decpetions have inspired great pastoral concern over the ages. While offering prospects must be undertaken with humility, this paper suggests a possible scenario. Because we live in a post Christian society which has elevated scientists as the ultimate arbiters of truth, it seems likely that such an unprecedented deception will be clothed in the credibility of science. The Copernican revolution took a toll the Renaissance church’s authority and has led to what it is known as the Copernican principle, the idea that the earth is a mediocre planet amongst many and, more recently, that  humanity as an evolved primate is not very special either. In recent years, the science of astrobiology has gained respectability, even with the Vatican. Accordingly, the foundation has been laid for public acceptance of extraterrestrial beings. While neglected by most skeptical scientists, the UFO phenomenon, particularly the abduction and contactee reports, have led credible experts to conclude that deceptive entities are posing as space aliens. Since the time of Israel’s reformation, there has been a near exponential increase in such phenomeona. This has led an increasing number of theologians to the hypothesis that these entities play a pivotal role in the end time deception predicted in scripture.


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Bibliography Summary

Powers of Darkness: Principalities & Powers in Paul’s Letters serves to inform my view of the powers and principalities as demonic entities whose activity will peak near the return of Christ.

The Millennial Deception: Angels, Aliens, and the Antichrist is a book by a good evangelical scholar who argues along the same trajectory as my thesis. Because my topic is on the fringe of theology, it is encouraging that Dr. Dailey reached similar conclusion concering the UFO phenomenon. Hence, I will build on his work and add my own insights.

Angels: Elect & Evil provides information on demons and their influence. The author argues that this will increase to a fever pitch near the return of Christ.

The article, “Satan’s Deceptive Miracles in the Tribulation” examines the miracles portrayed in the Biblical descriptions of end time events and concludes that they are supernatural rather than trickery or mere deception.

Ufo: End-Time Delusion is another book by a Christian author with a doctorate in theology, David A. Lewis, [1]  that argues UFOs and reports of contact with so called extraterrestrials are laying the ground work for a massive end time deception that will lead the world to accept the Antichrist.

The Kingdom of the Occult is a posthumously released Walter Martin book supplemented and edited by his daughter Jill Martin Rische and Kurt Van Goden. For over 30 years, Martin, another respected scholar, studied the UFO phenomenon in great depth and spoke about it publicly.[2] Like my own thesis, Martin believed that UFOs might be connected to the events that Jesus described just prior to his return (Lk 21:26).

Lights in the Sky & Little Green Men: A Rational Christian Look at UFOs and Extraterrestrials is an important resource for this project because it is the colloboratibe effort of an Astrophyscist, Hugh Ross PhD, a theologian and philosopher, Kenneth Samples, and  Mark Clark a national security expert. While they do not delve into eschatology, they conclude that UFOs are a demonic phenomenon decieiving people into a flase occultic worldview.

The Omega Conspiracy: Satan’s Last Assault On God’s Kingdom is another book by a theologian which strongly supports the thesis. Dr. Thomas goes a bit further than the rest connecting the UFO phenomenon to the Nephilim in Genesis 6.[3] As wild as it might seem, the testimonies coming from self proclaimed alien abductees seem to support his hypothesis.

Biblical Demonology is a good basic resource by a respected scholar on demonology which includes an entire chapter on eschatology which should provide helpful exegetical ideas for my thesis.

Ufos: What On Earth Is Happening the Coming Invasion is a good resource on the UFO phenomemon and its relation to eschatology. John Weldon, a Christian apologist accociated with Ankerberg’s group,  earned a PhD in comparative religions and is also a UFOlogist. This book strongly supports the idea that UFOs and so-called aliens might be the strong delusion that leads the world to accept the lie.


[2]  Walter Matin, “A Christian View: UFO encounters” http://www.sermonaudio.com/sermoninfo.asp?SID=2190615720

[3]  Dr Thomas explains it himself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1_BmEJ39DM




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