Gift For Serious Students of Apocalyptic Literature

Over TWO HUNDRED decent to excellent English translations of ancient language apocryphal texts. A virtual treasure trove of previously inaccessible documents, I’m not saying they’re scripture but they give us knowledge of history and the theological debates of the period from which they emerged, in my own case, I used Pseudo-Methodius to explain the Roman Catholic hope for a “Great Catholic King” to be on par with the eighth century Muslim Hadith apologists creation of their own”anti-hero” the Mahdi. Look for a semi-scholarly analysis of the Apocalypse of Pseudo-Methodios posted next on this site next; by the way, I feel obligated to apologize to my regular readers who appreciate apologetics, I haven’t been slacking but I did not feel competent enough to engage the subject of Islam. Now, I do.

I read over thirty books on Islam and ISIS and various prophetic traditions, Muslim and Roman Catholic. We expect that book to be released in May, it is the culmination of Petrous Romans and contains specific predictions delivered with unprecedented boldness. As you shall soon see, this ancient Syrian document (how ironic given today’s geo-politics) describes not only geopolitics but our moral climate as well.


I am currently preparing my own version but Syrian is not my strong suit… ummmm Mike? (lol) Who knows maybe I’ll post it tonight.


Pope Francis Advocates Global Religion

The Catholic website is calling this new video as a “sensation.” Its an amazing step toward advocacy of a global religion we like to call oneism (after the work of Dr. Peter Jones)

Contradict Stickers Clearance and Request for Donations

We’re strapped for cash due to the holidays and many technology failures so I want to move these fast! I was selling them for 2.50 just to recoup a little for a handling fee but I just dropped them to $2 even, the best way to save is write me at and we’ll calculate shipping for a whole lot. I have around 70 or so left. I could move these at a conference table quickly at a higher price but we need the funds for a hard winter ahead. I’m waist deep into a new book with Tom on radical Islam, globalism and the war of Armageddon. I need to keep writing, not fixing technology but I have my shipping label printer ready to go and Shelly and I are ready to get these stickers out the door!


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I do not solicit donations because I work hard to produce a tangible product for people’s money–something unique they cannot find elsewhere, but<em> I do spend many hours posting and researching</em> apologetic theology and book reviews, at God’s leading, for absolutely free at We’ve had spiritual attacks and I recently had 4 catastrophic computer failures and, unfortunately some minor data loss, while researching radical Islam’s role in the globalist agenda. I was able to re-write it from memory so its mostly a time drain. So look for a barnstormer from Tom and I soon! If you feel led to simply help Shelly and I out during this winter’s financial challenge, then you can donate here. Thanks!

Than you for your donations.

More Contradict Stickers Available

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contradict stickers

Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few. (Matthew 7:13–14)

All religions can be false or one can be true and the others false but they cannot all be true. All religions make contradictory truth claims about God, Jesus, and the nature of reality. If you are troubled by the contradictory implications of the “Coexist” sticker then the Contradict sticker is the perfect response. We ordered a large quantity for the Koinonia Institute Strategic Perspectives conference but they were misplaced by the hotel until the last few hours of the conference… as a result, we are offering them at my Amazon store hoping to recoup our loss, It’s an awesome counter to “coexist” and they should be popular without my sob story – lol – its a great way to get into conversations about spirtual things and lead folks to Christ.

View From the Bunker 281: Cris Putnam – The Last Crusade

Derek Gilbert VFTB, SkyWatch NewsI had a nice conversation with Derek Gilbert about the book I am currently writing with Tom Horn about how ISIS, Pope Francis, USA and Russia are paving the way to Armageddon. I promise to be intellectually honest about my speculations as opposed to VERIFIED facts but am making effort to use those facts to support a particular reading of biblical prophecy -not newspaper exegesis as much as revealing how recent history seems to be pulling us toward what  premillennial futurism  has been saying for a century. The regathering of ethnic Jews, entailing s two stage regathering (first in unbelief ongoing since 1948 and before) followed by a, soon to come, national repentance and belief  in Jesus as Messiah as according to the Hebrew prophet Zechariah (Zech 12:10) and Jewish convert Paul – who encountered the resurrected Lord (1 Cor 15:8) and preached the Gospel he first received (1 Cor 15:3). I always enjoy talking with Derek because he so well informed.

VFTB 281: Cris Putnam – The Last Crusade

THE ISLAMIC STATE has made no secret of its plan to take over the world. But it’s not the only group with that goal in mind.

Cris Putnam, co-author of Petrus Romanus, Exo-Vaticana, and most recently, On the Path of the Immortals, discusses the geopolitical situation in the Middle East and the possible goals of IS, Russia, and the Vatican in the how the map of that part of the world is ultimately redrawn.

Podcast available here: