Canadian UFO Document and Fallacious ET Conclusions

by Cris Putnam

UFO Document Canadian Government

This saddens me. Ridicule is biblical (Galatians 5:12) but I sincerely want to be gentle (Proverbs 15:4). It’s not easy to be nice when people are being deceived. Especially by a stupid argument. Well I’m glad I am not going to mention how stupid it is a whole lot more. I am getting better, you don’t know how many times I edited, do you?

A confidential Canadian Criminal Investigation Burea F-Division document titled: “Re UFO found in Northern Saskatchewan” is dated November 14 1968. It is being heralded as a smoking gun by ET believers. Hogwash.

Read it yourself, it describes a National Research Council of Canada meteorite expert who took a “small metal fragment” collected by a pilot from the Wollaston Lake area, 450 miles northeast of Prince Albert, near the Manitoba border. NOW THE not-so-amazing CLINCHER: “Examination revealed the exhibit had likely formed part of a vehicle that had traveled in outer space.” — Excited ET believers seeing the world through an “ancient aliens” worldview conclude this proves a government ET coverup and demand disclosure. -do you see the problem?- Ummm… does anyone ever take a course in rudimentary logic or philosophical reasoning anymore? In 1968 the Soviets and USA were sending up more spy satellites than “Carter had liver pills.” The conclusion the “vehicle from outer space” is necessarily aliens is sophomorically fallacious, indicative of ‘magical thinking’ pathology, and, at best, historically ignorant. We don’t know… but ET is way down on the list of logical possibilities.


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