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Astrobiology & the Vatican ET Connection DVD

Get up to speed on the new branch of science known as Astrobiology. Learn how a simple terminology equivocation and a little artistic slight of hand, promotes belief in many “habitable earth like planets.” It is argued by astrobiologists that the Earth is mediocre and relatively common out of the billions of planets and stars in the ever expanding universe. However, the alleged alien earths are believed on blind faith. Earth is still utterly fantastically unique in its ability to support and encourage complex life. Learn why an honest scientist must admit that there is not one example of a truly “earth like” exoplanet. Why then, is the Vatican Observatory Research Group (VORG) pulling out all the stops to prepare their people to welcome extraterrestrial space brothers, even baptizing them into Roman Catholicism? By the conclusion of the DVD I suggest several possible scenarios.


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