Bill Salus Interviews Cris Putnam

Here’s a link to an interview I did with Bill Salus author of Revelation Road and Israelestine.

In this installment of Prophecy Update Radio, host Bill Salus takes a look at the end time’s role of Roman Catholicism in Bible prophecy. Bill interviews Cris Putnam, the co-author with Tom Horn of the bestselling book called Petrus Romanus. This timely and fascinating interview takes a close look at the world religion of the last days, and its potential ties to Catholicism.

Why didn’t the Vatican acknowledge the nation of Israel until the year of the Oslo Accords in 1993? In fulfillment of numerous Bible prophecies, Israel was rebirthed forty – five years prior to this official Vatican recognition. Why did this acknowledgement take over four decades to announce? What were the reigning Pope’s during that span of time waiting for?

Does Ancient Catholic Prophecy Suggest the End is Near?

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