Ancient Aliens Debunked

My friend Chris White continues to refine the genre of debunkumentary and has taken his video production to a new level with the exciting new release of Ancient Aliens Debunked. Also, Chris has gone the extra mile and provided detailed transcripts and documentation on this website: I fully expect a disingenuous DMCA claim from the History Channel will come in short order and block the You Tube version, so keep in mind the video is a free download on Chris’ site.

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  1. onefeather says:

    Great video.a

  2. Joe Ortiz says:

    Great video, great work in debunking the theories that UFO/extraterrestrials did not invent human beings.

    My only concern is you failed to point out who is behind this propaganda. It is obvious that true, Christian-oriented information is left out of the Ancient Alien programs, which begs the question: Why? Who would gain advantage for excluding a theological explanation? Who has the power to keep this aspect (Bible-based facts) from being broadcast to the public audience?

    It’s obvious that premillennial dispensationalists would never point the fingers at those who control the media; otherwise they would have to admit their doctrine is not biblical.

    Joe Ortiz, author
    The End Times Passover
    Why Christisans Will Suffer Great Tribulation