Lockheed Martin Scientist Claims Aliens are in Area 51

Why would a patent holding scientist make this up on his death bed? It seems like his imminent demise should earn him the benefit of a doubt… If so, three possible outcomes are implied: 1) he is telling the truth about genuine ETs’ 2) the hypothesis in Exo-Vaticana is true; 3) a human ruse, for example: “The government (CIA) is offering to take care of Boyd Bushman’s children financially after he dies, in order to motivate him to promote a disinformation campaign to scare the Russians and Chinese (or anyone else) into thinking we have alien technology?”  i don’t mean to besmirch Mr Bushman, I am merely throwing up the logical possibilities for analysis. It is also possible that he is sincere but deceived by one of the above (supernatural spirits and/or military industrial complex) If he is a fraud, then what is his motivation?


Scientist On Deathbed Claims There Are Two Groups Of Aliens In Area 51

A dying scientist made a shocking series of claims in August concerning Nevada’s mysterious Area 51.

Boyd Bushman was a research scientist for the defense firm Lockheed Martin. As Metro reports, Bushman has a number of patents to his name, although the details of his biography are disputed.




Caravan To Midnight – Episode 137 Spiritual Warfare and the N.W.O. with Cris Putnam

A World Turned Upside Down Dublin, Ohio November 14-15

I am honored to be speaking at the Prophecy Forum conference in Dublin OH A World Turned Upside Down. I will present on the Paranormal Paradigm Shift, Astrobiology and Vatican/ET Connection, and a new talk based on my chapter in Blood on the Altar. (Thanks to Gonz Shimura and Doug Woodward)

Vatican Says Gays Have ‘Gifts and Qualities to Offer’ – So What?

LGBT-CatholicsRoman Catholic gay rights groups hail the paper titled Relatio as a breakthrough, because it says:

50.        Homosexuals have gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community: are we capable of welcoming these people, guaranteeing to them a fraternal space in our communities? Often they wish to encounter a Church that offers them a welcoming home. Are our communities capable of providing that, accepting and valuing their sexual orientation, without compromising Catholic doctrine on the family and matrimony? source

While point 50 is being cited as a revolutionary step forward for Rome, it amounts to babbling incoherent nonsense. Here is the implied argument: 1) Gays have talents and gifts to offer the church; 2) Gays wish the church to welcome them; 3) Therefore, we should guarantee them space in our communities.

Reasoning carefully is important and this line of reason fails. Formally, it is called a non-sequitur (does not follow). Why? It is easy to demonstrated.

All groups of people have gifts but not all groups are consistent with Christianity. Extreme examples make this obvious. For example, predatory pedophile priests like  Fr. Robert Brennan have gifts too but the nature of such sin requires the church to break fellowship, correct? I only use an extreme example to prove that gifting alone is not the basis for acceptance. Even satan worshippers have talents but we do not want to worship with them.  It does not follow that the giftedness of homosexuals (or anyone) demands the church to “make space” for them (whatever that means).  Thus, the logic fails.

The New Testament teaches:

“Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.” (1 Co 6:9-10)

A Christian cannot “accept and value their sexual orientation” because it is sinful (1 Cor 6:9). This documents reveals that Rome does not understand the Gospel. One joins the true church by acknowledging ones sinfulness and need of the Savior’s redeeming blood. If a homosexual believes the Gospel (1 Cor 15:3-5) acknowledges that such activity is sinful, struggles and resists the proclivity then they are Christian. If they refuse to acknowledge that it is a sin, freely indulge it and ask the church to compromise, then they are in open rebellion no matter what gifts and talents they might offer.

The Great Ghost Debate Mark Hunneman vs Cris Putnam

ghost debate
Be prepared to be disappointed by my debate opponent’s unprofessional behavior, I certainly was… Here is an embedded player to listen:


or you can download it here: http://extraordinaryintelligence.com/beyond-extraordinary-ep-27-are-human-ghosts-consistent-within-a-biblical-worldview/